Bijou/Aim for the Sky!, In the Meantime

Title: In the Meantime [Onyx/Jasper]
Rating/Warnings: NC-17 for boysex and improper use of griptape (wait, that was one of my themes…)
Summary: Onyx’s stamina needs work and Jasper is basically helping out not at all.
AN: Birthday present for laylah. Bijou/Aim for the Sky! crossover (the sheer ridiculousness of that is your real present, I think, laylah), the only thing that might be relevant is that the senpai/kouhai relationships are in terms of the order they joined the Bijou, not ages. Er, I think.

In the Meantime

“Gather up!” Coach Garnet barks, sending the boys scattering out of the pairs they’ve been warming up in to mill about in front of her. “We’ve got a lot of practicing ahead of us if we’re going to…where’s Peridot?”

“I’m here!” Peridot calls breathlessly, trying to jog out of the clubhouse and tug his tennis shoe on the rest of the way at the same time. “Sorry! I got hung up sweeping up the music room again…”

“God,” Jasper yells, “grow a pair of BALLS, will you?!”

You sweat like a bastard elephant,” Pearl informs Peridot when he slips into the cluster beside him.

“Oh, you like it?” Peridot smiles at him as he’s pulling his henna-bright hair up into a ponytail. “I just recolored it.” Pearl rolls his eyes and tugs the bill of his cap down farther.

“All right, all right!” Garnet raises her voice, giving a special glance to Opal, who’s trying to sidle closer to Jasper; Opal straightens quickly, beads clicking. “Lazuli, what did you learn about our opponents?”

“They’re nothing special,” Lapis interrupts just as his twin is taking a breath, and Lazuli shuts his mouth with a snap. “They’re a brand new team this year, they don’t even have ten regulars, and they’ve only won one game this season so far. They can’t even keep one of their members clothed.”

“Yes, what team has trouble with that?” Garnet inquires, tone chilly, and Jasper sighs and lets the elastic of his shorts snap back in place.

“We shouldn’t be careless, though,” Jade puts in, brow furrowing. “Especially not after the performance some of you put in last game.”

Onyx and Topaz shuffle their feet; Pearl snorts.

“Well, we aren’t going to get any better just standing around,” Jasper whines, leaning an elbow on Cobalt’s shoulder only to have it slapped right back off. “Can we just play already?”


After they warm up with drills and Jasper does twenty laps for pantsing himself, Coach Garnet calls for the regulars to have a scrimmage against the second string players.

“What the hell are you doing back there?” Jade snaps on his way by Cobalt, right after Amethyst scores the second goal on them.

“Maybe if I wasn’t stuck back here with the un-Wonder twins and the foreign legion!” Cobalt yells back, brandishing his goalie stick threateningly. Lazuli’s eyes flash, but Pearl cuts him off with a string of harsh words and a well-placed middle finger.

Jade sighs, sends Cobalt back to the net with a icy look, and switches places with Pearl, sending him up to attack with Jasper and Opal and pulling Onyx back to midfield.

“And stop bouncing around like that!” he yells at the acrobat. “You’re using up all your stamina!”

“Yes, Captain,” Onyx says long-sufferingly, reducing his bounce to a quick shifting from foot to foot.

“Weren’t you supposed to be working on your stamina with Jade?” Peridot inquires, ignoring the giggles Topaz bursts into.

“He’s too busy having ‘strategy meetings’ with Cobalt.” Onyx pulls a face. “He told me to ask Jasper about it, but Jasper’s so…”


“Oh, he loved it,” Jasper grumbles as he jogs off to the side. “And you can’t know many sportsmen if you think groping isn’t a behavior they engage in regularly. Hey Topaz,” he calls without missing a beat as he’s dropping to his knees in the penalty box, “since I’m down here already…”

“We’re trying to play a GAME here!” Cobalt yells, and Jasper reaches down to adjust himself in reply until Jade threatens to give them a million laps.


“I’m taking the kouhai out for burgers!” Jasper announces loudly in the middle of the locker room, bare-ass naked and dripping wet, fresh from the showers. Also fresh is the purpling ring of tooth marks across his collarbone, and Cobalt looks momentarily appeased as he towels at his hair.

