JE, JE Pet Shop

Title: JE Pet Shop
Unit for Points: Tackey & Tsubasa
Word Count: 100 x 5
Characters/Pairings: Tackey/Tsubasa, NEWS, KAT-TUN, MSM, Ebikisu, Arashi.
Author’s Notes: JE petstore au? Lol, obvs I was going to write the kisufish sooner or later. Also this didn’t make it in anyplace, but the Morimotos are totally those tiny gray hamsters.

JE Pet Shop (x5)

When Tsubasa finally shows up for work after being on vacation for what feels like years, Tackey is maybe a little frazzled.

“What happened?” Tackey demands when Tsubasa asks him. “What hasn’t happened! Two of the NEWS rats escaped and turned up in the K8 cage, Jin had to be separated from the other parrots again, and the ABCats keep getting into the Kisufish tank!”

“Anybody get eaten?” Tsubasa inquires mildly.

“Nobody who didn’t want to be,” Tackey grumbles. “And to top it all off—” Tackey cuts off suddenly, glancing over Tsubasa’s shoulder, “—Aiba, NO! On the paper, the PAPER!!”


“And what’s going on there?” Tsubasa asks, after a glance in the other exercise pen.

Tackey snorts. “Damned if I know.”

In the pen, the four ABCats are tooling about, stretching and pawing at silly-feathered cat toys. Except for the glossy black tom, who’s stretched in a lazy sprawl along the side of the biggest bunny in the store, a chubby-cheeked lop who looks utterly at ease with the cats. The bunny leans down to give the black cat’s head a casual nibble.

“Should we…separate them?” Tsubasa asks.

Suddenly five heads turn their way.

“Pfft,” Tackey shrugs, “you can try.”


Yamapi stretches and yawns, tail curling behind him. It was a good nap, and Ryo is still curled up beside him, recovering from his exciting breakout that morning. Yamapi glances around at his cagemates, scratching delicately at his ear with a back foot.

Koyama is across the cage, grooming Tegoshi with thorough paws, Tegoshi bruxing occasionally when Koyama misses a spot. Nearby, Masuda crunches on a lab block, Shige grumbling at him as he brushes crumbs off the newspaper he’s pushed aside the woodchips to read.

Satisfied his cagemates are happy, Yamapi shuffles over for his turn on the wheel.


Fujigaya gets a little serious about schooling sometimes.

“To the right!” he snaps. Yelling directions defeats the whole purpose of schooling, but the new guys in the tank are totally useless otherwise. When Fujigaya zips right, fins swooshing, nobody’s behind him except Kitayama and Yokoo, again.

Senga and Nika are shoving each other, snapping at food caught in the filter; Tamamori is talking to the plastic plant, Miyata hovering. Fujigaya’s neon stripe darkens in irritation.

“Ooh!” Senga darts towards the surface. “A cat came back to play!”

“That’s the bunny,” Kitayama yawns.

“That’s why they had to add new fish!”


At day’s end, Tsubasa locks up and does last check. The parrots’ ruffled feelings have been soothed, all the shiny stolen things retrieved from the snow ferrets’ cage, and no kisufish have been eaten. The bunny is still in with the ABCats, but they’ve given up about that.

Only one chore left.

“Hand him over,” Tsubasa orders, pointing at the rat cage. Tackey pouts, pulling a sleep-floppy Yamapi out of his hoodie pocket. “You two can play tomorrow.”

Sighing, Tackey gives Yamapi a last scratch, then watches him delve into the ratpile.

Tsubasa assures Tackey he’ll get plenty of cuddling.

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