KAT-TUN, Don’t Blame Yourself Only

Title: Don’t Blame Yourself Only [Jin/KAT-TUN]
Rating/Warnings: NC-17 for…Jin doing his entire band? Let’s go with that.
Summary: Yamapi bets Jin that Jin can’t have sex with all five bandmates in a single day of PV shooting, and you’ll never look at LIPS the same way ever again.
AN: For swtjemz‘s 24-hour Valentine’s Day Challenge, so, written in 24 hours, obvs (THAT’S RIGHT 6409 WORDS). Remixed by tokyostory here.

Don’t Blame Yourself Only

“I’ll have you know,” Jin drew himself up to his full height, sniffing disdainfully, “that I am a PARAGON of both seduction and endurance!”

“You think that means you have lots of corners,” Yamapi said indulgently, admiring how pretty Jin’s scowl was from underneath, where he was pinned by the straddle of Jin’s thighs across his own.

“Seduction!” Jin repeated, scowling harder. “And endurance!”

“Jin, you’ve been home for twenty minutes, I’ve still got all my clothes on and you’ve come twice,” Yamapi reminded, patting Jin’s knee with a sticky hand.

“I didn’t realize we were saving up for something special,” Jin said stiffly, starting to slide off Yamapi, but Yamapi laughed and rolled over to catch Jin, grabbing his wrists and pinning Jin to the sheets.

Jin struggled, but Yamapi just bent his head and pressed soft kisses to Jin’s collarbones until Jin seemed more likely to listen, and also was a quivering, damp-eyed heap.

“It’s not that I don’t love you the way you are,” Yamapi soothed, kissing away the laughter tears gathering in the corners of Jin’s eyes. “But you and endurance go together like pickles and ramen.”

“I think pickles and ramen go great together!” Jin snuffled, turning his head to rub his nose against Yamapi’s bicep.

“And that’s exactly my point.” Jin scowled cutely again, and Yamapi couldn’t resist leaning in for a kiss. “Face it, Jin. You aren’t exactly in it for the long haul.”

“You’re just jealous,” Jin narrowed his eyes and nipped Yamapi’s skin, “because after an orgasm you need a two-hour nap to even think about having another one.”

“It isn’t like you’re having a half-dozen of them at a clip,” Yamapi scoffed, then paused when Jin’s eyes took on a familiar gleam. “What?”

“Five,” Jin said, licking the corner of his mouth.

“Five what?” Yamapi blinked. “Orgasms? Jin, nobody can have five orgasms in a row.”

“What would you give me if I could?” The gleam had become a full-on sparkle, and Yamapi had the sinking feeling that he’d already formed a Plan.

“I want to know the terms of this deal before I agree to anything,” Yamapi said warily, releasing Jin’s wrists and rolling to the side so he couldn’t claim later that he’d been under duress. “I’ve been burned before.”

Jin rolled over onto his side as well, and after sidling close enough to make sure Yamapi could hear the low murmur of his voice, reached over to fiddle with Yamapi’s earring. “KAT-TUN has a PV shoot tomorrow.”

“Mmhmm,” Yamapi encouraged him to go on, sliding his hands over Jin’s hips to make sure they didn’t do anything crazy just yet.

“We’re scheduled all day, until we’re done.” Jin’s hand moved from Yamapi’s earring to lie flat against his chest, warming Yamapi’s skin through his T-shirt. “I bet I can get all five.”

“Of your bandmates?” Yamapi blinked, then groaned. “Endurance and seduction…Jin, don’t you think that’s a little…”

“I get all day,” Jin pulled his hand away from Yamapi’s chest to poke him in the cheek. “And if I win, you take me shopping in Harajuku.”

“You have to come too!” Yamapi grabbed Jin’s wrist and flicked his tongue against the finger that had been poking him. “All five times. No cheating by just cornering them all into quick blowjobs. And if you lose, you buy me dinner anywhere I want. All this talk of your mouth and meat has given me a craving for yakiniku.”

Jin laughed and sealed their deal with the secret handshake and a kiss, then rolled over.

“Hey!” Yamapi protested. “What about me?”

“Well, I have to save up for tomorrow…” Jin said with a glance over his shoulder, then yelped when Yamapi pounced him and dug fingers into all the skin he could reach.


