NEWS, Ten Defeats and Counting

Title: Ten Defeats and Counting [Ryo/Tegoshi]
Rating/Warnings: R for Tegoshi getting it exactly how he wants it.
Summary: Ten times Ryo loses to Tegoshi, and counting.
AN: for peroxidepest17, who wanted more Ryo/Tego. enjoy!

Ten Defeats and Counting


“Yosha!” Ryo clapped his hands, invigorated by his shower and more than ready for some yakiniku. “Move it, Yamashita, I’m starving!”

“Um,” Yamapi muttered from the depths of the shirt that was tangled around his head, and then he mumbled something which was unintelligible but definitely did not sound like “Yes, let’s definitely get that food I promised you twelve hours ago!”

Ryo walked over, took two fistfuls of Yamapi’s shirt, and yanked hard until Yamapi’s head popped free. Yamapi was still mumbling.

“Speak up!” Ryo barked. “I want food, come on!”

“I told Tegoshi and Masuda I’d take them out for ramen,” Yamapi admitted sheepishly. “But!” Yamapi hurried on when Ryo narrowed his eyes. “It wasn’t my fault! They were hungry and pathetic! Tego looked like he was about to faint dead away from hunger! As Leader, I definitely can’t allow that!”

Ryo looked over his shoulder, where the Tegoshi in question was working himself under Koyama’s hands and getting a shoulder rub despite the fact that Koyama was only half-changed. He looked hale and hearty, and when he caught Ryo’s eye, he flashed him a wide grin.

“Ne, Ryo-tan!” Tego called across the room. “Are you coming out for ramen with us? Maa, I’m so hungry, I feel like I might faint dead away!”

“See?” Yamapi said, pointing, because by the time he had looked over, Tego had an expression of abject famished misery glued to his cute little head, which he had patently stolen from Masuda.

Ryo grunted, “Fine,” and narrowed his eyes so that Tego could see that Ryo had caught onto his little game.

Tegoshi smiled back brightly and told Koyama that the sore spot was down a little and to the left.


“Why should I jankenpon for it?” Ryo demanded. “I’m not treating anybody! You invited them out!”

“It would be nicer if we split it, wouldn’t it?” Yamapi asked, shooting sideways glances at Masuda, who was trotting down the sidewalk happily at Yamapi’s side, oblivious to everything except the promise of imminent food.

“Nicer for you, I’m sure,” Ryo replied. “But that’s a consequence of breaking promises and changing plans suddenly, isn’t it?”

“Aw, Ryo-chan,” Yamapi wheedled. “Come on, where’s your member-ai?”

“I must have left it in my other pants,” Ryo sniffed, then jammed his hands in his pockets and looked straight ahead so that he wouldn’t be faced with Yamapi’s pout.

“But, Ryo-tan,” came Tegoshi’s voice suddenly from Ryo’s other side, and Ryo looked down to see Tegoshi fixing him with a large-eyed stare from the depths of his blue, fuzzy scarf. “Don’t you want to treat your kouhai?”

“Tego-nyan,” Ryo said warningly.

“Isn’t that what being a good senpai is all about?” Tegoshi continued, tilting his head a little. “Taking care of your most important kouhai? That’s what I think being a senpai is about, right, Massu?”

“Definitely!” Masuda chirped from the other side of Yamashita, attention caught, and when Ryo looked over, he was giving Ryo the big eyes too.

“And, ne, Leader,” Tegoshi tilted his head the other way, “aren’t you Ryo-tan’s kouhai too?”

“That’s right!” Yamapi said, blinking. He gave Ryo a wounded expression. “Maa, you never treat me like a good senpai, Ryo-chan!”

Ryo ground his teeth and turned his gaze back towards Tegoshi, whose smile was just a bit smug at the corners, right where his scarf was practically hiding it.

“That was really low, Tego-nyan,” Ryo purred as they reached the restaurant. He held the door so that Yamapi and Masuda went in first, but put a hand on Tegoshi’s chest to hold him back a moment. “You’re going to pay.”

“I think Ryo-tan has it backwards,” Tegoshi said sweetly, and Ryo scowled and let his hand drop.

“Oh!” Masuda’s voice came from inside. “Ramen Winter Special Deluxe!”


Two hours later, Masuda was finishing his fifth bowl of Ramen Winter Special Deluxe, and Yamashita and Tegoshi were more than a little drunk. Ryo could tell, because Yamapi was singing “Bambina” and giggling at all the dirty parts, and also because Tegoshi was stealing his sake every time Ryo was distracted for a moment.