Opal slaps Peridot a high-five and bumps Topaz’s hip, and Pearl smiles sweetly and says, “I will cheerfully divest you of your pocket money, you desperate cock-whore.”

“Good man!” Jasper slaps Pearl hard on the back, sending drops of water scattering. “Anyone else want to come?”

“Nah,” Lapis answers for both of them when Lazuli’s answer is muffled by the shirt tangled over his head.

“I’ll go!” Onyx offers, sliding off the bench. “C’mon, captain!”

“Can’t,” Jade says, head bent over his lacrosse bag as he rifles around for something. “Strategy meeting. Ah, there it is!” When he brandishes a roll of grip tape triumphantly, Opal and Peridot clap hands over Topaz’s mouth and drag him outside to wait before he earns himself even more laps than Jasper. Onyx trails after them, looking sour.

A few minutes later Jasper emerges, shoving a struggling Pearl in front of him.

“Oh relax,” he says, still sort of buttoning his shirt with one hand. “You can see your little boyfriends later, all right? Right now it’s time for team bonding!”

I am about to bond my foot to your ass,” Pearl says, smacking Jasper’s hands off him.

“That’s the spirit!” Jasper slaps Pearl on the shoulder and deftly evades Pearl’s elbow to the stomach. “Shall we go then? Those cows ain’t getting any deader!”


“What’s up with you anyway?” Jasper asks across the table. The kouhai, sitting in between them in the round booth, look back and forth between Jasper and Onyx, all four of them with their elbows on the table and burgers paused just in front of their mouths.

“Nothing,” Onyx says, breaking his fries into pieces and not looking up.

“You’re lying.” Jasper slurps at his chocolate milkshake, regarding Onyx. “Go on, tell your good friend Jasper everything.”

“Jasper,” Onyx points a fry at him, “I don’t need this.”

You need Jade in nothing but cleats and a box of ribbed condoms,” Pearl says.

“Yeah yeah, have ’em,” Onyx shoves his fries at Pearl and licks salt off his thumb. He looks up and catches Jasper’s smirk. “Yo, not in front off the children.”

Peridot and Topaz busily go back to eating their burgers; Opal looks innocent until Pearl makes a disgusted noise and a scuffle starts under the table. Everything settles down for a few minutes, and then Peridot gasps suddenly, inhales a bit of his burger, then coughs until Onyx has to pound him hard on the back.

“Okay,” Jasper says when Opal is safely shifted to his other side, where the only thing he can reach to do is make Jasper’s eyelids flutter once in a while. “So, what’s wrong?”

“Oh for the LOVE!” Onyx exclaims, putting his head down on the table.


“Bye bye!” Jasper calls, waving with broad sweeping motions at the kouhai, leaving in the opposite direction from the burger shop. “It’s getting dark, so be careful! Don’t get molested!” Jasper pauses a moment to consider. “Unless it’s by a really cute upperclassman!”

“Jasper!” Onyx snaps, slapping Jasper’s hand down, and makes a disgruntled noise when Jasper laughs and playfully shoves him back.

“Come over,” Jasper says, wrapping an arm around Onyx’s shoulder and starting to push him down the sidewalk. “We can work on your stamina.”

There’s no one home at Jasper’s house, which is almost certainly why he suggested it, and they’re barely inside his bedroom before he shoves Onyx onto his bed and tumbles on top of him.

“What happened to ‘don’t get molested?’ ” Onyx demands, shoving ineffectually at Jasper, the soft give of the mattress not offering much in the way of leverage.

Jasper pouts. “You don’t think I’m a cute upperclassman?”

“You’re an ass,” Onyx scowls and reaches up to yank on the long braid slipping over Jasper’s shoulder. “We’re supposed to be working on my stamina.”

“Then try not to come in nine seconds again,” Jasper advises, then snickers wickedly when Onyx yanks his braid hard enough to snap his head to the side. “Oh, calm down. What’ve you got your panties in such a knot for?”

“I want to practice!” Onyx says, dropping Jasper’s braid and flopping down onto his back. “I like lacrosse!”

“You like Jade,” Jasper corrects, sitting up a little to tug off his shirt and tossing it carelessly to the ground. Then he pauses, head cocked as he looks down at Onyx. “That’s interesting, isn’t it? You like Jade and Jade likes Cobalt and Cobalt likes…”

“Oh, shut up,” Onyx grumbles, trying to roll away, but Jasper presses hands down on his shoulders to keep him where he is.