On the way to work the next morning, Jin formulated a plan of attack.

He figured that he should start out with somebody easy, as a warm-up. Taguchi would fit the bill nicely, since not only was he pretty pliant before he woke up thoroughly, but Jin had learned quite a bit about Junno while they were filming their drama, and was confident that Junno wouldn’t pose any sort of problem.

After that, he’d move onto Koki, who was up for off-set action nearly as often as Jin was. That should break up the post-lunch doldrums nicely.

Ueda would be third, since he was the hinge of the whole operation. Ueda would be the hardest to convince, depending on his mood, so Jin figured it would be best to give himself some time to assess the situation and come up with the perfect approach. Plus, if Ueda was feeling particularly intractable (Jin winced at the memory of the Real Face filming), there was no point in having already expended energy on all four of the others.

Nakamaru tended to be serious at the beginning of shoots, but would mellow out once they got into the groove and they were far enough in that everything was downhill. The after-dinner slot would be perfect for him, Jin decided. And if worse came to worse, Jin could always pretend he was interested in helping Nakamaru with his Shounen Club script, and then shove him into the closet.

In the end Jin would need somebody easy as well, since they’d all be exhausted (and he wasn’t sure if he really could manage to come all five times). He’d need somebody he had a lot of chemistry with, and somebody who maybe would be a little rough, if Jin needed that extra push. He would save Kamenashi for last, then. Besides, even if it fell through, Kame would be so high-strung by the end of the shoot that the others would thank Jin for getting Kame out of their hair for a little while.

Feeling more than a little satisfied with his plans, Jin strode into their dressing room whistling, ready to greet each and every one of his bandmates with a smile.

It turned into a frown when he found only Junno there already, lying across the couch with his arm flung over his face.

“Hey,” he said, “nobody else is here.”

“You really RED the situation,” Junno’s sleepy voice was muffled by his arm, “AKAnishi-kun.”

Gritting his teeth, Jin reaffixed his smile to his face and sauntered over towards the couch. “Haha, that was pretty clever, Taguchi-kun.”

Junno tugged his arm away and squinted at Jin. “You don’t think my jokes are funny. And you don’t call me Taguchi-kun either. What’s up with you?”

Might as well get the easy stuff out of the way, Jin figured, and then dropped heavily onto Junno, making him grunt.

“You’re just really cute this morning,” Jin said, giving Junno a huge, guileless smile, and then kissing the holy hell out of him.

He had Junno’s shirt rucked up to his armpits by the time they broke for air, one hand smoothing along Junno’s heaving chest while the other went for their zippers, and if Junno was going to protest, he didn’t quite make a case for himself before Jin was already tugging both of their cocks free.

Jin!” Junno finally managed, but it wasn’t clear whether that was a protest or encouragement, and Jin always liked to think positive.

“Really, really cute,” Jin assured, stroking their cocks together with one hand. It didn’t feel particularly earth-shattering, since his hand wasn’t big enough to do it really, but it sure looked good. Junno seemed to agree, his eyes widening and his hands coming up to dig into Jin’s thighs on either side. Jin let go of their cocks long enough to pick up one of Junno’s hands and wrap it firmly around himself before returning his own hand to Junno. Junno didn’t move right away, but Jin encouraged him with a roll of his hips, pushing his cock into Junno’s fist, and a generous moan, and Junno caught on immediately.

It didn’t take Jin long to get close, given that he’d turned down Yamapi the night before, and also that he didn’t see much of a point drawing out the process given his long-term plans for the day. But Yamapi had been very clear in his terms that the orgasms had to be mutual, so Jin leaned down until he could brush his lips over Junno’s.

“Ne,” he murmured, Junno’s breath against his lips unsteady and his eyes wide, “the others might come in any minute, you know? Mmm, it’s exciting, right? Thinking about them finding us like this, your cock in my hand…”

“J-jin!” Junno stuttered, and Jin felt the telltale shudder of Junno losing control and let go himself, spilling over Junno’s hand and stomach with a satisfied groan.

“Mm,” he sighed after a few seconds, then leaned down and gave Junno a last kiss before sliding off of him and standing up to stretch. “Thanks, Taguchi-kun! I feel really energized to film now~!”

