JE, New Year’s Kiss

Title: New Year’s Kiss [Jin/Yamapi]
Rating/Warnings: R for Jin being a total cockwhore.
Summary: Jin is disgruntled about his New Year’s kiss not being televised. Yamapi makes it up to him.
AN: TANJOUBI OMEDETO, JEMZ. You’re on the plane right now, so it’ll be your birthday for real by the time you read this. here’s hoping this year is full of even more fic and pin than last year ♥

New Year’s Kiss

“We’re home~!” Jin called as he stumbled into the apartment, kicking off his shoes haphazardly. He was freezing and still a little drunk from Ryo’s post-Countdown party, cheeks pink from both, and he headed for the bedroom with his hand trailing lightly along the wall.

“There’s no one to answer you, idiot,” Yamapi said from the genkan, lingering a moment to slip his own shoes off and straighten Jin’s before following, stripping off his coat and scooping up Jin’s, tossed in a heap in the hallway, then throwing both of them over the back of the couch.

He got to the bedroom just in time to see Jin throw himself onto the bed with a sigh of relief, then wriggle around on the soft blankets in obvious glee. He looked exactly like Yamapi felt, exhausted but lit up at the same time, too wired to sleep but too wrung out for anything else. It was always like that after Countdown, seeing everybody all together, getting to sing songs you don’t usually get to sing with friends you don’t usually get to perform with, long past everybody’s bedtime.

“Idiot,” Yamapi said again, affectionate, and Jin cracked open his eyes to give Yamapi a pout and hold his arms out beseechingly. Yamapi crawled onto the bed and into Jin’s arms willingly, letting Jin snuggle against him and only hissing when Jin pressed his frozen nose against the hollow of Yamapi’s throat.

“Ne, Pi,” Jin said, voice muffled by Yamapi’s skin. “It’s not fair.”

“What’s not?” Yamapi asked gamely, willing to go along with just about anything, at least until the buzz of those last two appletinis faded.

Jin pushed himself up on his elbow, still giving Yamapi the pout. “Koichi-senpai got a New Year’s kiss!”

“So did you.” Yamapi reached up to press his thumb against Jin’s lower lip, laughing when Jin nipped it. “Did you forget already?”

“Not on television!” Jin’s pout intensified. “Theirs wasn’t any better than ours! How come they got to be on television?”

Yamapi couldn’t help it, he started laughing, and when Jin’s expression changed to indignant shock that Yamapi would laugh at his plight, Yamapi curled up in a ball and laughed until tears gathered in the corners of his eyes. Then Jin began punching him, and Yamapi gathered himself enough that he could grab Jin’s wrists.

“Hey, that hurts!” he protested, still laughing a little, then he yanked Jin down against his chest and kissed the tip of his nose, making Jin’s eyes cross. “You’re on television all the time! Besides, they’re senpai.”

“So what,” Jin grumbled, fight flowing out of his limbs suddenly, and he let Yamapi tug him in to cuddle closer, pressing close to Yamapi’s warmth.

“I’ll make it up to you,” Yamapi offered. “Even though you already had your New Year’s kiss.”

“Koichi-senpai had at least three,” Jin said, petulant. “And that was just on stage.”

“You’ve had like fifteen!” Yamapi pointed out, laughing, but Jin just sniffed.

“I don’t remember that,” he said, then squeaked when Yamapi poked him in the side with tickling fingers.

“That’s because you drink anything anybody hands you.” Yamapi heaved a long-suffering sigh. “I guess we’ll have to start all over then. Congratulations on making it to the new year~”

Jin seemed more than happy to re-enact his first New Year’s kiss, tilting his face up to meet Yamapi’s mouth and sighing, then his second, then his third. Jin slid his hands under the back of Yamapi’s shirt, pressing them against Yamapi’s warm skin and making Yamapi gasp, and by the time Yamapi pulled away, he was pretty sure Jin had received enough New Year’s kisses to take him well into the next century.

Not that he minded, really, not with the way Jin was smiling up at him as Yamapi smoothed Jin’s hair back from his face, eyes dark and liquid, shadowed by his lashes. Jin rubbed his cheek against Yamapi’s hand and slid his hands down from Yamapi’s back to toy with the waistband of his jeans.

“We should go to sleep, you know,” Yamapi said, thumbing the angle of Jin’s cheekbone.

