JE, Natural Genius (The Around Every Corner Remix)

Have some YamaPi fic for Pi Day!!

Title: Natural Genius (The Around Every Corner Remix) [Jin/Yamapi]
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 for plans i, iii, and possibly iv.
Summary: Jin is a genius. Yamapi is slow. Ryo is a jerk.
AN: For ‘s White Day Remix Challenge, a remix of Devetir’s untitled fic.

Natural Genius (The Around Every Corner Remix)

Contrary to what Ryo frequently said, Jin had his occasional moments of genius.

Or at least, Jin had moments where he enacted a string of events to purposely achieve a result which he wanted. Like that time he looked sad until Ueda helped him write a song. Or when he forgot his lunch and also his wallet so that Junno would HAVE to share some of the famous bento his mother made him.

Maybe it was more accurate to say that Jin was pretty good at getting what he wanted. But the point was, that recently, Jin had been noticing that what he wanted was Yamapi.

It hadn’t been a sudden change, the kind where they’d been standing in the hallway at the Jimusho like they always did, and suddenly a herd of juniors in sparkly hot pink suits burst out of a practice room to serenade them while tossing handfuls of rose petals.

(Actually, that was exactly what had happened, but that was Valentine’s Day at the Jimusho for you, so Jin was reasonably sure that display had not been meant for him.)

Instead, over time he’d simply become aware that when he stayed over at Yamapi’s apartment late to watch a movie, he didn’t want to leave afterwards, and when he said he should get to bed, he kind of meant Yamapi’s bed. Also, he’d realized that he liked stealing Yamapi’s clothes and then breathing in the scent of Yamapi’s favorite laundry detergent all day.

Also, he usually spent most of his time in close proximity to Yamapi with an erection. And Jin had learned what erections meant when he was fourteen and Ryo’s sister came into his room to ask if one of her breasts looked bigger than the other one.

So it was that, because Jin was a genius, he eventually had a brilliant idea, and even though Ryo continued to malign his intelligence and also his personal hygiene, Jin moved into the same apartment building as Yamapi.


Jin set in motion the first plan right away, which was to organize with Yamapi a schedule of wakeup calls. This was, in actuality, a two-pronged attack: firstly, Yamapi would have to enter Jin’s bedroom in order to accomplish the task, and secondly, Jin was definitely at his sexiest when he was all sleep-ruffled and sprawled across his silk sheets.

This wouldn’t take longer than Wednesday, Jin figured.

So, when he heard Yamapi calling through his silent apartment on Monday morning, he fluffed his pillow and made sure his sheets showed more than they covered up, and then closed his eyes and put on his ‘vulnerable’ expression. Then he lounged in the sun, and waited.

He fought back a smile when he heard Yamapi stumble over something and curse, and refused to budge when Yamapi called his name, waiting for Yamapi to come over and shake him awake.

If Yamapi didn’t fall into bed immediately from the full force of Jin’s ‘just waking up’ expression, he planned to yawn cutely, and if even that didn’t work, he planned to just grab any part of Yamapi’s that was within reach, and then yank.

But nothing happened, and after a very long minute, Jin heard Yamapi tiptoe out of the room, and eventually slam the door of the apartment.

Frowning, he opened his eyes, wondering what the hell that had been about. Wasn’t he vulnerable enough? Hadn’t he revealed enough of his body? He should have just gone with his first instinct and been naked.

Jin spent so long lying in bed, thinking, that he forgot Yamapi was supposed to be waking him up in the first place, and ended up falling back asleep in the sun, warm and confused.

Of course, when he called to yell at Yamapi later, he forgave him as soon as he heard Yamapi’s voice over the line. That was another thing that he’d been noticing lately.


He was still thinking about it when Yamapi made up for it by buying both of them take-away, and he ate while watching Yamapi eat out of the corner of his eye. Yamapi was concentrating on the food and the game show on the television, and so didn’t notice Jin’s long (but completely ninja!) glances.

Yamapi had a large smear of sauce on the corner of his mouth. Jin wanted to lick it off. But then he thought that might be a bit startling. This was romance, like Ryo said. It should be subtle. Jin was surely enough of a genius to come up with a way to subtly tell Yamapi that he wanted to roll him in the garlic sauce.

He settled for reaching over, leaning as close as possible so that Yamapi would have to notice, and wiping the sauce away with his thumb, shivering as he felt the wet heat of Yamapi’s mouth against his skin.

Yamapi was staring at him, eyes wide and mouth hanging open a little, like a startled woodland creature. Jin, deciding that maybe this had been too subtle after all, licked the sauce off his thumb and gave Yamapi a deliberate smirk. “Not bad.”