“Wh-what…I…” Junno gave up with a sigh as he looked down at his splattered stomach. “No problem.”

The door opened just then, Koki and Kamenashi strolling in, laughing, while Ueda trailed behind them with very dark sunglasses and a very large coffee. Junno yanked his shirt down with a yelp, but Jin just turned around to say good morning.

“What’s up with him?” Kame wanted to know, gesturing at Junno, who had just realized what he’d done to his shirt and let loose a string of curses.

“Dunno,” Jin shrugged with a smile and stripped his own shirt off over his head. “But I’m really excited to get changed, ne?”


Jin’s job, he thought to himself as he examined himself in the makeup mirror, would be made quite a bit easier by how totally killer he looked in this PV’s costume. The swirl of the coat and the tilt of the hat all definitely suited him especially, and Jin examined the ring of eyeliner with a tongue-click of satisfaction.

On the other hand, he thought as he shot a glance over his shoulder at the wild wild west getup that Junno had somehow landed himself, it was probably best that he’d gotten Junno out of the way.

Filming got underway, the director explaining the concept of the video, and after his initial pondering of exactly how much influence Ueda had somehow managed to have in this whole visual-kei-tentacle-fantasy thing, Jin tuned out and occupied himself instead examining his bandmate’s costumes.

While Jin clearly looked best, the others all looked rather striking, the monochrome color scheme making their idol appearances somehow sharper and more startling. Kame and Ueda in particular seemed to have benefited most from the scheme, but in opposite ways. Kame’s primarily black clothes (and a hat that was almost as awesome as Jin’s) made him look pale and predatory, dark stare made deeper by the thick ring of eyeliner and mouth curling cruelly as he got into character. Ueda, on the other hand, who usually played the cold, mysterious character, was somehow broadcasting vulnerability and coy invitation with the slip of his white shirt across his shoulders and the curl of his body towards the microphone.

Jin shivered, looking forward to the top half of his checklist more than ever, but just then Nakamaru nudged him with an elbow and murmured that he should probably pay attention. Startled out of his thoughts, Jin noticed Kame was glaring at him and flashed Kame a dorky grin in return, adding a V when Kame rolled his eyes.

They worked through the first set of group shots, to get a feel for the style, and then the director started working on some of the individual shots, wanting to get them out of the way. It suited Jin just fine, since Kame went first, as Kame invariably did, meaning that Jin was free to trot along after Koki when Koki announced that he was taking a bathroom break.

Koki wasn’t looking so bad himself, Jin mused to himself as he trotted down the hall after Koki, steps quiet and ninja , but Koki’s costume was more Koki’s usual style, wristbands and backwards cap, so it wasn’t so startling. Only the color was striking, solid white that made Koki look masculine where it feminized Ueda, emphasized muscles made wiry from dancing and a square jaw that Koki had a habit of tilting back like he was daring you to take a shot at him.

“Hey,” Koki said as he pushed open the door, looking his shoulder at Jin. “Are you going to follow me the whole way into the—URK!”

“Yup!” Jin chirped, yanking shut the door of the stall he had just shoved Koki into, then pulling Koki closer until Jin was actually the one being pressed into the wall. Something about Koki’s costume had made Jin want Koki to be the aggressor this time, tapping into the strong, masculine image Koki was wearing.

Koki caught on pretty quick, as usual, and had no problem working a knee in between Jin’s thighs as he pushed Jin’s head back to thump against the wall with a rough, casual kiss. It knocked Jin’s hat off, but Jin only laughed and knocked Koki’s off as well with a flick of his long fingers, and then Koki was kissing him again and breath for laughing was a luxury.

“Like the costume?” Koki inquired as he pulled back to take a breath and work some of Jin’s buttons open. Jin hummed his agreement and rolled his hips against Koki’s, fingers tight in Koki’s beltloops. “Yeah, me too. Yours, I mean.” Koki kept talking as he leaned forward, working a series of nipping kisses up the edge of Jin’s jaw, Jin leaning his head back with a groan. “It suits you, all long lines and bare collarbones and teasing glances, and yeah, what that eyeliner does to your eyes…”

Jin twisted in Koki’s arms suddenly, realigning them so that Koki was grinding into him from behind, needing a moment to gather himself and press his forehead against the cool metal of the wall. He forgot that Koki could talk like that when he wanted to, forgot that Koki could be just as much of a tease as he could.