“It’s no big deal,” Jasper says, undoing the buttons of Onyx’s uniform jacket with careless fingers. “Cobalt’ll get tired of their little game soon enough, and then you can go right back to training, or whatever other ridiculously chaste activity filled with longing glances you two get up to. Meanwhile, what’s wrong with having a little fun, hmm?”

He cuts off Onyx’s reply with a kiss, deep and unhurried, and after a few seconds of sulking, Onyx gives in to the confident press of Jasper’s tongue and curls one leg around his waist to pull him closer.

“Mm, bendy,” Jasper purrs, hitching Onyx up against him to slide their chests more tightly together. “You know, I was planning on folding you up like an envelope and stamping your ass, but since you need some cheering up…”

“I can’t believe you just said that with a straight face, you freak,” Onyx interrupts, but Jasper is already sliding down to nuzzle Onyx’s cock through his pants, and Onyx’s words choke on a groan.

“You want my ass?” Jasper offers, the tip of his tongue pink and wet against the pull of Onyx’s zipper. “You’re a cute upperclassman too, so I don’t mind.”

Onyx doesn’t really answer, but Jasper’s already stripping both of them out of their pants and underwear, until he can slide his cheek along Onyx’s cock unhindered, one hand moving up to splay next to Onyx’s navel and the other dropping down to twist at his balls. Pushing himself up on one elbow, Onyx stretches to grab Jasper’s braid again, this time sliding his fingers over it until he can yank the elastic out and start shaking out Jasper’s tightly-kinked hair.

“Don’t lose that,” Jasper orders, drawing his tongue up the side of Onyx’s shaft for emphasis.

“Serve you right,” Onyx replies even as he’s snapping the elastic onto his wrist. He’s finally got Jasper’s hair loose enough that he can dig his fingers into the thick waves, still damp from the shower, right at the base of Jasper’s skull; both of them make pleased noises. “After all the socks of mine that are buried in your room someplace.”

“I use ’em and throw ’em out,” Jasper explains casually, “because my mom would get suspicious if there were that many of mine in the laundry.”

“Oh my god!” Onyx drags Jasper up by the hair and flips them over, then sinks teeth hard into the bite mark from earlier. Everyone’s already seen that one, so he can do what he likes with it. Jasper moans and presses up into Onyx, cock twitching against the crease of Onyx’s thigh.

He thinks about edging down and sucking Jasper until he begs, because fucking Jasper is really just giving him what he wants, but Onyx realizes that he really does want to get his cock inside someone for once, instead of just taking it like he’s been doing since Jade and Cobalt started strategizing in the office and the locker room and the shoe alcove and everywhere else that has a vertical surface for Cobalt to shove Jade up against or grip tape him to.

“Where’s the stuff?” Onyx asks around his mouthful of Jasper’s skin.

“The lubricant,” Jasper enunciates carefully and Onyx scowls at his own blush, “is under the bed on a pile of your socks.”

“You’re such a bastard,” Onyx rolls his eyes and leans off the side of the bed and gropes underneath it, and even though he should go tumbling off the side if the laws of physics are anything to score by, he rights himself without any trouble, holding the tube.

“Here, lemme do it,” Jasper says, flipping the cap open and executing a practiced one-hand lube squeeze. He reaches down in between them and slides either one or two fingers, Onyx can’t tell, into himself, breath catching. “You’re always such a…aahh…wimp about it.”

“Wimp?” Onyx narrows his eyes and rolls off Jasper—it is two fingers—then wraps his hand around Jasper and lines up so that when Jasper shoves into himself again, one of Onyx’s fingers joins Jasper’s.

“That’s more like it,” Jasper says, but his teeth are gritted and his free hand is gripping the sheets, so Onyx pushes Jasper’s hand away and uses his own two fingers. The lube from Jasper’s hand is more than adequate for Onyx to curl his fingers until he can bend to lick the drop of precome that’s gathered on Jasper’s cock.

He pulls his fingers out, ignoring Jasper’s grunt of disapproval and focusing instead on the way Jasper’s eyes followed the motion of Onyx digging the tube of lubricant back out of the wrinkled sheets and slicking his cock.