Ryo, consequently, was not drunk at all and was beginning to develop a headache and also a deep hatred for their new B-side.

“It’s not like you can’t order your own now!” Ryo finally snapped when he lifted his glass and found it empty for the third time.

“Ryo’s tastes better,” Tegoshi informed him, before turning to his other side and giving Masuda a look that made the trajectory of Masuda’s chopsticks towards his mouth falter. Apparently Tegoshi felt the same about Masuda’s egg.

“Ryo-chan!” On Ryo’s other side, Yamapi’s head lolled onto Ryo’s shoulder, and when Ryo turned his head, Yamapi was giving him a glassy-eyed grin. “You’d feel it more if you were naked~”

“Get off me,” Ryo snapped, shrugging Yamapi off, and Yamapi nearly slipped off his chair, giggling harder.

“You need to drink more,” Yamapi said after he’d steadied himself, then demonstrated.

“That’s the most intelligent thing you’ve said all night,” Ryo grumbled, holding up his hand to summon the cook.

When he turned his head, he found the cook already there, arms crossed and glowering down at Ryo.

“I think you’ve had enough,” he said.

“I agree!” Tegoshi chimed in from Ryo’s side. “But I’ll have another!”


“Are you completely insane?” Ryo demanded when Yamapi, Tegoshi, and Masuda joined forces outside on the sidewalk to talk Ryo into going to a bar. “We have more shooting tomorrow! You all need to go to bed!”

“You don’t have to go if you don’t want to,” Masuda tried to offer diplomatically, but Yamapi cut him off with an affronted gasp.

“But then who would treat?” he wanted to know.

Tegoshi had been strangely silent during the whole exchange, just watching the three of them, smiling slightly as his gaze flicked from bandmate to bandmate, and Ryo grew more suspicious the longer Tegoshi said silent.

“What?!” he finally exploded when Tegoshi’s eyes fell on him again.

“Ryo-tan’s coming,” he announced with confidence.

“Eh?” Yamapi lifted his head, interrupted in the middle of putting Masuda in a headlock, ignoring the way that Ryo was informing them all very loudly that he most certainly was not going out. “How do you know?”

Tegoshi pulled one hand out of his coat pocket to reveal a very familiar wallet, which earlier had been securely attached to the chain still hooked Ryo’s pants.

So it hadn’t been Yamapi’s drunken groping in the restaurant’s entryway! Tegoshi just smiled benignly.

“I need a drink,” Ryo growled, and Yamashita and Masuda cheered.


“I’m sorry to trouble you,” the waitress said, bowing effusively to Tego. She looked brand-new and as though she’d rather scuttle off to hide, but her boss was glaring at her from the bar, watching carefully to make sure she went through the proper procedures.

“It’s no problem at all,” Tegoshi said magnanimously, reaching into his pocket. “It makes me feel young again!”

And then he handed the waitress Ryo’s ID.

“HEY,” Ryo started, “THAT’S MY…”

“And you, sir,” the waitress handed the card back to Tegoshi after barely looking at it and turned to Ryo, and suddenly her expression was much harder. “Might I see your ID as well?”

“You just did!” Ryo snapped, over Yamapi and Masuda’s snickers.

From the bar, the waitress’s boss nodded in approval.


“Koyama wants to talk to youuuuu,” Yamapi sing-songed as he held out his phone.

“Good for him.” Ryo reached into his glass of cranberry juice and pulled out an ice cube to suck on. Yamapi shook the phone back and forth enticingly, and Ryo bit down on the ice hard, crushing it with a violent crack.

He would have left an hour and a half ago, except leaving Yamashita and Masuda in charge of his wallet in a place where anything edible could be purchased was an infinitely more terrifying thought.

“I’ll talk to Koyama!” Masuda chirped, grabbing for the phone, and Yamapi gave it up readily, then laid his head down on the table, pillowing his cheek on his arm. “Kei-chan! We’re having lots of fun!”

“You’re in trouuuuuuble,” Yamapi hummed, eyes fluttering shut for a moment, and Ryo crunched on another ice cube.

“The pink one was my favorite so far,” Masuda was saying, “but the blue was really tasty too! Leader mixed them, and that was best of all!” He paused for a second, listening, before answering, “nope, no idea what was in them.”

“Massu,” Tegoshi said suddenly, leaning over a little, to bump his cheek against Masuda’s shoulder. “Can I talk to Kei-chan?”

Masuda handed over the phone, then blinked at Ryo as though he wasn’t sure what had just happened. Tegoshi pushed over the remains of his own drink—green—and Masuda pounced on it, everything else forgotten.