It turned out to be not much of an escape, since once Koki got arms around Jin’s waist to yank him close again, it put Koki’s mouth right against Jin’s ear. He murmured quite a few more things he liked about Jin’s outfit while he smoothed hands down Jin’s bared chest and began working Jin’s fly, the gravel of his voice making Jin thrust easily into his hand by the time he got Jin’s cock free.

“Want you,” Jin found a moment to gasp finally, one hand fisted against the wall of the stall, but when he drew a foil packet out of his pocket with the other and held it up, he glanced over his shoulder to make sure that Koki knew exactly what he was asking for.

Koki’s grin as he took the condom sent electricity sparking down Jin’s spine, making his skin prickle and his hips roll with a rhythm he wasn’t exactly in control of. He passed the little tube of lubricant back as well, ignoring Koki’s chuckle. With Koki, Jin went without as often as he used it, but given his later plans, he wasn’t taking any chances, no matter how much fun it was to get Koki going rough.

It was worth it, so worth it, when Koki made up for the slickness by nudging in relentlessly, blunt and thick and heat licking at the edges of Jin’s nerves as he pushed back onto Koki’s cock, bracing his hands on the wall of the stall. Koki’s hands were hot and dry on his bare hips, pants shoved just far enough out of the way, and Jin groaned at the drag of them across his skin as Koki set a jagged, harsh rhythm.

Endurance, he tried to remind himself through the rough purr of Koki’s voice in his ear, telling him obscene and true things about what Jin felt like from the inside out, but it didn’t ever take much with Koki, and Jin was already pretty far gone when he heard the bathroom door open and Nakamaru calling in to find out what was taking so long.

“Don’t stop,” Jin gasped, reaching down to slide Koki’s hand over his cock and fucking himself back onto Koki’s cock and forward into his fist, and it only took another second or two for him to be tightening around Koki and muffled his cries with the back of his hand.

“Hey, Yuichi,” Koki called, voice wicked and cheerful, and Jin drew a shuddering breath and squeezed his eyes shut as Koki slid a sticky hand over the flat of Jin’s stomach to hold him upright. “C’mere and see this.”

Well, Jin thought dimly, it wasn’t like the list was ironclad.

Like Koki, Nakamaru’s vest and long-sleeved shirt was more of his usual style, but Jin took a lot of pleasure in sliding the vest down Nakamaru’s shoulders and tugging his shirt to the side to bare the curve of Nakamaru’s neck, once they got him into the stall and wedged in between Jin and the wall.

“I don’t think these things are made for this,” Nakamaru commented as he banged an elbow, and Koki grunted from behind Jin. He’d slowed his thrusts into Jin, whether to let Nakamaru catch up or because he was trying to make it last, Jin wasn’t sure, but he wasn’t exactly minding the chance to catch up himself as he and Koki joined forces to shove Nakamaru’s long, faded jeans out of the way and stroke him hard.

Jin, who liked being crushed a little, didn’t mind at all, and he murmured as much as he worried tiny red marks along the curve of Nakamaru’s neck like a necklace, where the collar of his shirt would just barely hide them.

“Ne,” he breathed, working a hand around behind Nakamaru and pushing his jeans down a little more, “let me? Please?”

Nakamaru tried to protest, but even as he pushed Jin back, there was no room to go anywhere, and Koki’s groan of deep appreciation at the idea seemed to weaken Nakamaru’s resolve. By the time Jin brushed fingers against Nakamaru’s entrance, slicked by reaching behind himself and fisting Koki’s cock as he pulled back, Nakamaru only gave a token grumble about having to kick his boots off and let Jin and Koki shove his jeans the rest of the way off.

The small space in the stall worked to their advantage as they urged Nakamaru’s legs up around Jin’s waist, arms tight around Jin’s neck, his back braced tight against the wall as Koki pressed forward into both of them.

“Wait, wait,” Nakamaru tried to get Jin to slow down, but Jin couldn’t, the push of Koki into his own ass driving his own slide into Nakamaru’s, and he buried his face against Nakamaru’s neck and moaned apologies, one hand tight around Nakamaru’s back and the other scrabbling in between them to jerk Nakamaru roughly, hoping that would make up for the burn of too much too fast.