“Finally,” Jasper groans when Onyx lines up and pushes inside him, the pulse of Jasper’s words rippling over his cock and making him take long, deep breaths.

Stamina, stamina, he reminds himself, then draws back to shove deep inside Jasper and cut off whatever idiotic thing he’s about to say with a moan.

“Nice,” Jasper says, undeterred, and head tilted back to bare his throat. “Got any other good tricks?”

“Just this one,” Onyx says, grinning because he’s been wanting to try this for a while and now Jasper’s gone and asked for it.

Sitting back on his heels carefully so he doesn’t pull out, Onyx arches his back and bends forward until he can slide his lips over the tip of Jasper’s cock. A grin curls the corner of his mouth when Jasper gives a shocked groan.

“That’s a pretty fucking good trick,” Jasper admits, flexing his hips a little to push deeper into Onyx’s mouth, and Onyx has to agree even as his hands tightly on Jasper’s thighs to keep him from upsetting the delicate balance of this position.

He can’t exactly thrust this way, it’s more of a steady nudging of his cock in and out of Jasper as Onyx relaxes a little more into the burn of his back muscles stretching, getting another half inch or so of Jasper’s cock into his mouth, enough to tongue the head in earnest and make Jasper whimper. After a few seconds to make sure Jasper isn’t going to do anything rash, Onyx risks taking one hand off Jasper’s thigh and wraps it around the base of Jasper’s cock.

“Fuck,” Jasper pants, shuddering like he isn’t sure whether to press up or down, “you’re a genius, mmm, squeeze harder, yeah,” Onyx complies and Jasper’s muscles go rigid under his hand, “yeah, just like that, you gloriously bendy cocksucker…”

Onyx hadn’t been sure he could get Jasper off in this position, but Jasper is a man of many talents, it turns out, one of which is coming where and when he wants to, and apparently this time he wants to come right where he is, ass tightening around Onyx’s cock and salt stinging Onyx’s tongue.

Jasper flops down against his pillows, purring and eyes hooded, and Onyx grins even as his back protests him straightening his spine out of its tight curl. He’s still buried inside Jasper, and Jasper gives him a wicked smirk before tightening his muscles around Onyx.

“Go on then, sweetheart,” Jasper says. “Fuck me.”

“Don’t have to ask me twice,” Onyx answers, shoving the whole way back inside Jasper and just taking a moment to let the heat and press work its way up his spine. Then he pulls back and lets his lower brain take over, and Jasper can make all the nine second jokes he likes so long as he keeps gripping the backs of Onyx’s thighs and pulling him forward, hitching himself up to make the angle cleaner.

“Such a nice cock,” Jasper tells him, voice just audible over the slap of their skin, “feels so good, come on, baby, just a little more,” and Onyx wrings his control out for all it’s worth because Jasper talks a lot of shit, but when it’s shit about your own cock up his ass, it’s so, so worth it to draw it out as long as possible.

“You’re so full of crap,” Onyx murmurs when he’s sprawled over Jasper’s chest. Jasper’s drawing light patterns in the drying sweat on Onyx’s back with his fingertips and Onyx is still inside so that Jasper’s laugh ripples over his cock.

“There there, sweetheart,” Jasper says, one hand drifting up to pat his shoulder. “I’m sure our illustrious captain will be free to whisper undying truths in your ear soon enough.”

“Oh, shut up,” Onyx yawns, resigning himself to the fact that he’s going to take a little nap right where he is, leaving Jasper unsupervised to do whatever he likes with Onyx’s body.


“I think we may have underestimated this team,” Jade says, chewing his lower lip. On the field, the bleached idiot who’s just scored on them for the second time is twirling his shirt over his head and yelling something incomprehensible about music lessons.

Not to mention the power of grip tape,” Pearl adds, eyeing the hairless stripe across Jade’s forearms. Lazuli opens his mouth to add something, but gets elbowed in the ribs by his twin and cuts off; Topaz exchanges a knowing look with him.

“Maybe you should have been practicing,” Onyx says archly, and Jade whips his head around and stares in surprise, then looks away, chagrinned.

Onyx is feeling pretty good about himself until Jasper gives him a ringing slap to the ass and announces that they’re due for another session to work on his bendiness.

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