Ouran High School Host Club, That Kind of Girl

Title: That Kind of Girl [Haruhi, Tamaki]
Rating/Warnings: G
Summary: Tamaki doesn’t seem to understand the point of Halloween.
AN: Written for 2006 Trick or Treat.

That Kind of Girl

“But that’s not a costume,” Haruhi attempted to explain, although her patience was starting to fray.

“It IS though.” Tamaki just kept repeating it, in tones of a person who believes fervently that if he just says something enough times, everyone else will become a believer too. “Because you usually wear the MALE uniform.”

“Yes, Tamaki-senpai,” Haruhi decided that she would try one more time, and then she would smash her teacup right over Tamaki’s head or maybe ask Kyouya to have a talk with him. That seemed a bit harsh of a punishment, but she was nearing the end of her rope. “But the point of halloween is to dress as something you aren’t. And, you see, I AM a girl.”

“But not a girly one–ah, I mean,” Tamaki backpedled when Haruhi lifted her teacup higher, “not–you know, with the dresses and the squealing and the fawning all over me and things.”

“That’s what you want me to be?” Haruhi asked very quietly, dropping her gaze to the floor. “The kind with the squealing and the fawning?”

“Y–” Tamaki frowned, and even though Haruhi wasn’t looking, she could practically hear the gears in Tamaki’s brain grinding in reverse. “N-no. No, I…no.”

So in the end Kyouya picked all their costumes, and Haruhi went as Gackt and Tamaki went as a fangirl, the squealing fawning kind, and everybody asked why he wasn’t in costume.

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