“Wish I could see this,” Koki growled, getting a hand around Jin to wrap fingers over Nakamaru as well, “it must be hotter than hell, fuck, Jin,” and Jin had to agree since it was only because he’d come less than five minutes ago that he hadn’t already lost it again, the thrust of Koki into him only comparing to the searing squeeze of Nakamaru around his own cock.

It was Nakamaru who came first, completely overloaded and fingers digging bruises into Jin’s shoulders that made him groan, and the hot rush of Nakamaru between his fingers, plus the urging of Koki to “Come on, baby, come on,” set off Jin as well, wrenching a harsh cry out of his throat because coming again so quickly hurt almost as much as it felt good.

Koki had come too by the time Jin’s senses stopped reeling, and he had collapsed in a warm, stated heap against Jin’s back, who had in turn collapsed into Nakamaru.

“You’re crushing me,” Nakamaru grumbled, kicking a little at the small of Jin’s back, which also meant he was kicking Koki’s stomach. “And you’re bad influences, and I’m telling Kame on you.”

Koki and Jin groaned as they peeled themselves apart, and Nakamaru only shut up after Koki threatened to drop his boots in the toilet.

Kame clearly knew what they had been up to anyway, given the scathing look he shot them as they slunk back into the studio, but Jin shrugged it off. Two more to go, and he’d have a whole day of Yamapi buying him things, as well as setting a new personal record.

He just needed a little break first.


“I was wondering when you’d get to me,” Ueda commented without even raising an eyebrow when Jin snuck after him into the break room.

Jin whined a little and flopped onto the battered couch that was in front of the vending machine. “Aw, Uebo, how’d you know?”

“It isn’t like you’re very ninja or anything,” Ueda shrugged as he fed his yen into the machine, and Jin squawked in protest. Bending to scoop his can out of the machine, Ueda straightened and turned to fix Jin with a look that made him squirm. “But I am disappointed in your ranking system. I’m number four?”

“You were supposed to be three!” Jin tried to look cute and winsome. “But Nakamaru snuck himself in with Koki. You were supposed to be in the middle, because you’re the hardest.”

Something about this pleased Ueda thoroughly, much to Jin’s surprise. He smiled indulgently and asked, “Kame’s last?”

Jin nodded. “He’s easiest.”

Ueda threw his head back and laughed, startling Jin even more, and then he was sauntering over with a swing of his hips that made Jin’s jaw drop. “Uebo! You stole my hips!”

“I taught you those hips in the first place,” Ueda reminded, leaning down to press a shushing kiss to Jin’s lips, and then he shocked Jin even more by sliding to his knees in between Jin’s legs, making himself comfortable with his knees folded under him and his arms draped over Jin’s thighs. “Far be it from me to block your ambitions, Jin-chan. You’ll return the favor, right?”

“O-of course!” Jin replied, torn between indignity and shock that Ueda was actually on his knees in front of Jin, undoing Jin’s jeans, and looking for all intents and purposes like he was fully planning on sliding Jin’s cock deep into his smooth, pretty mouth.

“Mm, good,” Ueda murmured, and then he did exactly that.

Not that Jin had never fooled around with Ueda in all their time as KAT-TUN, but Ueda wasn’t the same as the others. Ueda wasn’t easy, as Kame put it, but that didn’t just mean sex, it meant that Ueda was very his own pace, that it wasn’t a matter of just pushing the right buttons. With Ueda, the buttons you had to push weren’t always the same, and sometimes didn’t exist at all.

It meant that Jin had never, ever seen Ueda on his knees giving somebody a pleased, purposeful, throat-deep blowjob, and certainly he’d never seen Ueda doing it while dressed in a costume that somehow made him beautiful and strange and touchable all at once, hair curling over the delicate arch of his neck and watching Jin’s reactions with eyes so dark that Jin only caught glimpses of light glinting in their depths.

Maybe it was all the orgasms, but Jin felt awed and choked by the time he came against Ueda’s tongue, raw, and as Ueda pulled away, running his tongue over his lower lip, Jin found that he was shaking more than he had from just a blowjob in years.

