JE, Just Say No

Title: Just Say No [Koyama/NEWS, Koyama/Nakamaru/Koki]
Rating/Warnings: NC-17. Threesome, mentions of underage people.
Summary: Koyama has a little problem saying no to people, and Nakamaru helps him out as best he can.
AN: Written for snoozing_kitten for the 2009 JE Fuh-Q Fest. Thanks to both of my betas (even the one that doesn’t like Koki that much).

Just Say No

Koyama loved it when NEWS was the guest for Shounen Club.

Aside from getting to show off his precious bandmates proudly to his cute kouhai, Koyama loved being able to show his band that he was really good at something too. Sure, maybe he wasn’t a soloist like Yamapi or doing dramas like Ryo, but Koyama was a really damned good MC, and it was definitely something to be proud of when a filming of Shokura went off without a hitch, or at least without anybody going on stage with their costume on backwards.

Nakamaru, on the other hand, had some reservations about it.

“Koyama-kun?” Nakamaru stuck his head in one of the practice rooms. He hadn’t seen Koyama for a little while, and practice needed to start soon, but maybe Koyama was just getting some forgotten costumes, or some of the props, or…

Nakamaru heard a soft giggle from inside the dark room. Sighing, he flipped the lights on and found Koyama pressed against the wall by Ryo, Ryo casually pinning Koyama’s wrists to the wall, his knee between Koyama’s thighs.

“Hi,” Koyama said sheepishly.

“Yo,” said Ryo.

“Practice?” Nakamaru reminded, pointing at his watch. “MCing? Three dozen juniors who can barely dress themselves?”

“I know,” Koyama said, but he didn’t push Ryo back. Instead he just turned to Ryo and eyed him patiently until Ryo rolled his eyes and released Ryo’s wrists. “Ne, later, Ryo-tan.”

“Co-MC still in the room!” Nakamaru reminded, shooing both of them out ahead of him and shaking his head to clear it of the mental image.

It wouldn’t have been so bad, if Koyama hadn’t gotten lost again during the lunch break. When he was ten minutes late getting back, Nakamaru heaved a sigh and went on another scavenger hunt. This time Koyama turned up behind the “Jr. ni Q” board, shirt pushed up and tucked snugly between Tegoshi and Masuda.

Masuda at least had the decency to look embarrassed.

“It’s just member-ai, ne,” Koyama hedged as he tugged his shirt back down and straightened his hair, giving Nakamaru a hopeful smile. It would probably have a better chance of winning him over if there weren’t a rising bruise on Koyama’s collar.

When Nakamaru came to get the microphones for mic and interview practice and instead found Koyama straddling Yamapi, he nearly lost his temper, but he held it in because Taiga and Jyuri were with him.

For a second, Nakamaru froze, brain short-circuited at the sight of Yamapi’s hips flexing lazily, Koyama draped over top him and giving a soft cry with each thrust. Then Jyuri demanded to know what the hold up was, and Nakamaru snapped back to reality.

Taiga’s eyes were wide at the small glimpse he got of the scene when Nakamaru turned to quickly herd them in the other direction, keeping as much of himself between them and the explicit member-ai as possible, but Jyuri just looked like he was appraising Yamapi’s technique.

“Ah, that’s just like Yamashita-senpai,” he said, and Nakamaru started pushing at them harder.

“Koyama-kun, your pants are over here,” Taiga said helpfully.

“GO FIND EBIKISU AND SAY YOU WANT TO LEARN TO SKATE OR FLIP OR SOMETHING,” Nakamaru barked, sending the two juniors scurrying.

“Are you sure that’s any safer for them than watching this?” Yamapi asked, chuckling, and Nakamaru turned to glare. Koyama was cuddled against Yamapi’s bare chest, looking a little chagrined, but mostly just comfortable. “I mean, if Goseki or Fujigaya gets a hold of them…”

“You shut up,” Nakamaru said, rubbing his temples. “And let go of my co-MC!”

Koyama gave a little whine when Yamapi gently pushed him off so that they could both sit up, but grudgingly started re-dressing himself after Yamapi gave him a wet kiss on the cheek.

“I expect this sort of thing from Ryo and Tegoshi,” Nakamaru scolded, looming over Yamapi threateningly. Yamapi didn’t look very threatened, though, despite his own pants being around his thighs. “But you know better, Yamashita-kun! I expect professionalism from you!”

“Ah, but it’s member-ai,” Yamapi shrugged, standing up and tugging his jeans back up enough to refasten them. He slapped Nakamaru’s back on the way by. “It can’t be helped.”

