Mis Snow Man, High Maintenance

Title: High Maintenance [Nozawa/Sanada]
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 for whining
Summary: Nozawa has a lot of complaints, but Sanada doesn’t mind addressing them.
AN: Shimizumiki wanted Sanazawa.

High Maintenance

“You’re too tall,” Nozawa complained, but Sanada didn’t even bat an eye.

“Sorry, Nokkun,” Sanada apologized readily. He’d known from the start that Nozawa was going to be a high-maintenance boyfriend, and he was just fine with that. Slouching obligingly, he gave Nozawa a kiss on the cheek on the way by.

“You’re too loud!” Nozawa complained later in the dressing room.

“Sorry, Nokkun,” Sanada said, reaching down into his bag to dig around for his earphones to plug into his DS, but when Nabesho reported that he hadn’t brought his along, Sanada handed over is and just slid the sound of his DS off.

“You’re too permed,” Nozawa grumbled after their appointment with the stylist.

“Sorry, sorry,” Sanada had to laugh, because it wasn’t like it was his idea and he kind of agreed honestly. “But the curls feel really nice, wanna feel?” And Nozawa’s mouth twitched as Sanada lifted Nozawa’s hand to drop into his hair and pushed against it.

“You’re too sleepy,” Nozawa complained about Sanada’s performance when he slept over at Sanada’s house that night, despite their hours of rehearsal, two new choreos, and one incredibly failed Tackey revenge prank.

“Sorry,” Sanada pulled Nozawa’s head down to wrap arms properly around his neck and murmured in his ear, “I’ll have to be more energetic, I guess?” And after a little while that led to Nozawa accusing Sanada of being too energetic.

“What do you put up with it for?” Iwamoto wanted to know while they were stretching the next day, Nozawa momentarily occupied tormenting Abe, and Sanada trying to stretch the kink out of his back by grabbing for his toes.

“It’s Nokkun,” Sanada shrugged, not so sure himself, but feeling satisfied that Nozawa was worth it after all. When Nozawa’s shadow loomed over Sanada, Sanada turned his smile up to Nozawa himself.

“You’re too slow,” he whined, barely giving Sanada enough time to hop to his feet, ready for every and all of Nozawa’s demands. “And too…too…”

“Too what?” Sanada tilted his head. “If it’s for Nokkun, I can fix whatever it is,” he added confidently.

“Too cooperative,” Nozawa finally admitted, and Sanada was on the verge of saying that he really didn’t mind, when he notice the way Nozawa’s cheeks were just a little pink, and he wasn’t exactly meeting Sanada’s eyes. And then things made a little more sense.

“Ne, Non-chan,” Sanada purred, leaning closer, and a little closer yet, until Nozawa had to take a step back and found his back pressed against the wall. Sanada’s smile was anything but innocent as he asked, “Could it be that you actually want me to take charge sometimes, hm?”

“That’s silly,” Nozawa murmured, cheeks even pinker and eyes glued somewhere around Sanada’s collar, but he seemed to choke on his words as Sanada grabbed Nozawa’s wrists just this side of too tight and pushed him even tighter against the glass of the mirrored wall.

“Sorry,” Sanada’s smile was sharp and predatory and he could feel Nozawa’s pulse speeding where his fingers were wrapped tight around Nozawa’s wrists, “but you don’t sound very convincing.”

“You’re too–” Nozawa started, but then cut off as Sanada crushed their mouths together, cutting off all of Nozawa’s complaints.

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