AftS!, In Charge

Title: In Charge [Tsukada/Tachiki]
Rating/Warnings: R for blowjobs like desperate yetis.
Summary: Tsukada is trying to take a break, and Tachiki doesn’t mind.
AN: Well, prillalar, ask and sometimes you receive. Thanks to marksykins for the quick onceover.

In Charge

“Here you go,” Tachiki says, handing Tsukada one of the red plastic cups they brought along for water and flopping down on the ground to lean back against the log Tsukada is sitting on. Tsukada takes a sip and splutters at the bitterness of the warm beer.

“This is completely against the rules,” Tsukada grunts, then takes a longer drink, wrinkling his nose. “And you smell like smoke. I took your cigarettes on the bus, where the hell did you get more?”

“I traded Misaki’s cute little ass,” Tachiki waves his hand vaguely, tilts his head back against the log to smirk at Tsukada. “I’m practicing for prison.”

He shouldn’t let Tachiki get away with any of this, Tsukada knows, but he’s a little too wrung out from both running the training camp and participating to actually pursue it. Tachiki’s wearing a white T-shirt with “I CRADLE BALLS” stenciled on the front, and Tsukada hopes that he made it rather than purchased it.

Tachiki takes the cup out of Tsukada’s hands and drains some of it, then lets it dangle between his fingers while he appears to contemplate the field.

“You should stop putting me in mid-field,” Tachiki says eventually.

“You like being in mid-field,” Tsukada points out.

“I dislike being in mid-field least,” Tachiki corrects, swinging the cup a little, “but you should stop putting me there. Kichida’s good enough.”

“One of them is,” Tsukada says, and takes the cup back from Tachiki to drain it.

“Oh, stop sulking.” Tachiki sprawls out in the grass even more lazily. “You know one of them had to go to baseball camp instead, and you know damned well which one is here. Put him in mid-field already, and for crying out loud, will you put Sato out of his misery and tell him that everybody knows Kobayashi is writing those plays?”

“If you want Sato put out of his misery,” Tsukada crushes the plastic flat in between his fingers, “then you should just give up and be vice-captain.”

“Fat chance, Tsukada-captain.”

Tsukada drops the cup and pushes himself off the log and throws a knee over Tachiki’s waist, making him grunt as Tsukada’s weight settles.

“Trying to bribe me now?” Tachiki asks, but the smirk isn’t quite reaching his eyes.

“Shut up,” Tsukada leans forward, “I’m drunk, I don’t know what I’m doing,” and the beer doesn’t taste any better in Tachiki’s mouth, but the way his hands come up to grab at the outsides of Tsukada’s legs is pretty good, “and I saw you behind the equipment shed with Misaki.”

“I had to know if I was peddling the good stuff,” Tachiki teases in between sinking sharp teeth into Tsukada’s bottom lip, then gives a muffled curse when Tsukada bites down on the line of his throat. “Jealous?”

“Hardly,” Tsukada retorts, and the best thing about their Regular’s warm-up pants is how easily they shove out the way so Tsukada can get a hand around Tachiki’s cock and turn Tachiki’s smartass comment into a harsh breath, so that he doesn’t have to talk about how what he really feels is relieved that Misaki wasn’t Asakawa and he won’t have to put up with Sato making the face tomorrow.

Tachiki curses more and shoves at Tsukada, but the shoving is so, so fake, that Tsukada grins and slides down before Tachiki can stop him and sucks the tip of Tachiki’s cock into his mouth. It nearly pops free again when Tachiki cracks his head against the side of the log and Tsukada tries to laugh only out his nose.

He isn’t sure what made him do it exactly, but Tsukada’s instincts usually serve him well, and this is no exception. A sense of control, the first one he’s had since this whole nightmare of a trip started with Kobayashi leaving all the balls in the locker room and the bus’s flat tire, steals through Tsukada’s chest as he watches Tachiki watch him slide his mouth further down with wide eyes and shallow breaths.

Tsukada adjusts his grip to be more comfortable and feels very good about his plans working out for once, about knowing that when he tongues the vein on the underside of Tachiki’s cock, Tachiki will reach down to tug at Tsukada’s hair, and that when he pulls back, Tachiki’s hips will follow the motion while Tachiki fails utterly to muffling his soft, pleading noises.

If he had a bed and some lube right now…Tsukada files that thought away for another time, tries not to think about all the ways he might get a flushed and minimally compliant Tachiki under him in surroundings comfortable enough to take full advantage of the situation, tries to focus instead on Tachiki’s harsh breaths and yanking hands and the bitter spill across his tongue which really doesn’t mix with beer at all.

He sits up on his knees, still hovering over Tachiki just a little, and ignores the pinecone digging into his knee as they stare at each other and take ragged gasps of air.

“It’s been real,” Tachiki says at last, wriggling out from under Tsukada and tucking himself back in, “but I should be getting to sleep now, Captain, big day tomorrow,” and Tsukada smiles faintly because Tachiki carelessly forgot to make his title sarcastic and also because Tachiki’s back is covered in dirt and pine needles.

Tsukada stays on the log for a few minutes longer after Tachiki makes his escape, rubbing the ridges cut into his knee until they’re faint. He’s still hard, but the momentary peace of mind feels too good to interrupt it for something as mundane as jerking himself off alone in the woods like a desperate yeti.

And it’s a good thing he’s waited anyway, since when he finally does go in, he bumps into a sleepy-eyed Kichida who’s headed towards the bathroom and calls him ‘Tsukada-captain.’

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