Kis-My-Ft2, Off-Shot

Title: Off-Shot [Nikaido/Senga]
Rating/Warnings: R for handjobs
Summary: Nikaido finally gives in and does exactly what Senga’s solo shots are begging you to do.
AN: Snowqueenofhoth wanted the usual Nisen.


The photographers are barely out of the room, moving on to Kitayama and Miyata’s shoots, before Nikaido is crawling up onto Senga’s bed, eyes dark and purpose obvious.

“N-nika,” Senga protests, leaning back against the headboard a little. “We can’t, they’ll hear.”

“Shut up then,” Nikaido growls, having stood as much as he was able of Senga’s mussed hair and sleepy eyes, of Senga’s tanned skin against white sheets. His mouth is on Senga’s before Senga can say anything else, his hands in Senga’s hair mussing it up even more.

Senga gives in with a muffled whimper after only a second or two, wrapping arms around Nikaido’s neck and pulling him down flush against Senga’s body. The blanket’s caught between them, but that kind of makes it hotter, muffling the feeling of Nikaido grinding down against Senga, making him want skin contact even more. Instead he has to settle for working his free hand under the back of Senga’s tank top and stroking his palm over the hot skin stretched over Senga’s spine until Senga is arching against him, whining in the back of his throat.

“Nika,” Senga tears his mouth away to beg, “please, Nika, please…”

It’s the worst idea ever, but it isn’t just this shoot, it’s been the whole last two days, constantly near Senga looking his hottest for the cameras when Nikaido can’t do a single thing about it, can’t even share a room with him at night, and Nikaido can’t take it anymore.

“Shh,” he warns again, letting go of Senga to yank the blanket out from between them and reaching into Senga’s soft sweats to palm his cock. He groans through gritted teeth at how hard and hot Senga already feels in his hand, how Senga pushes into his touch and gives a soft oh in the low, adult voice he has more and more these days. “Idiot, don’t just lie there, touch me too.”

“Yeah,” Senga agrees right away, and that alone fires heat through Nikaido’s veins even before Senga works his hand into Nikaido’s sweats.

They really don’t have long since anybody could come in looking for them at any moment, but if it’s the two of them, it doesn’t take that long if they aren’t trying to draw it out. Both of them know the speed and pressure the other prefers, so Nikaido knows to squeeze tighter when Senga murmurs his name, to twist his wrist a little at the top of his stroke. He knows when to lean down and whisper in Senga’s ear about how good he looks, how much Nikaido wants him, and how, as soon as these fucking photographers are gone, he’s going to drag Senga back to his own bed and fuck him until Senga forgets what country they’re in.

Senga gives another soft cry and spills across Nikaido’s hand, clinging tightly to Nikaido as he shudders himself out. Nikaido gives him only a couple seconds before growling at him to hurry up, but Senga just gives a low, sweet laugh before tightening his grip back up and driving Nikaido over the edge as well.

Chests heaving, they stare at each other for a couple seconds, Nikaido loving how Senga’s eyes are so dark under heavy eyelids, how happy Senga looks, and more than anything, how grown up, all the babyfat finally gone so that now everyone can see how strong and handsome Senga’s gotten.

“But when we have time,” Senga whispers, “you know it might not be me on my back, right~?”

Nikaido squeezes his eyes shut on a groan, and Senga laughs again and drops a last kiss at the corner of Nikaido’s mouth before slipping out from under him and trotting off to the bathroom to try and straighten himself out.

Collapsing right where he his, Nikaido breathes in the scent of Senga heavy on the sheets and thinks a nap is definitely in order. He’s out cold in less than five minutes, and never has any idea that Senga waves a photographer back in to see until it turns up in the offshots.

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