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NEWS, Peas Again Today

Captain Yamapi is sailing the ocean in search of music, friendship, and member-ai. (Yamapi/Koyama, AU)

JE, Just Say No

Koyama has a little problem saying no to people, and Nakamaru helps him out as best he can. (Koyama/NEWS, Koki/Nakamaru/Koyama)

NEWS, Close-Knit

Koyama takes up a new hobby during the long stakeout hours. (Gen, AU)

NEWS/One Piece, One Peas

It doesn't seem like there actually are any girl pirates, when Usopp is on watch. (Gen, AU)

26 JE Birthday Kisses, Now That We’re Done

Nakamaru and Koyama find that change is harder than you'd think. (Nakamaru/Koyama)

26 JE Birthday Kisses, Pure Morning

Yamapi wants to know how Koyama can worry so much this early in the morning. (Yamapi/Koyama)

26 JE Birthday Kisses, Won’t Regret It Even If

It's just a little embarrassing that the leader of the juniors hasn't had his first kiss yet. Ryo helps Yamapi out with that. (Ryo/Yamapi)

NEWS, Man’s Best Friend

Yamapi has some new pets. The rest of the band is suspicious but easily won over by fuzzy bellies. (Gen, AU)

NEWS, Suitable Dress

Massu comes to Yamapi for protection from Ryo, and Tego of course shows up wherever Massu is being stripped of his clothes. (Tegoshi/Masuda/Yamapi)

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