JE, The Worst Valentine’s Day Ever

Title: The Worst Valentine’s Day Ever [Ryo/Uchi]
Rating/Warnings: NC-17 for Uchi knowing better than to put Ryo in charge of the lube.
Summary: Ryo thinks this is the worst Valentine’s Day ever, and demands that Uchi do it harder.
AN This is for bloodybrilliant‘s birthday, even though it DAYS AND DAYS ago because i suck terribly. But it isn’t in fact Ryo/Uchi cutting fic, nor is it the fic where Chinen makes all of K8 take it up the ass, both of which I threatened on the phone to write while Iso was drunk and defenseless.

The Worst Valentine’s Day Ever

“Well,” Uchi said reflectively, “I can’t say I miss this part.”

“Shut up and press harder,” Ryo growled, face-down on his couch, Uchi straddling his waist and giving him a shoulder-rub that Ryo would have categorized as mediocre at best.

“It’s not my fault you’re so tense,” Uchi replied, applying perhaps another pound-per-inch of pressure. “Don’t you stretch?”

“Some of us are busying keeping Shige from magicking bandmates into the hospital while others get to stretch.” Ryo pushed up against Uchi’s hands. “Dammit, didn’t I just say harder?”

Uchi slapped Ryo across the back of the head. “That hard enough?”

Ryo rolled over and, after pinching a chunk of Uchi’s stomach to make him yelp, gazed up at Uchi reflectively. “This is the worst Valentine’s Day ever.”

“Well,” Uchi crossed his arms, settling his weight more firmly against Ryo’s stomach, “then you can just rub your own shoulders, ungrateful-san.”

“Everyone else gets to go on hot dates with contest girls,” Ryo continued, reaching up to grab Uchi’s wrists and guiding them back to his shoulders. Uchi rolled his eyes, but went back to rubbing. “And this is what I get?”

“I bought you dinner,” Uchi reminded, digging his thumbs into Ryo’s collarbones until he grunted.

“From the combini!” Ryo’s sneer turned into an ‘O’ as Uchi’s fingers sank into a particularly deep knot and worked it mercilessly.

“That’s what you like,” Uchi purred, and Ryo wasn’t sure what they were talking about anymore. Uchi pressed harder, hips rocking for leverage, and Ryo let his eyes flutter shut.

“Hey,” he grumbled when Uchi’s fingers stopped what they were doing, but a second later Uchi’s weight landed hard on Ryo’s chest, Uchi’s fingers replaced with the sharp jut of his chin digging into Ryo’s collar. “Oof. You’re fatter than Jin.”

“And you wish you could grow up big and strong like Chinen,” Uchi retorted, voice a lazy drawl, and when Ryo brought his hands up, his eyes slit in surprise when he touched only the warm, smooth skin of Uchi’s back.

It felt good enough that Ryo skimmed his fingers over more of it, making Uchi sigh and rub against him, then squirm when Ryo dragged nails down his spine. He kept going when he reached Uchi’s waistband, sliding his hand into Uchi’s jeans and stroking the warm skin there as well.

“Mm, don’t stop,” Uchi murmured, raising his hips into the touch. “You might find your real Valentine’s Day present in there somewhere.”

“Let’s see…” Ryo hitched Uchi up to squeeze the curve of his ass in earnest, making Uchi laugh and squirm harder. “Feels familiar….HEY! I think you’ve given me this present before!”

“Not half as often as I’ve got the same present from you.” Uchi gave a throaty groan when Ryo sank his nails in, then he put his hands on Ryo’s chest to push himself up, rocking his hips into Ryo’s.

Ryo opened his mouth to retort, but his breath caught when Uchi opened his eyes just enough to show Ryo their heat, dark and full of want. Uchi laughed again as he rocked harder into Ryo, and Ryo sat up suddenly to taste the way the laughter was making Uchi’s throat bob.

Uchi hummed his approval and tilted back his head, bringing his hands up to rub the back of Ryo’s neck, working under his collar.

“If you sing as well as you get undressed,” Uchi murmured, rolling his body into Ryo’s touch and tugging at the cloth of his shirt, “they’ll be begging me to come back in no time.”

“Brat.” Ryo let Uchi tug the shirt over his head and toss it aside, then wrapped his arms around Uchi’s waist so that their chests slid together. “Mmm. If you thought it’d get you back in faster, you’d superglue my clothes to my sexy Osaka body, you conniving attention whore.”

