26 JE Birthday Kisses, With Some Extras Thrown In

Title: Kiss Twenty: With Some Extras Thrown In [Ryo/Tegoshi]
Rating/Warnings: R for what Tegoshi is best at.
Summary: Ryo wishes that for once he wasn’t the first one to notice, or to figure it out.
AN: for 26 Birthday Kisses, Kiss Twenty: Blown Kiss.

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Kiss Twenty: With Some Extras Thrown In

It’s starting to make Ryo uncomfortable, and even though they haven’t talked about it, he knows he’s not the only one who’s noticed it. Yamashita and Shigeaki look vaguely puzzled by it, Koyama crosses the line from protective to overprotective without really knowing why, Masuda’s usual grin gains an edge of hunger that has nothing to do with who took him out to eat last.

From across the room, Tegoshi turns in Yamapi’s lap to catch Ryo’s eye and blows him a kiss over his shoulder with a knowing wink, and Ryo’s stomach twists.

He turns away with a scowl and punches Shige in the shoulder. Tegoshi isn’t supposed to know how to do that, or to be able to do it even if he does know, and Ryo wishes that he were the only one who hasn’t noticed, or maybe that he wasn’t the only one who seems to see it for what it is.

Somehow, a few days later, Ryo and Tegoshi end up being the only ones awake in Ryo and Yamapi’s hotel room. Yamapi and Masuda are out foraging for food, Koyama is asleep and Shige is studying or maybe just sleeping on his books, and somehow the conversation turns to what everyone does best.

“Ne, ne,” Tegoshi bounces a little where he sits cross-legged on the end of Ryo’s bed, making the bed jostle. “But don’t you think that everybody does something best, Ryo-chan?”

“Don’t be stupid,” Ryo dismisses him, turning a page in the magazine he’s leafing through in an attempt not to notice how Tegoshi’s hair is curling at the ends from his shower and how dark and hopeful his eyes are. “There’s lots of people who aren’t the best at anything. Besides, there’s way more people than there are things to be best at.”

“But,” Tegoshi tilts his head, “Leader is best at protecting everyone, isn’t he?”

“He has his moments,” Ryo admits, wondering what it is about Tegoshi that he’s even entertaining this line of questioning when he would have kicked out anybody else a half-hour ago no matter how cute they were.

How cute or…that other thing.

“And Koyama,” Tegoshi goes right on, “is best at making sure we’re all taking care of ourselves properly, right? And Shige is best at getting everything done that has to be done.”

“Okay.” Ryo turns the page, trying to sound like he’s neither agreeing nor disagreeing.

“And Massu is definitely best at finding Leader an all-night noodle stand in the middle of the night in a strange place without them getting mugged or kidnapped, right?”

“I certainly hope so,” Ryo says, “since we have another concert in about eight hours.”

Tegoshi makes a little, pleased noise to himself, and just sits, apparently content.

After a minute, Ryo finally puts down the magazine and gives in. “So? What am I best at then?”

Tegoshi grins like he’s been waiting for Ryo to ask all along, and before Ryo knows exactly what’s happening, he has a lapful of warm and willing Tegoshi, and Ryo’s discomfort multiplies by about a billion.

“Ryo-tan,” he says, but it’s more like he breathes it directly onto Ryo’s skin, like they are already both naked, “is best at noticing that I’m not fifteen any more.”

“Stop!” Ryo orders, trying to get any of his limbs working, because if Tegoshi doesn’t there’s no way he’s going to be able to, “Stop it, get off,” but Tegoshi not only doesn’t stop it, he laughs, he laughs, low and sweet, that cheating little twerp, and Ryo’s flare of irritation gets all tangled up with how heat is spreading out from every place that Tegoshi is touching him.

Which is basically everywhere, since Tegoshi has knees on either side of Ryo’s thighs and arms tight around his neck and is nosing at Ryo’s cheek without actually kissing him because he’s clearly waiting for Ryo to make the move himself.

“I’ll make you regret this,” Ryo growls before he seizes Tegoshi’s mouth and kisses him like a punishment.

“Will you?” Tegoshi asks, tilting his head back to get the edge of Ryo’s teeth against the underside of his jaw, against his throat. It’s not a dare, it just sounds curious, like what Tegoshi really wants is for Ryo to show him everything he’s got and Tegoshi will pick out the bits that he wants to learn for himself.

It’s how he learned everything else after all, and that seems to be going okay for him, for all of them. Ryo’s just pissed off that it’s him first again, like always, that for weeks he’ll have to watch Tegoshi using all of his best moves on Yamapi, on Masuda, on Koyama and Shige and anybody stupid enough to meet Tegoshi’s eyes dead-on.

Not that the knowledge stops Ryo from wanting to use all his best moves on Tegoshi. He can’t even say that he’s not completely willing to fall into Tegoshi’s trap, to show him exactly how the skim of Ryo’s fingers can make Tegoshi whine, how the scrape of his tongue can make him cry out.

Tegoshi somehow gets them both out of their clothes without pulling away, like magic, and then all bets are off so far as Ryo is concerned since Tegoshi apparently doesn’t need any help figuring out what his hand on Ryo’s cock can make Ryo do.

“So,” Ryo asks when they are under his sheets, naked and sticky and Tegoshi curled up against his side, the very picture of contentment. “What are you best at?”

Tegoshi laughs, low and sweet, that cheating little twerp, and when he tilts his head back to meet Ryo’s eyes dead-on he asks, “Haven’t you figured it out, Ryo-tan?”

And Ryo wishes, more than anything, that he wished he hadn’t figured it out ages ago.

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