“Sorry, Nakamaru-kun,” Koyama apologized, although he still looked a little dazed as he started to gather up his clothes. “I have a hard time telling people no.”

“No shit,” Nakmaru sighed, but he handed Koyama his pants at least.

Finally practice wrapped up, and Nakamaru fled as quickly as possible, definitely not looking when Koyama paused in front of the dressing room door to wave goodbye and Shige appeared out of nowhere to wrap arms around Koyama’s waist and yank him inside the room.

“Ah!” Yamapi’s voice came from behind the door, “you found him!” and Nakamaru picked up his pace a little more.

Not that it helped, since Nakamaru laid awake most of the night, unable to stop his brain from conjuring up images of Koyama tangled between every combination of his bandmates imaginable.


Nakamaru sighed with relief when they were through with the NEWS filmings, glad he would no longer have to go into rooms or around corners without worrying that he would be confronted with even more of Koyama’s naked body than he’d already seen. Really, he thought, it’s not like there can BE much more that I haven’t seen.

He regretted thinking that immediately when he came around a corner and nearly tripped over Koyama, Goseki, and Fujigaya.

“Nakamaru-kun!” Fujigaya looked up from Koyama’s lap to greet, wiping the back of his hand over his mouth. “Want something?”

“We could teach you to skate or flip,” Goseki added with a sharp smile, wrapped around Koyama’s back with his chin resting on Koyama’s shoulder, “or something.”

Nakamaru took it all with pretty good graces, he felt, even when he found Koyama with all four Ft2’s not twenty-four hours later, and Senga’s only excuse was that the was wearing the wrong costume when it started. Or a couple hours after that, when it was the rest of A.B.C.-Z.

“That’s ENTIRELY ILLEGAL,” Nakamaru scolded, although it didn’t have much effect because the youngest member of A.B.C.-Z was at that moment the most intensely occupied. “Isn’t anybody here to WORK?!”

But when he had to chase off Mis Snow Man, Nakamaru was forced to admit that things just couldn’t go on like this any longer. And also that Nozawa-kun was seriously not allowed to get any taller, nor Sanada any more adorably moronic.

“Koyama-kun,” he started gently, when Koyama was as cleaned up as they could get him with paper towels in the bathroom, “I think you have a serious problem.”

“I just can’t tell people no!” Koyama wailed. Nakamaru patted his shoulder and said that he would help, trying to shrug off the way Koyama beamed at him like the sun.


“We just have to start small,” Nakamaru explained. “Once you get the hang of telling people no for small things, we’ll work up to you refusing your own bandmates so that maybe I won’t have to do all the work around here.”

“I know, I know, I’m sorry!” Koyama apologized for the two hundredth time. He sighed sadly. “It’s called behavior conditioning, right? Tego-nyan was talking about it for his classes.”

“I just be he was,” Nakamaru replied dryly. Then he turned towards the doorway. “Okay, send him in!”

A second later, a tiny junior trotted in, so new that Nakamaru didn’t even know his name. He stopped in front of Koyama, his neon green smock practically reaching his knees, and beamed up at Koyama.

Nakamaru frowned and turned back to the doorway. “This is your idea of helping?!”

Kawai stuck his head in the room, grinning. “You said to start small!”

“Koyama-kun,” the junior said, tilting his head, “can I have my own mail segment?”

“Eh,” Koyama stuttered, obviously struggling not to give the junior a pony while he was at it, “ehehehe…”

Nakamaru rubbed at his temples some more. This was obviously going to take a while.


They spent the next couple of practices working on Koyama’s problem. After a week, they seemed to be making steady, if gradual progress, although Nakamaru wasn’t sure how much was progress and how much was just the fact that he was keeping Koyama distracted. Still though, when Koyama got ambushed by Nikaido and a mis-costumed Senga and sent them off with a vague “Maybe later,” Nakamaru clapped Koyama proudly on the shoulder.

“I think you might be almost cured!” he said to a grinning Koyama.

“Really?” Koyama beamed even harder, cheeks turning pink from the praise. “It’s thanks to Nakamaru-kun though, isn’t it? Thanks for taking care of me.”

“It’s nothing, it’s nothing,” Nakamaru assured.

He definitely didn’t tell Koyama or anybody else that he was sort of starting to miss seeing so much of Koyama during practices.


On the other other hand, Nakamaru hated it when KAT-TUN was the guest on Shounen Club.

