JE, Surprise Confession

Title: Surprise Confession [Jin/Yamapi]
Rating/Warnings: R for non-aircon.
Summary: Jin says it’s too hot, and Yamapi makes him reverse his position.
AN: For crystallekil, who wanted Pin.

Surprise Confession

The apartment was dark and still, lit only by a few stray candles. The windows were open, but no breeze stirred the curtains, and no lights broke the shadows.

Sticking his head around the doorway and spotting his prey on the couch, helpless and in nothing but boxers, Yamashita Tomohisa rubbed his hands together and prepared to make his move.

He crept down the hallway and into the living room on the pads of his feet, silent like a sleek and powerful jungle cat, only with sexier hips, up to the back of the couch. He waited until his prey’s attention was occupied, one finger twirling one of the curls of hair slipping out of his ponytail, then at the perfect moment, he pounced!

“This is very sudden,” Yamapi hollered, vaulting the back of the couch and landing on his knees on the cushion right next to his victim, “but I like you a lot!”

“Get lost, Pi,” Akanishi Jin grumbled, lifting a leg to plant his foot right in the middle of Yamapi’s chest and shoving him backwards. “It’s too hot!”

“Aw, it’s not that hot,” Yamapi protested, slumping against the opposite armrest and pouting at Jin. “Too hot for surprise confessions?”

Jin gave Yamapi a baleful look, limp tendrils of hair stuck to the side of his face and a sheen of sweat covering his chest. He lifted an arm, and his skin peeled away from the leather of the couch with a sound that made Yamapi wince.

“Okay, it’s hot,” Yamapi conceded. “But what do you expect, it’s Tokyo in mid-August.”

“I expect air conditioning!” Jin whined, letting his head fall back against the couch and pouting. “I expect climate control!”

“So does everyone else.” Yamapi gave Jin a lop-sided grin. “Hence the blackout.”

“I’m too pretty to be this hot,” Jin said, slouching down further, and Yamapi agreed to that happily. At least until it became apparent that Jin really meant it was too hot to make out.

“Maybe your place will be better?” Yamapi offered from the floor, where he had slid down after his completely plausible advances had been rejected. At least on the floor his skin wasn’t gluing itself to anything with its own sweat.

“It’s a blackout, Pi, my apartment will be just the same.” Jin raked a hand through his hair, trying to push it away from his face. “Besides, then I’ll have to put on pants.”

“We should certainly avoid that,” Pi said sagely. “Can’t we make out just a little?”

“I’d kick you some more,” Jin said without any heat, “but I might die from the exertion.”

If Jin wasn’t going to do anything about it, Yamapi finally decided, then he wasn’t terribly opposed to taking matters into his own hands. Jin made a good enough picture to look at anyway, he thought as he slid his hand into his sweats to palm his cock casually, even when he wasn’t sweaty, hair stuck to his neck in humidity curls, fanning himself with a lazy, long-fingered hand…

…glaring at Yamapi from above.

“So you’re just gonna stare at me and jerk off?” Jin demanded.

“Uh-huh,” Yamapi agreed, getting a little more serious about the jerking off now that Jin’s dark eyes and pouty scowl were fixed directly upon him. He let go of his cock just long enough to shove his sweats down farther, far enough for Jin to see exactly what was happening, and then went back to work, toes curling a little at the heat of Jin’s glare along his bared skin.

“What the hell!” Jin scrunched around on the couch, his reaction to Yamapi’s show obvious. He really only succeeded in making himself more disgruntled and sweaty, both of which Yamapi found highly appealing.

“You could always, mmm,” Yamapi interrupted himself with a soft groan as he thumbed his tip, “come down here and help?”

He’d expected Jin to put up a more lengthy resistance, since he was well-versed in the ways of Jin’s sloth, and so it was a surprise when Jin peeled himself off the couch as if disengaging Velcro, and dropped to the floor. Yamapi spread his legs to accommodate him, and Jin pushed his hand away impatiently, bending down.

“Oi,” he paused, his breath warming the damp tip of Yamapi’s cock, making Yamapi whine impatiently, “you’d better return the favor.”

Agreeing before Jin’s done even saying the words, Yamapi worked hands into Jin’s hair, tugging it loose from its ponytail so he could bury his fingers in the damp curls. His fingers tightened when Jin swallowed the first couple inches of his cock, but Jin just moaned around him in response and took him a little deeper.

Everything was a blaze of wet heat after that, fire licking at Yamapi’s skin and trickling thick in his veins, all of his nerves focusing on the drag of Jin over his length until his control snapped like an over-used hair elastic. Yamapi’s back arched off the floor as he spilled across Jin’s tongue, and his muscles held taut long enough with the pleasure of it that the floor felt cool against his shoulder blades when he slumped back against it.

When he opened his eyes, Jin was hovering over him, sweaty and even more disgruntled, his cock digging into Yamapi’s thigh. “Well?” he demanded, voice rough.

“This is very sudden, but I like you a lot,” Yamampi hummed, letting his eyes slip shut again. He kept them that way even when the growl Jin gave made the hairs on his arms rise.

Jin eventually forgave him, though, for suggesting that they try round two in the cool of the bathtub.

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