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JE, Don’t You Want to See It

I don't own TAY*J, but they are my favorite AU of all time. (Yamapi/Jin)

JE, Just Between Friends

Tackey and Pi-chan's story is long and winding, much to Jin's annoyance. (Jin/Yamapi)

JE, Surprise Confession

Jin says it's too hot, and Yamapi makes him reverse his position. (Yamapi/Jin)

JE, All That’s Fit to Print

Yamapi comes home and finds Jin watching the news. (Yamapi/Jin)

JE, A Thousand Questions

Ryo tells Pin how it is. (Jin/Yamapi)

JE, Like Gyoza and Grog

Yamapi is the worst ninja leader ever, but Jin is a pretty good pirate. (Jin/Yamapi)

JE, Gackt-chan Goes on Tour

NEWS and KAT-TUN go on simultaneous tours, and Gackt-chan has her summer debut. (Jin/Yamapi)

26 JE Birthday Kisses, However Far Away

Yamapi's 22nd birthday is the first birthday they've ever spent apart. (Jin/Yamapi)

26 JE Birthday Kisses, All the Right Words

Yamapi kisses Jin goodnight, and Jin just can't take it anymore. (Jin/Yamapi)

26 JE Birthday Kisses, Won’t Regret It Even If

It's just a little embarrassing that the leader of the juniors hasn't had his first kiss yet. Ryo helps Yamapi out with that. (Ryo/Yamapi)

JE, Natural Genius (The Around Every Corner Remix)

Jin is a genius. Yamapi is slow. Ryo is a jerk. (Jin/Yamapi)

JE, Stuck In a Moment You Can’t Get Out Of

Or, why Jin doesn't wear his navel piercing any more. (Jin/Yamapi)

KAT-TUN, Don’t Blame Yourself Only

Yamapi bets Jin that Jin can't have sex with all five bandmates in a single day of PV shooting, and you'll never look at LIPS the same way ever again. (Jin/Yamapi, Jin/KAT-TUN)

JE, New Year’s Kiss

Jin is disgruntled about his New Year's kiss not being televised. Yamapi makes it up to him. (Jin/Yamapi)

JE, Doumo, Mac Desu

Jin gets a Macbook, and Yamapi gets a headache. (Jin/Yamapi)

JE, Much Needed Distraction

Shoon just needs to take his mind off things for a little while. (Shoon/Jin)

JE, Gackt-chan Goes To Harajuku

Gackt-chan informs Ueda that only he can fix her serious problem. (Jin/Yamapi)

JE, Little By Little

Jin's been noticing the little changes Yamapi has been bringing to his apartment, but can't quite add up what it all means. (Jin/Yamapi)

JE, Five Times Jin Was Smarter Than Gackt-chan

Gackt-chan doesn't always win. Sometimes. (Jin/Yamapi)

JE, Five Times Pin Try Something New

Once in a while Jin and Pi like to shake things up. (Jin/Yamapi)

JE, Gackt-chan Gets the Chicken Pox

Gackt-chan comes down with a childhood ailment, and Jin has to be quarantined. (Jin/Yamapi)

JE, Why Jin Likes Birthdays

Jin likes birthdays. (Jin/Yamapi)

JE, Pi-tousan Day

Jin came by with a surprise for Yamapi. (Jin/Yamapi)

JE, Gackt-chan Rides the Subway

Pi-tousan gets lost. A lot. (Jin/Yamapi)

JE, Can’t Say It Without The A

Yamapi has a complaint about this whole hiatus thing, and Jin has a bunch of fancy new foreign words. (Jin/Yamapi)

JE, Welcome Gackt-Chan!

Jin thought this only happened to stupid girls. (Jin/Yamapi)

JE, Katsu no wa Jin!

Jin would cheat, if he could only figure out the rules to Kame's game in the first place. (Jin/Yamapi, Jin/Ryo, Jin/Kame)

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