Kis-My-Ft2, What Kind of Pokemon Are You?

Title: What Kind of Pokemon Are You?
Unit for Points: Matchy (because he’s SCARY)
Word Count: 100 x 6
Characters/Pairings: Yokoo + his pokemon team
Author’s Notes: oh god this challenge. I so want a Nikachu.

What Kind of Pokemon Are You?

The Nikachu sniffed the air, fur bristling nervously. It didn’t like being alone, but the faster they found a Card Key, the faster they could get out of this creepy tower…

A weird noise behind it made the Nikachu flatten to the ground, shaking. Turning to find a black shape looming over it, Nikachu Thundershocked in alarm.

“Sen?” the shape asked, but just giggled when Nikachu shocked it again. “Gar!”

“Ni!” Nikachu sat up, indignant his attacks were having no effect, ready to give the Sengar an earful, before he noticed the Sengar was shyly holding out a Card Key.


Yokoo was a little worried when Nikachu hadn’t turned back up after ten minutes. The mouse hated being alone and the tower was awfully creepy…he breathed a sigh of relief when Nikachu skittered around the corner.

“There you…” Yokoo paused when Nikachu dragged a Sengar out with it. “Who’s that?”

Nikachu scampered over and pawed its way into Yokoo’s bag, then came up with a pokeball in its mouth.

“Friendship ball, huh?” Yokoo eyed the Sengar and it eyed him back curiously, no sign of fleeing like any normal pokemon. Well, he’d needed a sixth pokemon for his team anyway.


Outside in the sun, the Sengar seemed to get along with all of Yokoo’s team at least.

Tamareep hadn’t been that impressed, giving Sengar a casual “Reep” before going back to shocking Miyakarp like usual. Miyakarp was all Smiles. Nikachu was still trailing around after Sengar, sniffing and nosing at it.

Yokoo tried to call a warning when Sengar shuffled over to the sleeping Snoremitsu, but he needn’t have worried. Soon Sengar was curled up on Snoremitsu’s wide, soft stomach, rising and sinking slowly with its breaths as it took a nap itself.

Nikachu whined and Yokoo scratched its head.


“Ni!” “Sen!” “Ni!” “Sen!”

Yokoo rolled his eyes without bothering to open them. It certainly was an exchange he’d been hearing constantly for the last week, and it was cute enough. To a point.

“Ni!” “Sen!” “Ni!” “Sen!”

Even the pokeballs didn’t keep them separated for long; sooner or later the Nikachu was out, pawing at the Sengar’s ball, nosing the release button.

“Ni!” “Sen!” “N—”

“Will you two kindly SHUT UP!” Yokoo finally roared, at the end of his patience. “It’s THE MIDDLE of the NIGHT, you MORONS.”

There were fifteen whole seconds of silence before Snoremitsu started snoring.


Even the best trainers need a break, and Yokoo didn’t feel guilty at all about dropping off the idiot-combi at Koyama’s Daycare. Yokoo spent a peaceful afternoon replenishing supplies for his bag and strolled back to the Daycare, worry-free.

Koyama was wringing his hands out front. “Ah, there’s been a bit of a…surprise.”

Yokoo looked down at the cute speckled egg between a smug Nikachu and a grinning Sengar. “What?! You’re not even the same egg type!”

“It’s the miracle of life?” Koyama wibbled under Yokoo’s glare.

“Is one of you idiots even a girl?”

“Chu~,” Nikachu answered, purposely unhelpful.


“Stop laughing,” Yokoo ordered, not that Totsuka did. “Your Fumidash and Goseking are every bit as stupid and fertile.”

“Maybe so,” Totsuka chuckled. “That’s why I’m not stupid enough to leave them at Koyama’s Daycare.”

“Sshi,” Totsuka’s Hasshipoke agreed. “Ha.”

“Mm, but,” Totsuka said, “I’d be willing to take your Snoremitsu off your hands for a bit if you needed an open party slot.”

Yokoo’s only consolation, as he started off on his many steps of egg-hatching, Nikachu lurking at his heels every single step, was that the Hasshipoke hadn’t looked any more excited than Yokoo about this solution.

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