26 JE Birthday Kisses, Won’t Regret It Even If

Title: Kiss One: Won’t Regret It Even If [Yamapi/Ryo]
Rating/Warnings: PG for Ryo’s wiles.
Summary: It’s just a little embarrassing that the leader of the juniors hasn’t had his first kiss yet. Ryo helps Yamapi out with that.
AN: For 26 Birthday Kisses, Kiss One: First Kiss. Thanks to peroxidepest17 for taking a look at it.

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Kiss One: Won’t Regret It Even If

“You have not,” Yamapi scoffs, but when Ryo doesn’t give in right away and continues to look smug, huffs a sigh. “Fine, who have you kissed?”

“Se~cret!” Ryo chants, then shoves a handful of chips in his mouth and crunches in satisfaction. They’re sitting on the floor of Yamapi’s bedroom with that month’s Potato spread out between them, but the original thread of the conversation, which of them looks more badass in their photoshoot, has been completely lost.

Yamapi isn’t convinced. “It’s a secret because it’s all in your head! You so haven’t kissed anybody.”

“You’re confusing me with you again,” Ryo says, spraying Yamapi with crumbs, and Yamapi narrows his eyes because Ryo is fully aware that Yamapi’s mother will yell at him and make him vacuum the carpet. And also because it’s kind of embarrassing that the leader of the juniors hasn’t had his first kiss yet.

“Okay,” Yamapi says after they stare at each other a minute longer, “I’m not conceding that you actually kissed anyone, but I want all the details of this fabricated incident.”

“Let me set the scene for you,” Ryo launches into the story immediately, dusting the salt off his hands and sitting up on his knees. “I’m wearing my sexy Osaka striped shirt and my lucky red sneakers and we’re just coming out of the movies, and suddenly I realize it’s that moment and ne, Yamashita, don’t you think birthday kisses are the most romantic?”

“Your birthday is in November,” Yamapi scowls, poking Ryo in the knee just where his shorts stop.

“So our eyes meet,” Ryo continues, leaning closer to Yamapi, “our hearts are pounding, we grab hands…”

“Stop it,” Yamapi says, trying to lean back, but Ryo just leans in further, and suddenly his hands are on Yamapi’s knees instead. Yamapi can’t look away from Ryo’s eyes, dark and half-lidded, or the twist of Ryo’s mouth, and when Ryo speaks again he’s so close that Yamapi can practically taste the warm tease of his words.

“Our mouths are almost touching,” Ryo murmurs, “and then Jin says…”

Yamapi gives a primal yell and attacks Ryo, hitting him hard enough that he goes crashing backwards, Yamapi on top of him, making wild threats and trying to strangle him. They up-end the bowl of chips and crunch most of them into the carpet when Ryo rolls and tries to strangle Yamapi back.

“It’s not going to work!” Yamapi yells. “You’re like half my size!” Which of course just makes Ryo fight harder, and they don’t break apart until Yamapi ‘s mother bangs on the door and shouts that if anybody gets a black eye they’ll get demoted to Nagoya.

“There aren’t any juniors in Nagoya,” Ryo grumbles as they untangle themselves and start brushing themselves off, then he sneezes because he’s got half a chip up his nose.

“I think that’s the point, idiot,” Yamapi snaps back, and neither of them says anything for a few minutes while they pick the biggest pieces of chips off the carpet and toss them back in the bowl. “Hey,” Yamapi finally says, then stops.

“What?” Ryo asks, blowing a piece of fuzz off a shard of chip before popping it in his mouth.

“Did you really…” Yamapi fiddles with the hem of his jeans. “Jin?”

“I told you birthday kisses are romantic.” Ryo grins smugly until Yamapi’s flat stare forces him to admit, “The part where he punched me wasn’t as romantic.”

“I knew it!” Yamapi exclaims, not sure why his stomach is twisting in a strange wave of victory and disappointment. “Because Jin likes girls. A lot.”

“Well, sure,” Ryo shrugs a shoulder. “Who doesn’t? But best friends are different.”

“They…are?” Yamapi blinks.

“Mmhmm.” Ryo swallows his mouthful of chips, dusts off his hands again, then crawls over to throw a leg over Yamapi’s legs, and the next thing Yamapi knows, Ryo is sitting practically in his lap, hands on Yamapi’s shoulders, tossing his hair out of his eyes. “I’ll show you.”

Yamapi has no idea what to do as Ryo’s lips slide over his, warm and damp and sharp with salt, and all Yamapi can think about is Ryo doing this to Jin, and then his hands twist suddenly in the back of Ryo’s T-shirt.

“Stop thinking about Jin,” Ryo growls against Yamapi’s mouth, and Yamapi’s jaw drops, but that’s okay because Ryo’s tongue is sliding along his suddenly, and everything else falls out of Yamapi’s brain except for the hand Ryo’s got in his hair and the way it feels like Yamapi’s skin is searing every place Ryo’s body is touching his.

Finally Ryo pulls away and climbs off Yamapi’s lap, going back to the chips and the magazine as though nothing strange has happened. Yamapi stays right where he is for a moment, hand coming up to brush through his hair where it’s been mussed.

“Good thing you have some time to practice before my birthday,” Ryo announces, flipping a page over. “You should ask Akanishi about that. He needs work too.”

“HEY,” Jin, who has just opened Yamapi’s bedroom door, snaps as he comes in. He kicks the door shut behind him and throws himself down in between Yamapi and Ryo. “You’ve got some nerve, sexually assaulting me on my birthday and then questioning my kissing ability, and why do these chips all have fuzz on them?”

Yamapi, still having a heart attack from the split-second where he thought Jin was his mother at the door and he’d just been caught making out in his bedroom with one of his best friends, says nothing.

Ryo flips another page. “You both suck,” he says. “Except that would probably make both of your techniques better, so I guess you don’t suck.”

Yamapi snaps out of it in time to yell, “I DO SO,” just as Jin retorts, “MY TECHNIQUE IS GREAT,” and they shout over each other for a few seconds, escalating to shoving at each other when Ryo gives no response.

“There’s only one way to solve this,” Ryo finally says, and Yamapi and Jin both freeze to look at him, Jin with two fistfuls of Yamapi’s T-shirt and Yamapi’s fingers inching dangerously close to Jin’s collarbones. He waits until he has their full attention before he announces, “Kiss battle.”

They fall for it immediately of course, and Ryo goes on reading the magazine, smiling to himself, while his two best friends finally figure out exactly how best friends are different.

It takes Yamapi and Jin far longer to realize that Ryo has in fact stolen both of their first kisses, and then they pounce on him in tandem to steal them back.

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