“Maa, Jin-chan,” Ueda soothed, climbing up on the couch and tugging Jin in close. He seemed to understand and rubbed Jin’s back in slow circles. “I haven’t seen you shake like that in a long time.”

Jin let Ueda hug him for a moment, almost as awed by the rare offering of affection as by the way Ueda had just given himself up to Jin, laughing shakily when Ueda wondered out loud if maybe he was just that amazing.

“As if,” Jin said, shoving Ueda down onto his back and pushing aside his confusion as he slide hands under Ueda’s shirt and trailed fingers over the warm, smooth skin. “Let a master show you how it’s really done.”

Ueda laughed and lay back, letting Jin take charge, and Jin gave himself over to the task, letting the familiar role of letting himself be used wash away the weirdness. Not that it was exactly a hardship to go down on Ueda, who was all slow roll of hips and gentle fingers sifting through Jin’s hair, and by the time Ueda brushed his fingers over Jin’s cheek in warning, Jin felt much more like himself.

“Thanks for working hard,” Ueda murmured as he drew Jin up for a lingering kiss afterwards, and Jin laughed and called Ueda a snob as he let Ueda smooth them both back into place.

When they returned to the set, Jin happily sipping the coffee Ueda had treated him to, Ueda brushed off Junno’s questions with a shrug and then nudged Jin towards Kame with his hip, and when Jin looked over his shoulder to raise an eyebrow at Ueda, he had to hide his laughter at Ueda’s wink against the cold curve of his coffee can.


Kame, perfectionist at the best of times, got downright cagey as shoots dragged into the dark hours of the early morning, and this PV was no different than any of the others. KAT-TUN had long ago learned not to take his ‘constructive criticism’ very seriously, or to just avoid him if hurt feelings were imminent.

To put oneself directly in the path of Kame in the final hours of a shoot…

“Well,” Koki said when Jin announced that he was going for it, “you’ve got balls, Akanishi-kun.”

“Let’s just hope Kame-chan doesn’t feed them to him,” was Nakamaru’s comment.

“Go away, Jin,” Kame warned before Jin got even within a meter of him. He didn’t look up from the bank of monitors but held up a hand as if to push Jin back. “I don’t want to play or chat or be Yamapi’s cuddling stand-in or anything else, and we both know you’ll end up crying and everybody will just tell me I’m an asshole. So shoo.”

“Aww, Kame-chan,” Jin whined, sidling up to lean against Kame’s shoulder and peer at the monitors along with him. “That’s skipping all the fun parts.”

Kame shrugged Jin off. “I mean it, Jin, I’m tired. Get lost.”

“Hmmph.” Jin heaved a little sigh as if defeated, and then, just as he was turning to go, reached up and plucked Kame’s hat off his head, then took off across the set at a dead run.

He didn’t dare look behind him to make sure, but the roar of rage that echoed through the studio a second later assured Jin that Kame was definitely chasing him, and Jin hooted with wild laughter as he zipped by Junno, Koki, Nakamaru, and Ueda, getting only a glimpse of their shocked faces before he skidded around the corner and took off down the hallway.

“AKANISHI JIN,” Kame roared, obviously getting closer, “I’M GOING TO FEED YOU YOUR BALLS!”

And that was the end for Jin, who started laughing so hard that he could barely breathe and skidded through the next T-intersection to slam into the wall. Kame was only a few steps behind him, he knew, so Jin threw open the nearest door and threw himself inside, hoping for the best.

It was a sound booth, dark and deserted, perfect, and Jin only stumbled in far enough that Kame didn’t plow right into him as he stormed into the room and slammed the door behind them.

“Give me back the hat right now,” Kame demanded, voice low and even and completely furious, “and I promise to kill you quickly.”

“Mm,” Jin leaned his head back so that his own hat tipped to the floor and dropped Kame’s on his head instead, tilting it to a rakish angle and grinning at Kame with half his mouth and one eye. “I think I like yours better.” The thin line of Kame’s mouth was making Jin’s blood run hot, most of Jin’s internal warnings stripped away by exhaustion and sex, and the weird lighting of the panels and machines in the both was turning everything surreal and soft-edged. “You could always come and get it.”