“Don’t be a little old lady, Pi,” Jin retorted, thumbs dipping underneath both Yamapi’s jeans and his boxers. “We don’t have to be at the Jimusho until nine! We get to sleep in~.”

“That’s in four hours!” Yamapi pointed out, laughing, then he poked Jin in the cheek. “You’re going to fall asleep even before you get your pants the whole way off.”

“I am n—” Jin interrupted himself with a huge yawn, and Yamapi let his head drop and laughed against Jin’s neck, smirking when the puff of his breath against Jin’s collarbone made him whine and squirm. “That’s only because you won’t help!”

“You don’t know what you’re talking about, you’re drunk,” Yamapi retorted, running his hands over Jin’s chest and not being helpful at all.

You’re drunk,” Jin said, then flipped Yamapi over onto his back, making him yelp in surprise. He loomed over Yamapi for a moment, grinning wildly, before going right to the zipper of Yamapi’s jeans.

“So predictable,” Yamapi teased, lifting his hips obligingly when Jin began tugging his jeans down. Jin ignored him and finished stripping his jeans off, then settled in between Yamapi’s legs. He gave a pleased hum when he slid his lips over the head of Yamapi’s cock, and Yamapi echoed it as he reached down to get his fingers in Jin’s hair, still wild from the wind outside.

Jin took his time, working Yamapi over slow and easy, looking up occasionally to watch Yamapi’s reactions. The look on his face, eyes heavy-lidded and self-satisfied, made Yamapi’s breath catch. He scratched his fingers against Jin’s scalp and shuddered when it made Jin moan in pleasure around his cock.

“You look so good doing that,” Yamapi murmured, getting another moan out of Jin, so Yamapi kept it up, telling Jin how good he felt, how warm and sweet and hot he was, until Jin was rubbing himself against the sheets and Yamapi was too close to the edge to get out more than a word or two at a time.

He tugged Jin’s hair in warning just as he reached his limit, and Jin practically purred as he worked Yamapi through his climax, drawing back to just suck the top couple inches of Yamapi’s cock while stroking his length with a hand. When the last of Yamapi’s shivers died away, Jin released Yamapi’s cock with a final kiss to its tip, then wriggled up into Yamapi’s arms in a transparent hunt for stroking and praise.

Yamapi was more than happy to dispense both, running hands over as much of Jin as he could reach and murmuring in Jin’s ear, with a great deal of affection, that he was a total cockwhore.

“I can’t help it, I’m drunk,” Jin answered, nibbling on Yamapi’s earlobe and flexing his hips so that his erection rubbed against Yamapi’s hip. “Are you gonna return the favor or what? And feel free to keep telling me how good I look.”

“Wouldn’t have it any other way,” Yamapi laughed. He rolled Jin over, then pulled him close so that he was spooned along Yamapi’s chest, ear in the perfect spot for Yamapi to whisper into, arm curled around Jin’s hip to undo his jeans and tug his cock free.

“Mmm, Pi,” Jin encouraged, one hand stroking Yamapi’s bicep, and the other curled behind his head to tangle in Yamapi’s hair. He flexed his hips into Yamapi’s fist, warm and pliant and willing, and Yamapi had no problem at all telling Jin how good that felt, how good it looked.

It was only a minute or two before Jin was spilling over Yamapi’s hand, sighing in release. Yamapi held him close, pressing lazy kisses to the hinge of Jin’s jaw as Jin shuddered himself out then went still.

“Jin?” he asked when the arm stretched out underneath Jin was starting to fall asleep.

Jin gave a little snore.

“I knew you wouldn’t even get your pants off,” Yamapi sighed, then sat up and tried to get Jin undressed and under the covers. It wasn’t the world’s easiest job, since Jin could cling like a limpet when he was asleep, heavy and boneless like a cat.

It was worth it, though, to be able to curl up with a sleep- and sex-warm Jin underneath the blankets, Jin waking up just enough to roll himself back into Yamapi’s arms and rub his cheek against Yamapi’s shoulder.

“Congratulations on making it to the New Year,” he said, as if it was the first time he’d seen Yamapi this year, and as Yamapi was laughing at him, woke up a little more to scrutinize Yamapi in confusion. “Did I get my kiss yet?”

“Yeah. But don’t worry,” Yamapi assured, tilting Jin’s head up so that he could remind him what it had been like by example. “I’ll give you as many as you want.”

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