Snow Man, Easy to Please

Title: Easy to Please [Miyadate/Watanabe]
Rating/Warnings: R
Summary: Miyadate and Watanabe relax after coming home from Singapore.
AN: oops this is not the team 3 I’m supposed to be starting. OH WELL. Poor Nabesho was so sick during their Singapore Kabuki trip.

Easy to Please

The world continues on without them, but Watanabe doesn’t care about that. The only thing he has any interest in at the moment is Miyadate’s skin bare against his, Miyadate’s weight pressing him down into the mattress. It’s so good to be home, to be in Miyadate’s familiar bed with sheets that smell just like the two of them.

So far all they’ve done is make out, but Watanabe feels warm and relaxed as if it’s been a lot more, Miyadate’s fingers searching out all the places that unwind the tension from Watanabe’s limbs. Their kisses are lazy, unhurried, Watanabe’s fingers winding loosely through Miyadate’s hair, Miyadate humming into Watanabe’s mouth whenever he pulls a little. Maybe they have to be quieter here than when they’re in a hotel, but Miyadate’s quiet noises turn Watanabe on all the more because they’re meant for only him to hear.

“Hm?” Watanabe asks when Miyadate pushes up to his elbows suddenly, looking him over carefully. “Something you want?”

“For you to rest properly,” Miyadate says, cupping Watanabe’s face and rubbing his thumb across the sharp edge of Watanabe’s cheekbone. “For us to stay in bed all tomorrow. For you to eat enough meals in a row that I don’t see so much of these. Think I can get any of those things?”

“Not even one.” Watanabe grins, turning his head against Miyadate’s palm. He nips at the pad of Miyadate’s thumb, then licks it. “Want a blowjob instead?”

“Really?” Miyadate raises an eyebrow. “You look so comfortable right there. I wasn’t expecting you to move?”

“You took care of me the whole trip.” Watanabe pushes up to his own elbows to press a sweet kiss to Miyadate’s mouth. “Maybe I just like it better when we’re even.”

“Shota…” Whatever Miyadate plans to retort, Watanabe interrupts it with another kiss, sitting the rest of the way up. “Mm, okay, whatever.”

“I thought you’d see it my way,” Watanabe chuckles. He’s a little cold without Miyadate wrapped around him to keep him warm, but the way Miyadate is looking him over makes warmth spread over his skin. Wrapping fingers around Miyadate and stroking slowly, Watanabe pushes Miyadate back enough that he can sprawl out on his stomach between Miyadate legs. “Lie back and enjoy?”

“I’m good like this,” Miyadate says. He leans back a little on one hand to get a better view, using the other to thread through Watanabe’s hair, pushing it back out of Watanabe’s eyes. “I never get tired of how pretty you are.”

“Ryota!” Watanabe protests. He licks the tip of Miyadate’s dick, light enough just to get another soft noise. “I look like complete shit.”

“Nah.” Miyadate brushes fingers over Watanabe’s piercings. “Not that I don’t ever fantasize about how cute you’d be if I could get you chubby, but better this way. Keeps my retinas from fusing.”

“Quit that,” Watanabe says, wriggling happily because he doesn’t really want Miyadate to quit it at all. He’s perfectly satisfied with the way Miyadate continues to murmur bullshit about good he looks while he gets serious about the blowjob. Just like Miyadate knows him so well, Watanabe knows all the touches and places that will get Miyadate off faster.

Unlike Miyadate, Watanabe purposefully avoids them. Slow and steady is what he’s going for at the moment. Miyadate calls him a tease, his hips rising into Watanabe’s hands on every breath, so Watanabe knows he’s doing it exactly right. When Miyadate finally does come for him, the smugness feels almost as good to Watanabe as Miyadate’s hand tightening in his hair.

“Speaking of things that look good,” Watanabe says, sitting up and crawling into Miyadate’s lap. Miyadate is still shivering, and his arms slide around Watanabe’s waist to cling to him tightly. “Tell me how much you love me some more.”

“So shameless, but so cute,” Miyadate says breathlessly. He trails kisses along the edge of Watanabe’s jaw, fingers up Watanbe’s spine. “Now how about you tell me what you want?”

“What I want?” Watanabe leans his head to the side, against Miyadate’s shoulder, baring his neck for more kisses. “Just you.”

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  • By Jin, 2018.01.12 @ 4:19 pm

    Ughhh give me the charisma to speak like Date-sama! <3 They're such a cute fluffy married couple XD

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