“Dammit, Jin!” Kame snapped, stomping over to catch Jin with tight hands around Jin’s wrists as Jin backed up into the sound board. “Why do you always have to act like such a fucking child?!”

“Fuck me?” Jin drew Kame’s hands behind his back and slid back to sit up on the sound board so that he could get his legs up around Kame’s waist and pull him even closer.

“What? Here?” Kame struggled, trying to jerk away, but Jin twisted his hands so he was the one crushing Kame’s wrists instead. “What the hell is wrong with you?”

“I bet Pi I could fuck all five of you in a single day of shooting,” Jin said, tired of being subtle and tricky and seductive, and leaned forward to crush his mouth to Kame’s, leaving Kame to draw his own conclusions about what number he was.

“We’re in the middle of a shoot, you over-sexed moron!” Kame ripped his mouth away to snarl, but he was already hardening against the inside of Jin’s thigh, and Jin just ignored the argument and rocked against him, letting go of Kame’s wrists to throw his arms around Kame’s neck instead.

“Please, Kazu-chan?” he breathed in Kame’s ear, shivering when Kame couldn’t hold back all of his moan behind gritted teeth. “You look really hot in your costume, with the eyeliner and the nail polish, and I look good in mine, right? Koki said so. And Nakamaru, and Junno, and Ueda…”

“God, oh god, fine,” Kame shoved at Jin, shoved Jin’s mouth away from his ear, the perfect blend of turned on and stirred up, and Jin leaned back and let Kame rifle his pockets for the condoms and lubricant that they both knew were there, let Kame yank his pants off with a jerk of his hands.

Kame didn’t bother to check if Jin was ready or not, and Jin barely even cared as Kame slid roughly home, wanting Kame to fuck him hard almost as much as he wanted this whole thing to be over. Jin was only half-hard, which didn’t escape Kame’s notice.

“Not very interested?” Kame asked casually, hands tugging Jin’s hips further towards the edge of the sound board, forcing him to rock back onto his elbows and curl his back at an angle that wasn’t exactly comfortable. Jin groaned, both at the shove of Kame’s cock and at how hard he was having to work at getting turned on, and wrapped a hand around himself.

“Not sure I can even come again,” he grunted, closing his eyes to concentrate and trying to push against Kame. “Slow down, I have to, or it doesn’t count.”

“You are such a fucking whore,” Kame sighed, voice roughening as he sank deeper into the punishing rhythm he was setting. “It’s a good thing you’re so pretty, or you’d be completely useless. But I guess that’s how you got here in the first place, huh? It’s so easy to look at you and imagine how could you’d look with that tight ass getting fucked hard, how you’d look with those pretty lips wrapped around somebody’s cock.”

“Just like that,” Jin gasped in relief as his cock finally showed some interest, Kame’s rough touch and harsh words exactly what he needed. Jin sat up higher to throw his arm back around Kame’s neck, ignoring the protest of his back muscles, and fisted himself harder. “Don’t stop, Kame, please, tell me!”

“Such a fucking cockwhore,” Kame growled into Jin’s ear, making Jin hiss, fingers digging deeper into Jin’s hips to hold him steady and not making a move to help him out otherwise. “God, how much cock have you even had today? You’re so fucking dirty, Akanishi, had your whole band and it still isn’t enough, is it? I didn’t even have to warm you up, you’re still stretched and greedy from the last person who had you. Who was it, Ueda? Did you have Ueda’s pretty little cock up here last?”

“N-no,” Jin groaned, getting close, finally, thank god, barely able to answer. “Just, just sucked him off, Koki, oh fuck, it was K-koki…”

“I bet it was,” Kame chuckled, voice cruel and mocking and hotter than hell as he worried teeth along Jin’s earlobe, pulling Jin’s earring just enough to hurt. “You like his cock best, don’t you? Big and thick and stretching you wide, he likes having you rough, yeah? Just like I am, making you take it as hard as you can…”

“Kame,” Jin nearly sobbed Kame’s name as he figured out he could make it after all and rushed himself for the sharp edge of his release, and then his voice stuck in his throat as he came, a tearing sort of exhausted orgasm that was barely pleasant at all, except for the way Kame’s voice was rubbing all of his nerves raw, making him shiver and sob and beg.

