Hey! Say! JUMP, HSJ vs Sexy

Title: Hey! Say! JUMP vs Sexy
Unit for Points: MSM
Word Count: 100
Characters/Pairings: Okamoto/Guitar
Author’s Notes: I was supposed to post this for the battle challenge, but then just forgot I had written it cause I meant to do a whole string about him and Yuto during the band version of Your Seed.

Hey! Say! JUMP vs Sexy

“We’d like to try something new,” one of the managers says during the concert planning meeting. “We think it’s time to push JUMP’s sexy image more directly.”

Nine members all turn to look at Keito; Keito blinks back at them. “Eh?”

“Okay, that’s definitely sexy,” another manager says, “but still just a bit too subtle.”

Yamada gets up and strolls from room. A minute later he’s back with Keito’s favorite guitar, the one with the star, which he drops into Keito’s lap, flicking the strap over his head and Keito’s hands curl around it automatically, possessive.

“Sold,” the managers say.

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