Off*Beat, Video Game Violence

Title: Video Game Violence [Tory, Colin, Paul]
Rating/Warnings: PG
Summary: Colin thinks this game might not be violent enough.
AN: Written for 2006 Trick or Treat.

Video Game Violence

“But I have third controller,” Paul replied smugly, dashing any hopes Tory had of escaping Paul on the grounds that he had a guest over.

“So, Colin,” Paul said over the cheerful music of Mario Party 7, “you go to school with Tory, right?”

“Shut up, Paul,” Tory growled.

“He’s a freak there too, right?” Paul asked.

“Shut UP, Paul.”

“Because, seriously, given what he’s like at home, I can only imagine what…”

“Paul, I am going to shove the microphone wand up your ear canal and into your brain.”

“Maybe we should play a more violent game to keep your bloodlust virtual,” Colin interrupted.

There was about thirty seconds of silent Gamecube action before Paul announced “So Tory had this dream the other night” and Tory tried to strangle him with his controller’s cord.

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