The list of reasons why was far too long to enumerate, although it started with the fact that Jin sang off-key during lives just to piss Kame off sometimes, and other times he just did it, and ended with the fact that if you put any three members of KAT-TUN in the same room for more than fifteen minutes, at minimum one of them would end up with either a bloody lip or his pants around his ankles.

If one of those three people was Koki, it would take five minutes.

“I have to work!” Nakamaru protested, trying to dodge around Koki, but Koki was having no trouble blocking the entire doorway out of KAT-TUN’s dressing room.

“Koyama can cover for you,” he said, pushing Nakamaru back far enough to get the door shut behind him. He grabbed Nakamaru’s wrists and yanked him forward until Nakamaru was pressed against his chest. “Or Ebikisu, they’re old enough to be useful, right? Fujigaya-kun sure is.”

“NO,” Nakamaru spluttered, although he wasn’t sure whether he was rejecting Koki’s advances or objecting to the leer he was giving while discussing juniors, no matter how willing the juniors in question were. It didn’t matter anyway, because Koki bent his head to crush their mouths together, cutting off Nakamaru’s protests.

Koki walked Nakamaru backwards towards the couch, then shoved him down onto it when the backs of Nakamaru’s knees bumped into it. He reached down to strip off Nakamaru’s shirt before Nakamaru could get his bearings enough to fight back.

“No more arguing?” Koki asked, but in a way that implied he wasn’t terribly interested in Nakamaru’s answer. He tugged off his own shirt before dropping onto the couch himself, making Nakamaru grunt from the impact of his landing. “Good, cause fighting’ll just make it last longer, Yuuichi. Unless you want it to last?”

“Like that’s ever a danger with you,” Nakamaru grumbled, adjusting his position so that Koki’s knee was rubbing against him rather than in danger of crushing important things. “Let’s go, already, I really do have work to do.”

“Mm, impatient,” Koki leaned over to seize Nakamaru’s mouth in another bruising kiss, only lifting his mouth long enough to murmur, “I like it.”

Nakamaru yanked Koki down tighter against him by the belt loops, spreading his legs and arching up so that their cocks rubbed together through their jeans, making Koki moan sharply into Nakamaru’s mouth.

Pushing himself up, Koki ordered Nakamaru to lose the pants and get on his hands and knees already, already tugging a small tube and a condom packet out of his pocket. Nakamaru obeyed, thinking to himself that the wasn’t sure whether he hated or loved how all of KAT-TUN was totally predictable, and wondering why the two emotions seemed so close at that particular moment.

Koki wasn’t one to linger on preparation, Nakamaru had learned through experience. He pushed back against Koki’s slick, probing fingers, willing himself to relax into it, sinking down on one elbow to get a hand underneath himself and tugging at his cock.

“Hurry up,” Nakamaru gasped when Koki crooked his fingers. Koki yanked his fingers out with a low laugh, but it was the sound of foil tearing that made the hairs on Nakamaru’s arms rise.

Koki pushed into Nakamaru, blunt and hot and steady, making Nakamaru gasp at the burn of it and scrabble at the fabric of the couch.

“Fuck,” he cursed, “fuck, fuck, give me a second, Ko, fuck.”

“Come here,” Koki ordered instead, grabbing Nakamaru’s shoulder and tugging him up onto his knees so that his back was pressed against Koki’s chest. He wrapped a hand around Nakamaru’s chest to hold him steady and dropped his other hand to stroke Nakamaru’s cock back to hardness.

Nakamaru leaned his head back against Koki’s shoulder to reach for another rough kiss, and that’s when the door swung open.

“Nakamaru-kun, I was…” Koyama’s voice died out, and when Nakamaru picked his head up to see, Koyama’s eyes were huge and round. “Oh. Oh. Sorry! I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to…” Koyama’s gaze drifted down where Koki was still palming Nakamaru’s cock, thumb teasing at the tip. “Oh.”

“Ne, Koyama-kun,” Koki asked casually, interest making his voice low and his hips shift until Nakamaru hissed, “want to play a little?”

“No,” Koyama licked his lips, eyes still glued to Koki’s hands, “no, I should get back to the, um. The practice.”

Koki stopped both his hand and his hips to peer at Koyama more closely. “Did you just say no?”

“We’ve been working on it,” Nakamaru grunted, trying to get Koki back to work by flexing his own hips, not that it was getting him very far.

“Nakamaru-kun’s been helping me!” Koyama added brightly.

Koki pinched one of Nakamaru’s nipples until he squeaked. “What the fuck did you do that for? Now that he’s hot, you taught him to say no?!”