“Yeah, baby,” Uchi rolled his eyes, “I love it when you sweet-talk me.”

Ryo laughed, stretching his arms over his head and making his back crack, and Uchi took advantage of the motion to tug Ryo’s jeans down his hips, out from underneath his ass.

“Someone’s in a hurry,” Ryo commented, making no move to help other than to kick off his socks.

“It’s not healthy to talk about yourself in the third person,” Uchi replied as he pushed Ryo’s boxers out of the way as well, and wrapped his hand around Ryo’s cock.

Ryo groaned and pushed into Uchi’s touch, cock already hard, and Uchi smirked as he thumbed Ryo’s tip, then pulled his hand away to lick his thumb, giving a throaty hum at the hint of salt he found there.

“Up,” Ryo growled when he found his voice, shoving at Uchi and scrambling out from under him so that they both nearly fell off the couch in a tangle. “Get undressed and find the lube!”

“You find the lube!” Uchi snapped back, climbing onto the back of the couch to get away from Ryo’s flail and giving him an encouraging kick in the ass to knock him off the couch. “It’s your apartment, I don’t have any idea where your lube is!”

“That is a patent lie,” Ryo said with as much dignity as he could muster from the floor. “Cause it’s under the couch from the last time you were over.”

“This is more proof that you can’t be put in charge of anything,” Uchi said, climbing off the couch to snatch the tube out of Ryo’s hand and blowing a dust ball off of it. He started stripping off his own pants. “Get naked and lie down and don’t touch anything unless I tell you to.”

Ryo opened his mouth to scoff, but Uchi sent him such a look that Ryo’s mouth shut with a snap, and his ass was pantsless and back on the couch in about a tenth of a second.

“What did I just say?” Uchi inquired when he threw a leg over Ryo’s waist and settled back over top of him. Ryo scowled and immediately dropped the hand he had put on Uchi’s waist to steady him.

Once he was settled, knees digging into the couch on either side of Ryo’s waist, Uchi reached down for one of Ryo’s hands and held it up to squeeze lubricant on his fingers.

“Here,” Uchi tugged Ryo’s hand around to brush the tips of Ryo’s fingers over his entrance. “You can touch that all you want.”

“Thanks so much, Uchi-sacho,” Ryo retorted, but he was mollified by the low noise Uchi made as he slid one finger in. Uchi’s skin felt like it was burning, and his nails dug into Ryo’s chest a little as he pushed himself back onto Ryo’s finger. Normally he would have a hand on Uchi’s hip to keep him from going too fast, but since he’d been ordered not to touch anything…Ryo smirked as Uchi gave a little grunt of displeasure as he forced Ryo a little deeper than he was ready for.

“Don’t look so pleased with yourself,” Uchi grumbled, then added, “mmm,” when Ryo replaced one finger with two. “I don’t suppose you found any condoms under there?”

“Nope,” Ryo paused for a second to enjoy the arch of Uchi’s back as he found a sensitive spot, before continuing, “but Koyama usually sticks a few in me and Pi’s jackets so we don’t do anything rash.”

“That’s just like Koyamama,” Uchi laughed, affectionate, and then he pulled away from Ryo’s fingers and nudged Ryo aside with his hip, working himself between Ryo and the back of the couch. “Why don’t you go investigate that? I’ll keep myself hot for you.”

“What…” Ryo started, but his eyes widened when Uchi hitched his hips up and slid three fingers into himself without hesitation, other hand curling around his cock. “You can’t be serious!”

“Hurry up, Ryo-chan,” Uchi cracked an eye, and the way the liquid brown shimmered with heat made Ryo’s arms goosebump. “If you take too long I won’t be responsible for what happens.”

Ryo made a dash for the genkan and his jacket, cursing the whole way about bandmates with autoerotic fetishes. As he rifled his pockets, muttering, “Come on, come on,” he shot a glance over his shoulder as Uchi let out a shaky moan. Finally his fingers brushed a small stack of foil and Ryo silently vowed to buy Koyama a week’s worth of dinners as he yanked them out and then scurried back to the couch.

He slid to a halt on the hardwood in front of the couch, and Uchi looked up at him with glazed eyes, mouth parted and bruised pink.

“Mm, hurry, Ryo-chan,” Uchi encouraged, and Ryo gave a disgusted “Tcht” at how Uchi always got a little carried away with himself when he was left to his own devices.

