Ebikisu, Power Play

Title: Power Play [Kitayama, Fujigaya]
Rating/Warnings: G
Summary: The Tokyo Stars are in the playoffs, Kitayama is leading the leagues in goals, and Fujigaya is leading it in anxiety.
AN: Hockey AU because we’ve been watching a lot of hockey here lately, so Ebikisu is the Tokyo Stars and I assume their feeder team is where the Snowmen/Stones are hanging out right now but I don’t have a cute name for them.

Power Play

Head thrown back in ecstasy, Kitayama skated away from the Eighter’s goal with his stick held high in triumph. Enough adrenaline was pumping through his veins that he barely registered the gritted teeth of the Eighter’s goalie, or the thump of Nikaido and Kawai skating right into into him with dull thumps, basically checking him against the glass.

Fujigaya did not look nearly so jubilant when Kitayama hopped over the divider to plop down on the bench beside him.

“Could you try and look like you’ve ever scored a goal in your life before?” Fujigaya asked with a roll of his eyes.

“Ease up, co-captain,” Kitayama waved him off, hunting around for his water bottle, trying to take deep breaths to slow his heart rate. Fujigaya’s face didn’t change. “Quit making Watta faces at me, we’re having a great game.”

“We were tied until thirty seconds ago!” Fujigaya protested, a bundle of nerves as usual. Fujigaya might have been the best technical skater that the Tokyo Stars had, although Senga was catching up, and he might lead the league in Power Play goals, but he also led the league in terms of general anxiety. He was doing better than the first series in the playoff season, though; during game 4 Goseki had threatened to drug his Gatorade. “God, stop grinning like that, you creep.”

“Everything’s fine,” Kitayama reassured, stretching his arms over his head. He looked lazy, but his eyes were tracking the puck skidding across the eyes, the way Tamamori had muffed that shot to Totsuka, the way Miyata caught the puck in his glove with a satisfying thwack. “We’re 2-1 for the series, we’ve got home ice advantage, Miyacchi bet Tama-chan a date he’d save every shot, and Hashimoto hasn’t tripped over his own skates even once tonight.”

Just as he said that, Hashimoto did exactly that during a drive on the goal, skidding right into Subaru and knocking the net off its slots. He got two minutes for goalie interference, and his face was cherry red as he plopped down in the box, embarrassment practically radiating off of him for taking down his hero, Subaru.

“You had to say that, didn’t you?” Fujigaya sighed, climbing to his feet. “Ugh, looks like it’s up to me like usual.”

“Get ’em, Taipi!” Kitayama cheered, slapping Fujigaya’s ass on his way by. Fujigaya shot him a warning glance over his shoulder. “Go out there and earn us one of those Power Plays you’re so famous for.”

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