“It seemed like a good idea when I was tripping over his naked ass every three seconds,” Nakamaru growled. “Dammit, Ko, move already!”

“You’re a moron,” Koki announced, then gave Koyama a sly grin. “But just because you can say no doesn’t mean you have to, right? Just once in a while can’t do any harm.”

“No no no,” Nakamaru protested, reaching behind himself to pinch Koki’s thigh, making him grunt. “Don’t you dare! You’ll make him regress!”

Heaving a long-suffering sigh, Koki pinched Nakamaru’s nipple again, then moved to the other one, rolling it thoughtfully and ignoring Nakamaru’s whines. “So, I can’t talk him into saying yes? He has to say no? You’ll be happy if he says no, right?”

“Thrilled,” Nakamaru managed. “Overjoyed. Ecstatic. Tanaka Koki if you don’t fuck me right now, I’m going to strangle the life out of you.”

“Well, then,” Koki gave Koyama a sharp smile, “you wouldn’t mind coming over here and sucking Yuuichi’s cock for me, would you?”

For a second, Koyama just blinked, then his eyes lit up as he caught on.

“No,” he answered, already half-way across the room towards them. “I wouldn’t mind at all.”

Koyama’s knees hit the floor a second later, and Nakamaru didn’t even get a word out before Koyama’s mouth was hot and wet on his cock, Koki squeezing the base while he pulled out nearly the whole way and slammed back in. Koyama’s hands grabbed Nakamaru’s hips, holding him still for Koki’s thrusts as he worked Nakamaru deeper into his throat.

“Fucking hell, no wonder everybody takes advantage of you,” Nakamaru gasped, staring down at Koyama’s slick, pink lips wrapped around his cock and the way that Koyama stared up at him as he sucked him off, eyes full of interest and heat.

“Can’t see,” Koki grunted, his forehead pressing into the back of Nakamaru’s neck as he pounded him. “Tell me what he looks like.”

“Looks so good,” Nakamaru moaned, thighs starting to shake, and he doubted he could hold on for very much of this. “He’s watching me while he sucks my dick, his mouth is so hot, fuck, Koyama, you’re so good…”

Koyama’s eyes widened when Nakamaru started to talk, and once Nakamaru really got going, he moaned. The vibrations of it pushed Nakamaru past the point of no return, and he scrabbled at both of them in warning, one hand on Koki’s hip and the other in Koyama’s hair.

“Gonna come?” Koki asked, giving a lecherous laugh when Nakamaru moaned a “Yes!” He slapped the side of Nakamaru’s ass and shoved into him harder. “Do it, Yuuichi, come all over him.”

Unable to hold back any longer, Nakamaru did exactly that, powerless to stop Koki from yanking him backwards so that he really did come all over Koyama’s face.

“Sorry,” Nakamaru gasped when he had the air to manage it, as Koyama sat back to wipe off his cheek with the back of his hand. Koki eased up, fucking him slower but more deeply, and Nakamaru gave a moan that was half-discomfort because it was way too soon for him to get turned on again. “Hey, Koyama-kun. You don’t really want to be down there all alone, right?”

“No.” Koyama was still staring at Nakamaru with those dark, interested eyes. He licked at the come smeared over the back of his hand, and Nakamaru shuddered.

“Oh fuck,” Koki leaned just far enough around Nakamaru to catch a glimpse of Koyama’s face. “I am so tapping that. You, get up here!”

Nakamaru pulled away just as Koki let go of him, and Nakamaru collapsed down onto the couch with a grunt and a wince at the pull of the muscles in his legs. He rolled himself over onto his back, and helped Koki pull Koyama up in between them, clothes already on the floor, settling him on his hands and knees over Nakamaru.

“Don’t be rough getting him ready,” Nakamaru warned. “He’s not KAT-TUN, Koki.”

“Aw, that’s sweet,” Koyama purred, leaning down further so that his face was closer to Nakamaru’s, but his ass was held up a little higher. “But…”

“He doesn’t seem to need much help from me,” Koki said, his laugh low and rich. Nakamaru eyed Koyama, who shrugged sheepishly.

“I thought we were making progress.” Nakamaru raised an eyebrow.

“Yara-kun doesn’t really ask,” Koyama said, and then the rest of his breath came out in a groan as Koki pushed inside of him. “Ah, Nakamaru-kun?”

“Hm?” Nakamaru answered vaguely, occupied sliding down a little more so that he could get his hands on Koyama’s hips.