“Stop it, if you’re so close!” he ordered, slapping Uchi’s hand away from his cock as he tore one of the packets open with his teeth and dropped the others to the floor. He rolled the condom on and waved his other hand at Uchi impatiently. “Hand the lube over.”

“You aren’t in charge,” Uchi frowned as he handed the tube over, but Ryo ignored him as he slicked his cock, then let the tube fall next to the extra condoms and fell heavily on Uchi. He worked his clean hand into Uchi’s hair and tilted his head up for a rough kiss, while he used the hand still covered in lube to urge Uchi’s hips up.

“Looks to me like I am,” Ryo broke the kiss just long enough to say, and he had a split second to realize from Uchi’s sharp intake of breath that that had been exactly the wrong thing to say before Uchi shoved up against Ryo, knocking him down onto his back against the opposite couch arm.

“Can’t be trusted,” Uchi growled, “not in charge,” and Ryo couldn’t find any breath to argue as Uchi wrapped a hot hand around Ryo’s cock and held him steady as he slid down onto it.

They both stayed still for a second after Uchi had taken Ryo in as far as he could, thighs trembling a little against Ryo’s thighs, both of them watching each other and taking deep breaths.

“Move,” Uchi finally said, voice thready.

“Can’t,” Ryo replied, petulant. “Not allowed.”

“Fine, you can touch anything you want, you ass,” Uchi said, giving his hips a little test roll that made Ryo gasp, but not getting anything like the leverage Ryo knew he wanted. “Now, move!”

“Got it,” Ryo answered, giving Uchi a sweet smile, just before he dug his heels into the couch and slammed his hips up. Uchi gave a little shriek and clutched at Ryo’s shoulders for balance, but it was only a couple seconds before he was meeting Ryo thrust for thrust, knees dug into the cushions, throwing his head back with a cry every time Ryo’s hips met his ass with the slap of skin meeting skin.

“Touch me,” Uchi pled, hair sweat-curled against his cheeks, eyes half-lidded and bright. “Please, Ryo-chan…”

“Yeah,” Ryo tossed away all thoughts of making Uchi beg in favor of making Uchi shout instead, wrapping a hand tight around Uchi’s cock and fisting him in time with his thrusts. “Yeah, just like that, you feel so good…”

“Oh,” Uchi gasped, spine drawing tight and hands curling into fists on Ryo’s chest, “oh, I can’t, oh,” and then he came hot and fierce in Ryo’s hand.

Ryo was still hanging right on the edge as Uchi caught his breath and opened his eyes again, wanting to stay as long as possible, buried inside Uchi’s soft heat. Uchi gave him a lazy smile, clearly knowing exactly what Ryo was trying to do.

“Ne, Ryo-chan,” Uchi murmured, rolling out his shoulders and back like he was just learning how to make his body work again. “Don’t you want to come too?” He rocked himself on Ryo’s cock, just enough to make Ryo feel it. “After you made me feel so good, it’s impolite if I don’t return the favor.”

“Impolite,” Ryo laughed, as undone by Uchi’s innocent kouhai act as much as by the squeeze of his body around Ryo’s cock. He let his head fall back against the couch and his eyes slip shut, let Uchi take over the rhythm, make it slow and sweet. “Keep talking?”

“You just want to hear how big and hot and good you feel inside me,” Uchi said, the affection in his voice making the long-suffering sigh not very convincing. “I guess it can’t be helped. Since it does feel really good when you’re so deep…”

Ryo groaned encouragement, incoherent but heartfelt, and Uchi talked him right through his orgasm, hands clutching Uchi’s back and yanking him down to squeeze him tight, and when Ryo came to, Uchi was still talking, voice smooth like the roll of the ocean next to Ryo’s ear, and lazily twirling a piece of Ryo’s hair around his finger to brush it against Ryo’s neck.

“Hmm,” Ryo loosened his grip just enough to roll them onto their sides and bury his face in the crook of Uchi’s neck before tightening it back up again. “Maybe you can be in charge sometimes.”

“Maybe you can be a gigantic baby sometimes,” Uchi replied, but he let go of Ryo’s hair to go back to rubbing Ryo’s shoulders, making a smug noise when he fingers couldn’t find any knots to dig into this time. “Thanks for all your hard work today~, Ryo-chan.”

And Ryo left that alone in favor of taking a nap while Uchi did all the work, which was exactly what he had wanted all along.

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