26 JE Birthday Kisses, Pure Morning

Title: Kiss Six: Pure Morning [Yamapi/Koyama]
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 because Tegoshi brought the Everclear last night.
Summary: Yamapi wants to know how Koyama can worry so much this early in the morning.
AN: For 26 Birthday Kisses, Kiss Six: Morning After Kiss. also for jackoweskla, TANJOUBI OMEDETTO~

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Kiss Six: Pure Morning

It’s the morning sun streaming in his window that wakes Yamapi, and he stretches, too warm and back aching and mouth tasting awful.

Must have been a successful night, he thinks before any actual knowledge starts creeping in, and the feeling is cemented by the soft whine Tegoshi gives at the movement, curled up face-down against Yamapi’s side.

Turning his head gingerly, Yamapi finds a lump of blankets on his other side with just a messy hair spike sticking out the top, and against the wall is Ryo all tangled up with Masuda in something that might either be a hug or a headlock. Masuda is grinning in his sleep, but that really doesn’t clear things up one way or another.

Only one member missing then, Yamapi concludes, and just then he hears the clang of a pot in the kitchen. That’s just like Koyama, he sighs affectionately, then winces when he turns his head too fast towards the noise and his neck cracks.

“He~y,” Tegoshi protests sleepily when Yamapi starts crawling out of the bed, and he gives Yamapi the saddest, sleepy-haired pout in the whole world.

“Oi, save it for Ryo-chan,” Yamapi chuckles, turning away before Tegoshi really puts some effort into it and Yamapi ends up doing things he doesn’t remember clearly later, again. As he reaches the door, he glances back again and finds Tegoshi crawling over Shige to work his way into Ryo’s headlock.

“I didn’t wake you, did I?” Koyama asks when Yamapi stumbles into his kitchen, digging his fists into his lower back to try and work out some of the kinks. “Sorry! I just thought we ought to have some breakfast.”

“Koyama,” Yamapi starts, but Koyama just keeps going. Yamapi crosses his arms, leans against the counter, and watches indulgently as Koyama works himself up.

“Sorry I went through your cabinets to find a pan,” he says, watching the butter melt in it as if it will do something crazy if it looks away. “And your eggs only have a few days before they expire, do you think that’s all right? Everybody likes eggs, right? I could always run out for something, there’s a lot of us too, and…”

Koyama is chewing on his lower lip, and Yamapi reaches over to smooth his lip down with his thumb, silencing him.

“You’re worrying again,” he says gently. “What did Leader-chan tell you about that?”

“Sorry,” Koyama answers again, “I don’t mean to…” but he trails off when Yamapi laughs at him. Yamapi brings his other hand up as well and cups Koyama’s cheeks, examining his face.

Koyama has rings under his eyes and his skin is pulling a little tight over his cheekbones, just like all of them. His lower lip is rough from him chewing on it, and when Koyama lifts a hand to lay over top of Yamapi’s, Yamapi can see that he’s been chewing the corners off his thumbnails again.

“Maa, I must not be a very good Leader,” he says dramatically, turning his hand to catch Koyama’s wrist and holding up Koyama’s nails for Koyama to see, “if Kei-chan is still worrying this much.”

“That’s not it at all,” Koyama protests, trying to tug his wrist away, but Yamapi keeps his grip tight and turns his head to kiss Koyama’s palm.

“You should go back to bed,” he counsels, letting go of Koyama. “You need more rest. Leader will take care of breakfast!” he announces grandly, reaching for an egg and cracking it with a flourish.

He curses when some teensy pieces of shell fall into the pan as well, and Koyama just gives a quiet, “Hmm.”

Koyama doesn’t go back to bed, though, as Yamapi fishes the shell out of the eggs and begins trying to cook in earnest. Instead he starts making tea, apologizing for rifling Yamapi’s cabinets again, all the while turning up things from inside them which Yamapi didn’t even know that he owned.

They both work in companionable silence until Koyama sits a perfect cup of tea down next to Yamapi. He leans against the counter, hands wrapped around his own cup, sipping his own tea while he watched Yamapi mutilate the omelet without comment.

“Ne,” Koyama says, then pauses, and Yamapi looks up. “Do you think…it’s okay?”

“Hmm?” Yamapi asks. He glances back down at the pan. “I think we’re having scrambled eggs now, just to tell you.”

“Un. I mean, us.” Koyama glances in the direction of the bedroom. “Doing that.”

“It’s member-ai,” Yamapi shrugs, giving Koyama a rakish grin, but Koyama frowns at him.

“Tomohisa,” he chides, and Yamapi sighs, because dammit how can Koyama be so serious after staying up half the night in a drunken orgy with his bandmates? “Shige gets his feelings hurt sometimes, doesn’t he? Ryo too. And I can never tell what’s going on in Massu’s head…and don’t you think Tego-nyan is a bit young? He should be out having a pretty little secret model girlfriend, shouldn’t he? Do you think we’re pressuring him into doing strange things?”

“I,” Yamapi thinks about Tegoshi with Masuda curled against his back and pulling down Ryo’s zipper with his teeth, “really don’t think so, Kei-chan.”

But Koyama looks tired and worried as he stares into his teacup, and Yamapi gives up on the eggs and sets down the spatula to put his hands on Koyama’s waist and pull him close. Koyama gives in readily and sets his teacup down to hug Yamapi, resting his cheek on Yamapi’s bare shoulder.

“You shouldn’t cook without clothes,” Koyama mumbles against Yamapi’s skin a few moments later. “You might get burned.”

Kei-chan,” Yamapi says, exasperated. Since it’s apparently the only way to get Koyama to stop worrying for three seconds, he bends his head to catch Koyama’s mouth. Koyama tries to protest for a second, but Yamapi ignores him and kisses harder, hands tightening on Koyama’s back until Koyama sighs his defeat and melts into the kiss, the tension in his shoulders relaxing under Yamapi’s hands.

Koyama’s eyes are half-lidded and his lower lip is puffy when Yamapi finally pulls back to inspect him in satisfaction. “Sor—” he starts.

“Thank you,” Yamapi cuts him off, stroking his thumb over Koyama’s cheekbone. “For worrying about us.”

“Someone has to,” Koyama smiles, and then he leans forward to press their mouths together again, and Yamapi worries belatedly, as Koyama presses him back against the counter, whether the tea was enough to get rid of the worst of his morning breath.

Things are just starting to get good when suddenly Tegoshi and Masuda trot into the kitchen, Masuda inquiring sadly whether somebody is murdering breakfast in here.

“Oops,” Yamapi says lazily, not even looking at the smoking mess on the stove and planning on going right back to kissing Koyama. Koyama turns his head aside, murmuring that they shouldn’t in front of the younger ones, and Yamapi snorts. “I guess you don’t remember the part where Tegoshi was telling me exactly what to do you last night, hmm?”

Yamapi slides a hand down to cup the curve of Koyama’s ass to remind him, and Koyama gives a squawk and wriggles to be let go.

“I don’t remember that at all!” Koyama says loudly, cheeks turning bright pink, while Tegoshi and Masuda look on in interest.

“Okay, Leader has a new plan!” Yamapi announces, pushing Koyama towards Tegoshi and clapping his hands. “Tego-nyan, you take Kei-chan back to bed and make sure he stays there! Shige and Ryo will definitely help. Massu, you come with me to get breakfast.”

Tegoshi and Masuda nod fervently, a hungry look in both their eyes, and Yamapi thinks that being Leader is really great sometimes. But, he admits to himself as Koyama points out that he may want to put on pants before going out in public, sometimes it isn’t a bad thing to have somebody worrying about you.

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