SixTONES, Cutie Mark Crusaders

Title: Cutie Mark Crusaders [SixTONES]
Rating/Warnings: PG
Summary: Your mark doesn’t show up until you find your special talent, but it’s worth waiting for.
AN: Man, I don’t even know. AU where JE guys get cutie marks on their butts or someplace like My Little Ponies and guys know their group is for real when some element of all their marks matches (stars for ebi, snowflakes for snowmen…). In the show, the premise is that your mark doesn’t show up until you find your special talent, so…yeah.

Cutie Mark Crusaders

It’s a perfect fit, the music notes of Shintarou’s cutie mark more angular and with thicker lines than the rest of theirs, almost like a tribal-style version. It was probably the most masculine cutie mark any Johnny’s had had since Nagase’s, and it was square on the curve of Shintarou’s ass, where he couldn’t possibly see it without a mirror.

“What’s it look like?” Shintarou demanded. “Quit staring at my ass and just tell me!”

“It’s a giant microphone,” Juri lied smoothly, cracking up Jesse and Kouchi. “Surprise, you’re our lead singer after all!”

“That’s not funny!” Shintarou snapped. He tried to twist his neck further around, but only ended up going in a little circle like a puppy. “I know one of you assholes has a mirror! It’s music notes at least, right?!”

“It is, it is,” Kouchi soothed, the edge of panic in Shintarou’s voice spurring him into action when Jesse and Juri didn’t let up. “You match, don’t worry.”

“Thank goodness,” Shintarou heaved a sigh of relief, tugging his jeans back up. With his pants zipped, he somehow looked even more embarrassed than he had with them shoved down his thighs. “I just…you know, it took so long…I was starting to worry I wouldn’t…”

“Idiot, of course you were gonna match us,” Juri blustered, as if he never had any doubts. “After all this fuss I’d marker one on you myself if that’s what it took.”

“Have one,” Shintarou finished, staring at the ground. “I thought maybe I wouldn’t get a mark at all. Don’t baby me!” he said when the others all protested. “Lots of guys don’t! Casey-kun didn’t have one, and Sanada doesn’t, or Yasui, or…”

“Hey, knock it off,” Hokuto said, elbowing Shintarou and glancing over his shoulder at Taiga.

“Whatever,” Taiga said, stuffing his hands in his pockets.

“Don’t you worry either,” Jesse told Taiga. “We’ve only been a group for like six months, really. Kisumai took ages longer until everybody had their mark. At first it was just Kitayama-kun and Senga-kun.”

“Six months?!” Taiga snapped, then cut off abruptly, making everyone look at him.

“Aren’t you last, though?” Shintarou asked, perplexed. “You haven’t said…”

“You know,” Kouchi said, smiling at Taiga encouragingly, “I don’t think he is last. Right?”

Without saying anything, Taiga shoved down his sweats on one side, to reveal a string of music notes curling around the outside of his thigh, delicate and spidery, as opposed to Shintarou’s.

“WHAT?!” Juri demanded, while Jesse and Shintarou’s mouths hung open. Hokuto reached over to run fingers along the dark circles, making Taiga shiver. His face was equal parts embarrassed and relieved.

“Aw, Taiga,” Kouchi said sympathetically. “How long have you had those?”

“About four years,” Taiga admitted. “Sorry. Just, nobody else had them, so…”

Taiga trailed off, but he wouldn’t have got any more words out anyway, since the rest of his group was already hugging the breath out of him.

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