Snow Man, Not Just Anybody

Title: Not Just Anybody [Sakuma/Abe]
Rating/Warnings: NC-17
Summary: Abe helps Sakuma decide which jeans are worth keeping.
AN: During Shounentachi, lots of SixTONES were pestering Sakuma about giving them clothing hand-me-downs, which seems patently ridiculous, but it never stops them. Sakuma likes being a good senpai.

Not Just Anybody

“You’re dangerous,” he murmured, hugging Sakuma tight. Sakuma laughed and squirmed, but Abe held on tight, preventing him from chasing after Jesse and Juri because those two were enough mischief aaaaall on their own. “Quit promising those guys things.”

“Abe-chaaaaan.” Sakuma gave up struggling and gave Abe a showy pout. “They only want clothes, though. And I want to be a good senpai! Instead of everyone saying how scary I am.”

“Why they’d ask you of all people for clothes…I guess better you than Shota, though. Barely.”

“Hey!” Sakuma pouted harder, before it melted into a grin. “You could help. Wanna come over and help me pick out stuff to give away?”

“Not really?” Abe said, letting Sakuma break out of his grip. Sakuma skipped over to his bag and started shoving things into it haphazardly.

“All settled then,” he said. Abe rolled his eyes. “C’mon, hurry up, I’ll mail mom to say we’re coming over so she’ll feed you.”

That was how Abe ended up on Sakuma’s bed while Sakuma went through his closet. Shirts and jeans were tossed this way and that like a Sakuma-sized whirlwind had just come through, making Abe shake his head in bemusement.

“Good thing you didn’t invite Shota,” he commented. “He take one look at this and cry.”

Sakuma’s head popped out of the closet, wearing a grin, a hat that only Watanabe could love, and a pair of black jeans with the button undone. “I can’t make decisions when everything is bunched up in here! What about these?”

“Maybe you should keep some clothes for yourself, idiot,” Abe pointed out. “You should keep those.”

“Should I?” Sakuma grinned. He was wholly too appealing like that, half-dressed, eyes glinting with mischief, curls mussed from changing clothes. He did a little turn for Abe, the dark denim showing off every line and curve. “You like these?”

“Like you don’t know how good you look,” Abe said, relaxing back against Sakuma’s pillows. No sense in not enjoying the show, after all.

“Tell me anyway?” Sakuma drifted closer to the bed, stretching his arms over his head. “Abe-chan doesn’t usually talk like that.”

When he was just close enough, Abe reached out and snagged him by the belt loop, pulling him over onto the bed. Sakuma tumbled down on top of Abe, laughing and squirming until he settled on Abe’s chest, up on his elbows just enough that they could look each other in the face without going cross-eyed. From this distance, Sakuma’s eyes were even richer dark brown, the scatter of tiny beauty marks so tempting to trace with Abe’s finger or mouth.

“Those jeans look really good on you,” Abe said, sliding hands down Sakuma’s waist until he was cupping Sakuma’s ass. “You’ve got such a cute butt when you show it off right.”

“Mmm,” Sakuma hummed in pleasure, turning into a breathy aah when Abe squeezed with both hands. “So direct today, damn. What’s gotten into you?”

“Are you kidding me?” Abe demanded, narrowing his eyes. He dug his fingers in just a bit harder, making Sakuma squeak. “You’ve been stripping in front of me for almost an hour! I’m not made of stone!”

“I’m not sure about that,” Sakuma chuckled, rocking his hips down against Abe’s, easy to tell through Abe’s jeans how interested he’d been in Sakuma’s haphazard strip show. “But I don’t mind saying thank you for your help, if you tell me what kind of thanks you want.” Now Abe was the one squirming a little, cheeks going faintly pink. “Aww, don’t get shy now! It’s kinda hot when you take control.”

“Kinda, huh?” Abe asked.

“Okay okay, it’s really hot. Just tell me what you want already. I’ll even keep the hat on if that does it for you.”