“Can you talk, like before?” Koyama’s flush darkened when Nakamaru startled and looked up at him. “We don’t do much of that in NEWS.”

“Why don’t you teach him that?” Koki asked, punctuating his statement with a thrust that made Koyama give a sharp moan. “Nakamaru-sensei.”

“Koki-kun feels good, right? He’s big, isn’t he?” Nakamaru asked Koyama, who nodded jerkily. “Tell him.”

“Koki-kun,” Koyama started, then tripped over his words, groaning and rocking back and forth between the two of them.

“Tell him,” Nakamaru insisted, stern.

“Koki-kun feels so big,” Koyama managed, blushing furiously, but that kind of made it even hotter, and Nakamaru dropped one hand to fist Koyama’s cock, which was pretty sizable itself. “Ah, you’re so hard, s’good, so good!”

“Oh my god, fuck me,” Nakamaru groaned. He wasn’t quite hard again yet, but it was too much, sweet-faced, easy Koyama getting fucked over top of him and narrating it besides. “Koyama, fuck me, please.”

“Really? Are you sure?” Koyama asked, picking up his head to see Nakamaru’s face, and when Nakamaru nodded furiously, Koyama leaned forward to kiss him, fierce and hot. “Kei,” he mumbled against Nakamaru’s mouth, both of them bruising each other’s lips with the force of Koki pushing Koyama into Nakamaru. “Or Keiichirou, I don’t care.”

“God, you’re like little girls!” Koki complained because they had to stop to find a condom for Koyama and get it on him. Nakamaru was still stretched and slick from Koki, on the other hand, so all he had to do was hitch up his hips enough for Koyama to hook an elbow under one of his knees.

“Kei,” Nakamaru moaned against Koyama’s throat as Koyama pushed inside him, maybe not as thick as Koki, but longer, and oh yeah, Nakamaru was definitely hard now, aching and shoving back down against Koyama for him to get on with it. “Kei-chan.”

“Do it,” Koyama ordered Koki. “Make me fuck him, hard.”

“Fuck yes,” Koki exclaimed, reaching past Koyama to grab Nakamaru’s hips and fucking Koyama right into him.

He started talking almost right away, an almost incomprehensible string of curses, some of it Japanese and some of it English, but all of it dirty as hell. Koyama’s breath was a continuous moan in Nakamaru’s ear, Koyama bracing himself on his elbows and letting Koki do all the work while Nakamaru shoved a hand in between their stomachs and fisted his cock, trying to catch up with them.

“Can’t…” Koyama gasped, and Nakamaru could feel it in the tremble of Koyama’s chest against his and the twitch of Koyama’s cock inside him. Koyama was close, too close to stop, and Nakamaru closed his eyes and reached for his own orgasm, tantalizingly out of reach.

“Come on,” he grunted, because he really wanted to come this way, Koyama hard inside him, Koki fucking them both, wanted to paint Koyama’s stomach like he had painted his face.

“Gonna come,” Koki grunted in between curses. His grip tightened on Nakamaru’s hips, sure to leave bruises when they were finished. “Gonna fill you up, fuck!”

That was what Nakamaru needed, the idea of that pushing him just close enough for him grab the edge of his release, and Nakamaru’s vision burst white behind his eyelids as he fell into it, pulsing in his own hand and with Koyama sobbing yesyesyes in his ear.

“Well,” Nakamaru said when they were in a sticky, naked heap, the couch no doubt worse for wear, “I think we might have to start all over.”

“That’s okay,” Koyama mumbled into Nakamaru’s shoulder. “It’s fine if Nakamaru-kun teaches me.”

“Because this really isn’t okay when we have work to do.”

“I’ll work harder next time.”

“Dammit, shut the hell up!” Koki groaned into Koyama’s back. “Yuuichi, next time I’m fucking your throat first so I can just get some ass and then have two seconds of fucking peace and quiet to come down!”

“Hey, where the HELL are…” the door slammed open, and Nakamaru turned his head just enough to find Kame going from regular annoyed to kick-your-ass-in-front-of-Johnny-san furious. “You too?! It’s bad enough I have Jin out there humping the leg of anybody who’s even close to legal and Junno working on everybody else, but now I come in here and YOU fuckers…”

“Are you fucking kidding me?” Koki groaned. “Kazuya, I swear to god, if you don’t shut the fuck up right now…”

“KAT-TUN’s member-ai is scary, ne,” Koyama said anxiously, nestling closer to Nakamaru.

Nakamaru sighed and wondered when they could have NEWS back on Shokura instead.

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