KAT-TUN, Disaster

Title: Disaster [KT-TUN]
Rating/Warnings: G
Summary: Kame doesn’t understand how they can be so calm.
AN: Written to start the JE100 drabble tree.


It’ll be a disaster, Kame wants to shout at them, a disaster! He can’t stand that they’re all sitting there so calmly in this meeting, when all he wants to do is stand up and shout, to be entirely unreasonable for once.

He won’t do it. Jin would, but then again that’s why they’re even having a meeting in the first place. Why from now on, Kame will be the K and the A. The staff keeps saying all these other things, about new opportunities and growth and foreign markets, but Kame thinks that’s always been the reason, deep down.

After the staff leaves, giving them a few minutes alone, the five of them sit around the conference table, exchanging looks. There’s a lot of different emotions going around, but surprise isn’t one of them.

“Nobody wants to fight about it? To keep him?” Kame asks, but it’s not really a question. It’s not even that he wants to himself, or thinks it would do any good, it’s just that he feels like, after all of this, he should want to fight.

“It’s best this way,” Nakamaru says when everyone else is silent, diplomatic. “For him too. It’s been like this before, ne.”

“Being a grown-up sucks sometimes,” Junno complains, setting his chin down on top of his crossed arms on the table. Koki punches his shoulder, but it’s for comfort.

They all fall silent again.

“I’m glad,” Ueda says abruptly, voice sounding too loud. Kame swallows a wince, but then Ueda continues. “Because thing will change. So maybe after this, I can be friends with Jin, a real one. We all could. I’m calling him,” Ueda pulls out his phone, doing it right then and there, “and I’m going to tell him good luck, and mean it.”

Kame thinks he’ll maybe settle for a mail, but he’ll do his best to mean it too.

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