JE, Crossed Wires

Title: Crossed Wires
Rating/Warnings: PG for cross-dressing
Summary: Kame meets Yuuko…and Hiromi.
AN: For peroxidepest17, who wanted Yamanade dressing room crossdressing antics.

Crossed Wires

Kame’s sitting peacefully in the dressing room, reading his script, when the dressing room door swings open. He nearly chokes on his tea when Tegoshi Yuuko bounces in, cute skirt and wig all exactly as alluring he’d been warned they were.

Kame isn’t particularly allured. “Teogoshi-kun?”

“Yuuko,” Tegoshi corrects, tugging off his stylish, puffy coat, pink of course, and fluffing his curls out where they’ve been crushed by the hood.

“What exactly are you doing here,” Kame pauses for the barest fraction of a second, “like that?”

“They told me I could pick anybody for my friendship role,” Tegoshi leans forward, closer to the mirror to inspect his bangs. “So I picked Yuuko.”

“You picked yourself?” Kame asks, wondering if maybe Jin’s been right about Tegoshi this whole time.

“No, I picked Yuuko,” Tegoshi examines his teeth for lipstick. “She’s a lot different from Yuya. Yuuko’s an exploration of my feminine side and gets a lot different response from everybody, which makes her act different as well, operating within an opposite set of stereotypes, which makes everybody else act different too, so it’s a infinite feedback loop. The brain’s pretty easy to trick, right? And if everybody treats you like a different person, you eventually kind of become one, don’t you? So she’s really like a whole other person, ne, and not like Yuya at all.”

Kame chews on that for a second or two. “Your group really buys it when you say shit like that, huh?”

Tegoshi spares a glance over his shoulder to flash a glossy smile at Kame and a perfectly mascaraed wink. “Believe.”

When the dressing room door bursts open a second time and Uchi clatters inside in a minidress and spike heels, Kame is ready to start beating his head on his makeup table.

But at least he can finish reading his script in peace while Yuuko and Hiromi are busy doing each other’s hair.

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