“W-what?” Yamapi stuttered.

Far too subtle. Damn. “The garlic sauce,” Jin gave Yamapi an even more pointed smile which clearly meant that he wasn’t talking about the sauce at all, but the taste of Yamapi’s naked body in Jin’s bed.

Yamapi started blathering on about how good the food was and how they should order from them more often, clearly not getting it at all, and Jin suppressed a sigh.

He wondered if jankenponning for sex was out of the question.


Saturday afternoon, Jin was enjoying a long, relaxing shower, singing “Yorokobi no Uta” at the top of his lungs, but when he reached for his shampoo bottle, he froze with his hand hovering in the air.

He grinned wildly. He’d just had the greatest idea ever, and as a consequence, he hopped out of the shower and, pausing only to yank his towel off the back of the bathroom door, bolted out of the apartment.

It wasn’t feeling like such a brilliant idea five minutes later when Jin arrived at Yamapi’s door and started pounding on it (those little old ladies in the elevator had been creepy), but Jin’s faith in his genius was restored when Yamapi opened the door and stopped dead in his tracks.

Yamapi just stood there, completely flabbergasted. Jin hoped his towel was low enough and ran his hand through his hair.

“No more shampoo,” he said. “Need to borrow yours.”

“Uhh…” Yamapi managed.

Jin brushed past him quickly to hide his grin, but made sure that Yamapi felt every inch of Jin’s body sliding past his in the tiny doorway, leaving a big wet spot on Yamapi’s T-shirt where he patted his shoulder on the way by.

“Thanks!” Jin said brightly on his way out, having thought about simply knocking Yamapi over and doing whatever he wanted, but Ryo always said that less was more and you should leave them with something to think about.

Ryo was a moron, Jin decided when he was back in his shower, having discovered mid-lather that the scent of Yamapi’s favorite shampoo surrounding him in the steamy mist meant that he was going to be spending a long, long time in there.

He hoped Yamapi was thankful someday, Jin thought darkly as he wrapped his hand around himself and squeezed, for all the suffering he’d had to endure in the process.


Hours later, a crack of thunder jerked Jin out of his dream (why had Yasu had that cream pie anyway?), and he had a moment of complete disorientation before the next burst of lightning made a wave of goosebumps break out over his arms. He was huddled under the blankets with his cell phone in his hand before he even realized what he was doing.

Later, Jin would insist that he was such a genius that he was furthering his plans even when he wasn’t thinking about the fact that there was a plan.

“Pi?” he asked when Yamapi answered the phone gruffly. “Are the lights gone?”

“I think so,” Yamapi answered after a second. Jin breathed deeply, trying not to hyperventilate, because Kame said that he was going to make Jin eat his boot if he did that one more time this week.

“C-can you come over?”

There was a pause, during which another clap of thunder made Jin whimper, and then Yamapi sighed and said that he would, and Jin nearly sobbed with relief as he tossed the phone inside and shivered underneath his blankets.

It seemed like a million years before Yamapi arrived, but finally Jin heard the front door open, and a moment later Yamapi trudged into Jin’s room and threw himself onto Jin’s bed. It wasn’t how Jin had planned Yamapi to end up there, but, he thought as he curled up tight against Yamapi’s back, he’d take it.

After a few minutes, Jin was still shivering, and finally Yamapi rolled over to hug him properly, grumbling that Jin was like a little kid. Jin ignored him and pressed close, completely forgetting that as usual when Yamapi was close by, he was hard.

It took a full ten seconds for him to realize that Yamapi had not, in fact, brought a flashlight with him but left it in his pocket.

Jin lifted his head and found Yamapi frozen, and when the next burst of lightening split the room, Jin saw plain as day the longing and misery on Yamapi’s face.

“You…too?” he asked, amazed.

“Too?” Yamapi asked, and then Jin started to laugh. He couldn’t stop, even when Yamapi hugged him so tight that Jin could barely breathe, even when Yamapi seized his mouth and kissed him. It was a terrible first kiss, messy and rough and Jin’s giggles leaking out the corner of his mouth, or at least that’s what Yamapi said when they broke apart to yank off each other’s clothes.

“We’ll just have to practice,” Jin said when he was naked enough to roll his hips against Yamapi’s.

“You’re a genius,” Yamapi groaned, getting his hands in Jin’s hair to yank him close again, and Jin glowed with pride and kissed Yamapi back and hooked a leg over Yamapi’s hip so they could try out some of Jin’s other genius ideas too.

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