Abe let go of Sakuma’s ass with one hand just to flip the hat off Sakuma’s head with a whack of his hand. “That hat wouldn’t do it for an epileptic peacock. But if you put that mouth of yours to good use, I guess I wouldn’t mind that.”

“Your wish is my command.” Sakuma leaned forward just long enough to press a lingering kiss to Abe’s mouth, before sliding down his body and dropping another showy kiss against the bulge in Abe’s jeans. Abe spread his legs wide to let Sakuma settle between them. Sakuma unzipped Abe and tugged his cock free, already mostly hard, and hummed appreciatively as he stroked Abe the rest of the way there.

“Yeah,” Abe encouraged as Sakuma sucked the tip of his cock into his mouth, swirling his tongue. He got his hands in Sakuma’s hair, mussing up the disheveled perm even further. “Cute. Who’s the dandelion now?”

Sakuma made a derisive noise around Abe’s cock, but didn’t slow down. Abe laid back comfortably against the headboard so he’d have a good view of Sakuma’s lips around his cock, eyes low-lidded and fluttering almost shut when Abe stroked his hair back out of his eyes. Abe sighed appreciatively with the occasional quiet groan. Eventually Sakuma pulled his mouth off with a wet little pop.

“So quiet,” he said, sticking his tongue out. “Come on, I wanna hear you.”

“We can’t all be screamers,” Abe retorted, voice breathy.

“Bet I know something that’ll get some more noise out of you.” Sakuma winked, sitting up. Abe grunted in minor annoyance, but it turned into soft, appreciative noises when Sakuma rose back up to his knees and leaned over Abe to grab the lube from his bedside table. He kicked off the jeans, and Abe got rid of his clothes as well, realizing that things were likely to get messy sooner rather than later.

Watching Sakuma slide fingers into himself was an even bigger tease than the clothes earlier, especially since Sakuma had no shame at all about how loud he could be even when touching himself. Abe’s fingers itched to help, but the little show Sakuma was putting on had so much appeal, that Abe resisted the urge to interrupt.

Finally Sakuma asked, “Ready?”

“Only a hundred years ago,” Abe snapped, patience wearing thin. Sakuma chuckled as he pulled his fingers free. He gave an unnecessary shimmy on his knees that had Abe ready to do something drastic. “Now, Daisuke.”

“Mmm, yeah,” Sakuma agreed quick enough. But even when he started sinking down onto Abe’s cock, Sakuma took his sweet time about it, making Abe grit his teeth. “Ready to be loud yet?”

“Maybe if you rode me properly,” Abe challenged, making Sakuma narrow his eyes.

“Oh, it’s on now!” Sakuma bottomed out in a smooth drop and squeezed tight, making Abe gasp, then rolled his hips. The rhythm he set was quick and deep, eyes narrowed in challenge as he peered down at Abe. Not that Abe was trying especially to be quiet out of spite, but gradually he did get louder, Sakuma grinning fiercely whenever Abe gave a particularly sharp moan.

Soon enough their symmetry practice took over, however, and both of them forgot there was some kind of competition going on as they fell into rhythm. Abe thrust up each time Sakuma came down, making him bounce pleasingly. Grabbing Sakuma’s hips, Abe pulled him down hard on each thrust up, letting all his noises spill out of his mouth without trying to muffle them, focused on the blush spreading down Sakuma’s chest and the tight, strong bunch of his muscles under Abe’s hands.

Sakuma was making enough noise for both of them anyway, a continuous long moan at this point, interspersed with the occasional groan of Abe’s name or a plea for more. When Sakuma reached down to wrap a hand around himself, all bets were off. It was only a little after that when Sakuma tensed and came across Abe’s stomach with a long wail. Abe followed not long after with a sharp moan of his own, the squeeze and twitching of Sakuma’s ass around his cock more than he could take.

“So hot when you’re loud,” Sakuma praised, still straddling Abe and not looking like he was in a hurry to go anywhere.

Abe shook his head, but he couldn’t seem to wipe the grin off his face either. “You just want somebody to order you around.”

“Mm, well.” Sakuma grinned, stretching his arms over his head and running a hand through his hair. “Not just anybody.”

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