Hikaru no Go, Exchange

Title: Exchange [Shindou/Touya]
Rating/Warnings: PG-13
Summary: Touya and Shindou don’t go far for their costumes.
AN: Written for 2006 Trick or Treat.


“That’s hardly a costume,” Waya said derisively, blocking the door to his apartment with his body. “That’s more like you got confused whose clothes you were grabbing off the floor in the morning.”

“Get bent, Waya,” Shindou says loftily as he shoved past him, but Touya can feel the blush burning his cheeks as Shindou drags him inside by the sleeve.

He wants to press the beer that Isumi hands him to his face to take away some of the sting, but he settles for drinking it as quickly as possible and taking another one from the very sympathetic-eyed Nase.

A few more drinks and it’s actually sort of endearing that Hikaru wanted to wear one of his suits.

Endearing in the most obnoxious way possible.

“I can’t believe the KNEES in these things aren’t totally worn out!” Hikaru is shouting at a completely inopportune silent moment, and Touya wants to hang himeslf with the yellow pullover he’s wearing except the synthetic material is probably too slippery to hold a knot. It really didn’t help a moment later when Hikaru shouted over the laughter, “because he sits SEIZA so much you PERVERTS.”

Shindou sheepishly catches Touya’s eye across the room, and Touya mouths ‘I hope you die.’

“How drunk are you?” Shindou inquires when he sidles up to Touya’s side. Touya has long since switched to hard liquor. Touya shrugs, and Shindou asks, “Drunk enough I might talk you into defiling Waya’s futon?”

“I don’t really need to be drunk for that, as you might recall from last year,” Touya slurs, and Hikaru is the one who blushes this time, and Touya reflects that the best part about Shindou wearing his clothes is that Touya knows the fastest ways to get them off.

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