Mis Snow Man, Date-sama

Title: Date-sama [Watanabe/Miyadate]
Rating/Warnings: G
Summary: Between Watanabe and Miyadate, some things never change.
AN: Kiayro wanted some Nabesho/Date, and Shimizumiki passed on an interview where they talked about this incident.


Miyadate isn’t exactly sure how this all happened. Seems like not that long ago he was a normal little kid, so shy that in kindergarten he could barely stutter out his name when Watanabe introduced himself.

He still sees Watanabe every day, still dances with him (although in Johnny’s now and not in Starlight) and still backs for senpai with him (Takizawa, instead of Lead), but still, sometimes it seems like not that much has changed.

Other days, like the day he has to carry an unconscious Fukka back to the dressing room, it seems a hundred years since the only thing he worried about was whether his shoelace will come undone while somebody’s watching. Setting Fukka down carefully on the couch, Miyadate pushes Fukka’s legs back far enough so that he can sit down as well, fading adrenaline making him shiver. Times like this, grade school and Starlight feel like it might as well have been another lifetime.

“Hey,” Watanabe sticks his head in the door, “how’s he doing?” Miyadate shrugs, and Watanabe comes the whole way into the room, reaching down to palm Fukka’s forehead like he’s checking for fever. “You really saved him, huh?”

“I guess?” Miyadate rolls his shoulders like he’s brushing off the words. Watanabe’s having another growth spurt, his face thinning out, his cheekbones newly sharp. Flushed and bright-eyed from the stage, Watanabe makes Miyadate’s breath catch sometimes, and sometimes, like now, it makes Miyadate scared to be left behind, like how he felt when he realized Fukka was going to go right over the edge of the stage. “I don’t feel heroic.”

“Cause Date-sama’s too cool, right?” Watanabe laughs a little when Miyadate just blinks in confusion. “Cause Date is our cool and sexy member, ne.”

“Stoppit,” Miyadate protests, flushing a little himself, but he falls silent when Watanabe, tall and sweet-faced Watanabe who he’s known forever and ever, leaves off Fukka to lean over Miyadate instead.

“But I like the Date who saves us best of all,” Watanabe announces, and then presses his lips against Miyadate’s forehead.

It’s over by the time the other Snowmen tumble into the room, calling out questions about Fukka and shoving to get a look at him, but Miyadate can still feel Watanabe’s lips against his skin. When Miyadate catches eyes with Watanabe across the room, he feels like that shy kindergartner all over again, who can’t help smiling back at Watanabe’s knowing grin.

Sometimes it feels like barely any time has gone by at all.

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