“Took you long enough,” Kame growled, giving Jin’s earring a last tug, and then giving himself over to his own orgasm, a drawn-out affair that didn’t sound much more pleasant than Jin’s had been.

They clung together, trembling, afterwards, both of them seeking a comfort that they couldn’t find really in each other, limbs too shaky to try and find it from anyone else.

“S-sorry,” Jin finally mumbled against Kame’s neck, swallowing against the hoarseness of his voice. “You were just, you were the l-last one, but I shouldn’t’ve, I shouldn’t, I m-made you say all those things, and I c-can’t stop shaking, and I think I came on your h-hat.”

“Stop it, stop it,” Kame said uncomfortably, and Jin wasn’t sure whether Kame was wiping off his hand on Jin’s back or trying to pat it, which made him laugh, only the laugh came out kind of like a sob. “Fuck, I told you you’d cry, stop it.”

“Here they are,” Nakamaru’s voice cut in suddenly, and Kame and Jin looked up to realize they hadn’t heard the door opening, and the rest of their bandmates stuck their heads in the door over Nakamaru’s shoulder.

“Honestly, you two,” Ueda said, shaking his head, and then they all came in, Koki and Junno drawing Kame away from Jin to sort him out, Ueda and Nakamaru taking his place to let Jin cuddle and finish sniffling on them.

“We’re almost done,” Junno said, giving Kame an encouraging smile. “So come on! The sooner we go back from break, the sooner we can all go home!”

“Break?” Jin looked up, damp-eyed and half-redressed and hopeful.

“You’re on your break right now, idiot,” Koki said over his shoulder as he finished dusting off Kame’s hat. He dropped it on Kame’s head, adding, “Everything’s black and white, nobody’ll even notice, just look at Nakamaru’s jeans,” and then both Kame and Nakamaru turned to glare at Jin while Jin gave a shaky giggle.

“I hope this bet was worth it,” Kame grumbled to Jin as they fell into step, heading back towards the studio. “I think I wrenched my back.”

“Bet?” Juno blinked, while behind him Nakamaru exchanged a glance a few weird noises with Koki, and Koki gave him a high five and an obscene tongue gesture back.

“At least you weren’t number four,” Ueda consoled Junno, and Junno’s expression turned sour as he finally caught on.

“I think we’re putting the fuck in dysfunctional,” Jin announced, grinning proudly at his perfect use of English, and Junno looked even grumpier at having his joke stolen.


“And the director didn’t notice anything, because I am totally ninja,” Jin finished his story, sitting cross-legged on the bed and making sweeping hand gestures to demonstrate, “and we finished the PV and everybody lived happily ever after, and the moral of the story is that I,” Jin jabbed himself victoriously in the chest, “am a paragon of seduction and endurance.”

Jin paused, chest heaving a little as he sucked in a much-needed breath, and waited for Yamapi’s reaction. Yamapi, sitting next to Jin on the bed, also cross-legged, digested all of that for a long moment.

“Okay,” he finally admitted. “You win. But you still think a paragon is something with lots of corners.”

“Seductive corners, though!” Jin grinned and tackled Yamapi too the bed in a hug, generous and affectionate in victory. “Enduring corners! Wanna check out all my corners?”

“I think enough people have seen your corners for one day,” Yamapi said, nosing Jin’s cheek until Jin turned up his face for a proper kiss and settled down in Yamapi’s arms, body warm against Yamapi’s.

“I’m glad you feel that way,” Jin said a minute later, when he pulled away to nuzzle Yamapi’s temple, “cause I don’t think I’ll be able to have any more sex for like six months.”

“Mmhmm, that’s fine,” Yamapi answered, because he knew that in Jin-time six-months was more like a day or two, and then he stripped off Jin’s clothes so that he could kiss all of Jin’s bruises and make him promise never to do anything like that ever again, and in the end six months was kind of more like forty-five minutes.

And they all lived happily ever after.

Except for Kame, who really did wrench his back. And Nakamaru, because everybody totally noticed his jeans and the next week there was a Shounen Club skit about it (but four out of six is better than can be expected from KAT-TUN most of the time, so it really counts as a happy ending on average).

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    I love it, the idea that Jin can fuck the rest of KAT-TUN (and they really don’t give a damn) was awesome.

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