JE, Just Between Friends

Title: Just Between Friends
Unit for Points: Mis Snow Man
Word Count: 100
Characters/Pairings: 14-year-old Jin and Yamashita (lol he wasn’t Yamapi yet?)
Author’s Notes: Tackey and Pi-chan’s story is long and winding, much to Jin’s annoyance.

Just Between Friends

“You like him way too much,” Jin grouses, looming over Yamashita as he ties his sneakers.

“Tackey-senpai’s really nice to me.” Yamashita shrugs.

“He likes you too much!” Jin’s pout is pretty awesome after fourteen years of practice, but somehow his best friend has become immune. “Tomoooooo, he’s always hanging around watching you and making up excuses to touch you and…”

Jin cuts off when Yamashita pops a piece of homemade chocolate in his mouth. He chews while Yamashita smoothes the heart sticker holding the white paper bag back down.

“There,” he admonishes. “And don’t forget about White Day, either.”

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