26 JE Birthday Kisses, However Far Away

Title: Kiss Nineteen: However Far Away [Jin/Yamapi]
Rating/Warnings: R for birthday kisses and birthday other things.
Summary: Yamapi’s 22nd birthday is the first birthday they’ve ever spent apart.
AN: for 26 Birthday Kisses, Kiss Nineteen: Birthday Kiss. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME.

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Kiss Nineteen: However Far Away

Yamapi’s 22nd birthday is the first birthday they’ve ever spent apart, and even though Jin’s been homesick off and on for weeks and has mostly learned to cope, on that Monday Jin realizes in the shower what the date is, and suddenly it feels like a fist is crushing his heart, leaving Jin leaning limp against the tile, drawing shaky breaths.

He forces himself to straighten up after wallowing for a minute or two, because otherwise he will be late to class, and because Yamapi would kill him for being depressed on his birthday. Yamapi would want him to be happy, to enjoy the rest of his trip abroad.

Yamapi would definitely jack off during his morning shower on his birthday, so Jin does too. He wraps his hand around his cock, slick with soap, and for once doesn’t try to pretend that he isn’t thinking of Pi, his lop-sided smile and his awful hair and the way his skin is hot to the touch when he’s asleep, and the way he’s going to kiss Pi until neither one of them can breathe when he gets back, when he gets home.

Jin comes in a rush so that his toes curl, pretending that the time change doesn’t mean anything because he never gets it right anyway, and that Yamapi is doing it at the same exact moment he is.

He’s got ten days until he’s back in Japan, Jin tells himself as he blow-dries his hair and tugs his favorite necklace over his head. He can definitely do this.

Congratulations on your birthday, he texts on the way to class. Bang the prettiest girl in the room as my present to you. Ten more days.

Fifteen minutes later, he slips his phone out of his pocket when it buzzes and reads I can’t, she’s in LA. It’s only nine more days here. and Jin doesn’t learn a damn thing in class that morning.

He toys with the idea of calling Yamapi during lunch, despite the fact that it will cost practically an obscene amount of yen per word, but in the end decides against it because missing Yamapi’s voice is nothing compared to how much he’ll miss it once he hears it, and Jin has ten more days to get through.

In the end he texts Yamapi again. What should I do for your birthday?

Go to the beach, the reply comes after only a minute. Go to a club. Go everywhere you’d take me.

So Jin gets up, slings his bag over his shoulder and goes to find his friends, and demands that they take him out. He won’t be here for his birthday, he says, so they have to do it all now, and they are more than agreeable to this plan.

Jin shoves everything else aside and has one of the best days he’s had his entire trip, and when he’s good and drunk he feels Yamapi’s presence strong beside him and hopes that Yamapi is dreaming of him since he’s almost certainly asleep if Jin has the time change right.

The next morning Jin wakes up with a headache and a bite mark on his stomach that he doesn’t know anything about, but it isn’t Yamapi’s birthday anymore and things are easier today.


Jin doesn’t text and doesn’t call on his way over, heading over to Yamapi’s apartment as soon as he’s released, no matter that it’s two in the morning and they both have work tomorrow, so much work, but he doesn’t know what he’ll say anyway, only knows that he’s home but not quite home yet, and somehow that’s killing him worse than being across the ocean ever did.

He still doesn’t know what he’ll say when the door swings open, Yamapi wearing only sweatpants and awful hair.

“Yo,” Yamapi says, grin breaking out over his face warmer than the sun in LA, and Jin throws himself into Yamapi’s arms to finally give him his birthday kiss, pretending that the little breaks in the kiss are gasps for air instead of sobs.

Yamapi kicks the door shut and shoves Jin back against it, holding both of them up when Jin’s knees give out, his skin hot from sleep and his hands under Jin’s shirt and in his hair, and he pulls back to lick the teartracks off Jin’s cheek when Jin’s nose gets too congested for him to kiss and breathe at the same time.

“Sorry,” Jin finally hiccups as he starts to calm, even though he knows Yamapi doesn’t care. “Jetlag. And they wouldn’t let me go, they just kept me and kept me…” Jin cuts himself off with a hiccup and Yamapi tells him fondly to shut up, it’s fine.

“So,” Yamapi says after another second, “about that present you promised me.”

Jin has to push back through the last few days before his brain comes up with what Yamapi is talking about, but the memory of the texts plus the hungry way Yamapi is watching him makes Jin’s heart speed up and his cock jump, and they can’t get to Yamapi’s bed fast enough, can’t get enough clothing out of the way or enough of each other’s skin underneath their mouths and hands.

Yamapi’s got two fingers inside Jin and a hand on his cock when Jin comes the first time, too strung out to hold it back, but Yamapi just laughs and licks Jin’s stomach clean as he adds a third finger and makes Jin arch. Jin’s hard again anyway by the time Yamapi nudges his legs into a wider spread and pushes inside, shivering at the high broken noise Jin makes because it’s been so long, but not stopping until their hips are flush and he can lean over Jin to scrape teeth over Jin’s pulse and make him wail.

“Congratulations on your birthday,” Jin gasps as Yamapi starts to rock, elbows braced underneath him to lick at Yamapi’s nipples, to taste any of Yamapi’s skin that he can get his mouth on.

“Already said that,” Yamapi says, breathless and eyes closed in concentration. “Your etiquette sucks. Welcome home.”

Jin doesn’t have the breath for the proper response as Yamapi gets a hand under his ass and hitches him higher, drives into him deeper, so he just clenches tight around Yamapi instead, wrapping his legs tight around him so that he can reach for his cock. Yamapi says it again and again, chants it against Jin’s hair like a spell until they both tumble over the edge, Yamapi collapsing onto Jin and both of them shaking and clutching at each other.

Yamapi tries to roll off Jin, but Jin won’t let go, legs still around Yamapi’s waist and arms around his neck. He’s crying again, from exhaustion and overload, and Yamapi holds him and shushes him again, and when that doesn’t work he kisses Jin’s collarbones, making Jin flail and lose all control of his limbs so that Yamapi can pull away and come back to hold Jin properly, settled against his side.

“Stop making twenty-three look awful,” he teases gently, smoothing Jin’s hair away from his bloodshot eyes. “I’m not going to cry half as much as you have this year. Here,” he says when that doesn’t work, “tell me everything we did for my birthday.”

Jin has to swallow a few times before he can manage it, but he does, listing everywhere he went and who he was with and what they ate and what they drank at which clubs, and somewhere in the middle of it, they both fall asleep, tangled up tight enough that they’ll both ache in the morning.

In the middle of the night, Jin wakes up convinced that he’s late for everything, and can’t figure out why it’s still dark until he realizes that he’s soaked with sweat because Yamapi is snoring and honestly must be seventy-five degrees Celsius.

“I’m home,” he says out loud, like it’s a question, and Yamapi mumbles, “Congratulations on your birthday,” in his sleep against Jin’s neck.

Jin laughs so hard that he curls up into a ball, that Yamapi wakes up and crankily demands to know what the hell is going on.

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