Big Time Rush/JE, Big Time Luck

Title: Big Time Luck [James/Hashimoto]
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 for MS backstage action
Summary: The kid is cute enough that James is willing to forgive the purple, shiny suit.
AN: cierra_james wanted BTR’s James meets Hasshi.

Big Time Luck

“What’s lucky about it, though?” the Japanese kid wanted to know.

“Everything,” James answered, after Logan had translated and then he ran the comb through his hair one more time, because it could only be the worst kind of luck to be aired on Japanese national television for the first time with a crooked part.

The Japanese kid went on rambling at him, a total chatterbox, and it didn’t seem to bother him that James went right on examining his reflection. The kid was cute enough, James guessed, not as cute or as tall as him but then again who was? Also his suit was a sort of unfortunate shiny purple, but James had seen enough other artists on Logan’s laptop to conclude that Japanese boybands were just plain weird about that sort of thing.

The Music Station staff member leaned in to tell them politely that call would be in a few minutes and they should please hurry. Then she caught sight of the kid, still blathering happily away, and said a few things in stern, rapid Japanese that brought the kid over to her at a trot, waving goodbye to James as he left.

Cute kid, James supposed, and then he forgot all about it when Kendall distracted them with silly questions about where his pants had got to.

After the filming, heart still racing from their live performance during the show, James nearly jumped out of his skin when on the way back to their dressing room, strong hands grabbed his wrists and then his back was thumped solidly against the wall.

He found himself blinking at the cute(ish) kid from before, the kid’s cheeks flushed and eyes bright from his own group’s performance (which had struck James as being surprisingly bendy more than anything).

“Yo,” the kid said, voice lower than from before, and then he said some other stuff.

“Logan?” James asked.

“Um,” Logan cleared his throat, “I think he likes that you’re tall. Like, really likes it.”

“Tall,” the kid echoed, looking satisfied. “James?” he said like a question, and James nodded, even if the kid’s pronunciation was a little odd. “Hasshi.”

“You’re Hasshi?” James asked. He flexed his wrists a little and they barely moved; this kid was even stronger than Carlos, and then the kid leaned in a little closer and suddenly James understood what was going on.

“I’m gonna go,” said Logan, who also apparently understood. “NOW, Kendall!”

“So,” James cleared his throat as the sounds of his bandmates scurrying off faded away. “Hi?”

“Hi,” Hasshi said, grinning still and pressing even closer, and then his mouth was on James’s and James thought that Tokyo was definitely someplace worth visiting even despite their shiny purple pants.

But there was no way this kid was getting anywhere near his lucky comb.

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