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Ebikisu, To Be or Natto Be

Totsuka mentions that maybe they're getting a little boring in their old age, so Kitayama invites Kawai home to shake things up a little. (Kitayama/Totsuka, Kitayama/Totsuka/Kawai)

A.B.C-Z, Apparent Utility

Goseki's not entirely sure why he keeps these guys around. (Goseki/A.B.C-Z)

A.B.C-Z, Just the Tiniest Bit

Kawai and Hashimoto make it up to Totsuka for how they were busy with their stageplay. (Kawai/Totsuka/Hashimoto)

JE, Someday the Sakura Will Surely Bloom

Kawai gives the best hugs in the company, and Fukazawa is in desperate need of them. (Kawai/Fukazawa)

JE, Near Miss

Totsuka and Yabu's date nights are non-negotiable, once they manage to schedule it in these days. (Totsuka/Yabu unrequited)

JE, Share and Share Alike

Hashimoto is looking for some attention, and the Snowmen could use a new toy to share. (Hashimoto/Snow Man)

30 Kisses, (26) Road to Playzone

Things between them haven't always been so smooth. (Hashimoto/Tsukada)

30 Kisses, (23) For the Sake of Tomorrow, I’m Here

If Kawai and Tsukada are going to be so useless, then it's up to the pair of them in the end. (Goseki/Totsuka)

30 Kisses, (21) Body Talk

Tsukada doesn't mind if Goseki invades his practices more than a little. (Goseki/Tsukada)

30 Kisses, (18) Hajimari no Ne

When Kawai laughs like that, Totsuka can't help but laugh too. (Kawai/Totsuka)

30 Kisses, (17) Kiss My Calling

Goseki calls, and Hashimoto comes running. (Goseki/Hashimoto)

30 Kisses, (14) Zutto Nakama

It's the longest month of Kawai's life, except the month it takes to recover. (Kawai/Tsukada)

30 Kisses, (11) The Thing More Important Than Words

They don't talk about it, but sometimes Totsuka worries about Tsukada. (Totsuka/Tsukada)

30 Kisses, (8) Vanilla

Kawai needs attention sometimes too. (Kawai/Goseki)

30 Kisses, (6) The Bridge That Reaches to the Future

Hashimoto has been tracking Kawai down for practice lately, but not the kind like usual. (Kawai/Hashimoto)

A.B.C-Z, Devil or Angel

"Letting Hasshi-kun pick our costume theme just proves that he's the genius and we're the idiots."

A.B.C.-Z, Tokubetsu na Hi

Four kisses was Hashimoto's tanabata strip. (Hashimoto/ABC)

JE, A Series of Badly Taken Turns

After the Paraguay/Uruguay World Cup match, Totsuka and Hashimoto abuse Kitayama's couch until he makes demands of his own. (Totsuka/Hashimoto/Kitayama)

Big Time Rush/JE, Big Time Luck

The kid is cute enough that James is willing to forgive the purple, shiny suit. (James/Hashimoto)

ABC-Z, Wait and See

Kawai has a genius plan for how his unit can keep themselves from being entirely illegal. (Hashimoto/ABC)

Kis-My-Ft2/A.B.C.-Z, Seven Years, Seventeen Kisses

Kitayama would have definitely stolen his entire group's Countdown kisses over the years, given half a chance. (Kitayama/Kis-My-Ft2)

A.B.C.-Z, Holiday Interface

Balcan gets a new boyfriend. (Balcan/Yokoo's Roomba)

A.B.C.-Z, Operant Variability

Tottsu and Goseki teach Hasshi a lesson about exactly who he belongs to. (Totsuka/Hashimoto/Goseki)

A.B.C.-Z, Specialized Skill Set

Kawai's ninja unit isn't thrilled about their new member. (Hasshi/A.B.C.-Z, AU)

A.B.C.-Z, Every Group Needs a Megane Character

Hashimoto takes one for the team. Or maybe Tottsu does, whichever. (Hasshi/A.B.C.-Z)

A.B.C.-Z, It’s All For Science

Hashimoto's having trouble sleeping during their first tour; Goseki has an obvious solution. (Hashimoto/Goseki)

JE, Just Say No

Koyama has a little problem saying no to people, and Nakamaru helps him out as best he can. (Koyama/NEWS, Koki/Nakamaru/Koyama)

JE, We’ve Been Waiting, Going On

Goseki watches Tamamori grow up, but he still doesn't quite see what Tamamori is showing him. (Goseki/Tamamori)

Kis-My-Ft2, 5 Places Kitayama Couldn’t Write His Paper

Kitayama just wants some peace and quiet so he can get his paper done. (Kitayama/Ebikisu)

A.B.C.+Shoon, If You Ask Nicely

Tottsu told Shoon about the member-ai, but Kawai and Goseki give him a practical demonstration. (Kawai/Goseki/Shoon)


Through Shounen Club, Summary, First Concert, and beyond, Shoon starts fitting in again. (Shoon/A.B.C.)

26 JE Birthday Kisses, The Second Hand Will Catch Us

Kawai thinks Goseki should take one for the team during Countdown. (Kawai/Goseki)

A.B.C., Hair of the Dog

Tsukada's new hair is driving Kawai crazy. (Kawai/Tsukada)

Ya-Ya-yah, Called Out

Since his birthday, Shoon's been going out an awful lot, and the rest of the band have some things to say about that. (Shoon/Ya-Ya-yah)

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