SixTONES, Cheerio Break

Title: Cheerio Break [Hokuto, Shintarou]
Rating/Warnings: G for Chinchilla Transformation
Summary: Hokuto isn’t even surprised to find Shintarou chewing on his stuff these days.
AN: I just could not get going on this one so sorry to start this round with weirdo junk, but you get another chunk of the Shintarou turned into a Chinchilla that one time fic. Still based on what owning my Shinchilla is exactly like. Also chinchillas totally wall bounce/wall surf. Youtube it, you won’t be sorry.

Cheerio Break

The silliest part was how Hokuto wasn’t even surprised to push open the dressing room door and find a gray, fluffy ball happily shredding the strap to his bag.

“Seriously? Again?” Hokuto pulled the door shut behind him so there wouldn’t be an escape and an exciting chase, like last time. “Get off of there, shoo.”

Shinchilla only blinked at Hokuto, not at all concerned as Hokuto tried to nudge him with his sneaker. Hokuto nudged harder, and Shinchilla let go of the strap to yank at Hokuto’s shoelace instead.

“Hey! Quit that, brat.” Hokuto nudged Shinchilla harder, making sure he was clear before plopping down on his butt. He reached over to scratch Shinchilla’s ears, but Shinchilla darted away, hopping up to ricochet off the wall before leaping up onto the couch to look down at Hokuto, whiskers twitching.

Hokuto didn’t make any move to chase him. As it had turned out, Shintarou’s gypsy curse turning into a chinchilla hadn’t been a one-time affair. He reverted to furball form several times in the last six months, not so frequently that Hokuto hadd invested in a pet carrier, but often enough that he carried around a baggie of Cheerios just in case. Fortunately they hadn’t needed Tamamori’s help after the first time; every time since then Shintarou had changed back on his own eventually, sometimes after just a couple hours, sometimes in the morning.

So Hokuto had learned some patience. Sitting quietly on the floor, Hokuto inspected the damage to his bag strap. After several minutes of sitting quietly, Shinchilla puttered over and sat up on his hind legs expectantly.

“Looking for these?” Hokuto pulled the baggie of Cheerios out of his bag and pulled the top open before offering them. Shinchilla grabbed one his mouth and two in his paw, the first one already half gone before he pulled his head out of the bag. Busy munching, Shinchilla let Hokuto scratch his ears this time. “Pig.”

Shoving the last treat in his mouth, Shinchilla clamored up onto Hokuto’s knee and pawed at the bag, whuffing softly. Rather than trusting him to stick his head in the bag again, Hokuto pulled out one more Cheerio himself and handed it over, then sealed the baggie and dropped it back into his bag. Shinchilla gave him a beady eye.

“You’ve had enough. Last thing I need is for you to gorge yourself and then need a trip to the vet.” Hokuto smoothed a hand down Shinchilla’s back, marveling at how soft his fur was no matter how many times he did that. When he rubbed a fingertip along the edge of Shinchilla’s jaw, Shinchilla’s eyes slipped half-closed and he leaned back to encourage Hokuto to keep scratching right there. It was a spot that Hokuto had discovered on accident last time, now that Shinchilla was more relaxed, and if Hokuto did it just right, sometimes Shinchilla leaned back so much he tipped over. “Cute. But do you think you could quit destroying my stuff? Chew on your own bag.”

Without any fuss or puffs of smoke, suddenly Hokuto had a lap of actual Shintarou instead, naked except for a pair of soft, gray sweatpants, still leaning back his head for Hokuto to keep stroking his jaw. “My bag doesn’t have Cheerios in it. It’s not my fault you hide them in there.”

“Welcome back, glad you could join us since our photoshoot is in like twenty minutes.” Hokuto rolled his eyes when Shintarou only curled up against his chest, clearly meaning for the petting to continue. “No more treats, you weigh a ton. And you’re doing that on purpose, aren’t you? Switching back and forth.”

“Not exactly on purpose.” Shintarou shrugged a shoulder. “But it’s easier to change back now. At least it doesn’t happen at the full moon? Aroooooooo~.”

“Quack,” Hokuto answered. “Serve you right if they come in here and photograph us just like this.”

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