Ryo was not even a little surprised when Tegoshi told Koyama, voice full of wonder and innocence and words slurred, that Ryo had wanted to take them out, and it was pretty late and didn’t they have a shoot tomorrow, but Ryo-tan was treating, so…

Not even a little surprised when Tegoshi held out the phone and said in a perfectly clear voice, “Koyama wants to talk to you.”

Ryo downed the rest of his cranberry juice in one shot.

“Ryo, I’m surprised at you!” Koyama said as soon as the phone was close enough for Ryo to hear. “We have an early day tomorrow! As a senpai, you should be setting a good example, not dragging the younger ones out until all hours!”

Ryo rubbed his forehead and said “Uh-huh.”

“You’re just as bad as Takizawa! And furthermore…” Koyama paused. “Hang on, Shige wants to say something.”

There was a brief rustling of the phone changing hands.

“Ryo-chan!” Shige bellowed, full of good humor. “I hear Tegoshi stole your wallet!”

Tegoshi flagged down the waitress for another round, and Ryo hung up on Shige, dropped the phone on the table, and announced that he was going to the bathroom.


Ryo was just finishing up at the urinal when the door swung open behind him. Without looking, Ryo called over his shoulder,

“Can’t you ever go to the bathroom by yourself, Yamashita?” Ryo zipped himself up and started turning around. “You’re worse than girls!”

Instead of Yamapi, he found Tegoshi advancing towards him, and Ryo backed up involuntarily until his back bumped against the side of the stall.

Tegoshi’s eyes were very wide and very dark, shimmering from alcohol, and when he licked his lips before speaking, Ryo tracked his tongue’s path helplessly.

“I’m not anything like girls, Ryo-tan,” he said, voice breathy and dark like his eyes, and then he leaned forward to capture Ryo’s mouth.

Ryo could taste the sharp sting of the vodka on Tegoshi’s tongue as it teased along his own, and he grunted when Tegoshi’s hips pressed him harder against the wall. He could feel the sharp jut of Tegoshi’s hips through both their jeans, and the blunt rub of Tegoshi’s erection along the crease of his thigh made Ryo’s own cock give a empathetic twitch.

He pulled away suddenly, leaving Ryo blinking and breathing hard.

“Right?” he asked, examining Ryo with drunk intensity, and Ryo groped for the thread of the conversation.

He hadn’t quite found it yet when the door swung open again, and Massu stuck his head in.

“Tesshi!” he called gleefully when he caught sight of Tegoshi, and suddenly Tegoshi’s intense expression was replaced with his usual smile. “Did you want another drink?”

“Of course~!” Tegoshi chirped. “Ryo-tan, go tell Yamapi that we want another round, ne?”

Ryo found himself on the other side of the bathroom door without much of an idea of how he had arrived there, and before the door swung shut, had one last glimpse of Tegoshi’s dark smile over Masuda’s shoulder.


“Don’t fall asleep!” Ryo yelled as the subway doors slid closed.

On the other side of the doors, Yamapi and Masuda were snuggled against each other’s shoulders on the subway seat, cans of coffee forgotten in their hands. Masuda gave Ryo a sleepy wave; Yamapi’s eyes were already closed.

“They’re doomed,” Ryo sighed.

He turned when he heard a worried little “That’s bad!” from behind him, and found a very sad Tegoshi standing next to the timetable. Even Tegoshi’s hair seemed to droop sadly, although that could have been from Yamapi’s farewell hair-ruffle.

“I missed my last train,” he said, then suddenly his eyes got very big and hopeful. “I can come home with you, right, Ryo-tan?”

“The cutesy act doesn’t really suit you any more, you know,” Ryo grumbled, feeling petulant in his obvious defeat.

“You don’t think so?” Tegoshi tilted his head thoughtfully, and Ryo bit his tongue to keep from agreeing. “Maa, seems to me it works just fine. But, if Ryo-tan thinks so…”

Tegoshi’s adorable innocence evaporated like dry ice, and the expression that was left was the same one from the bathroom, dark and intent, Tegoshi’s vaguely curved smile the only piece of his previous atmosphere remaining. Ryo swallowed and would have backed up further as Tegoshi approached, except this time he was standing on a train platform.

“Ne, Ryo-tan,” Tegoshi murmured, voice pitched lower, the adult tone that Tegoshi seldom found much use for. He reached up to run his fingertip over the curve of one of Ryo’s buttons. “Take me home?”


Tegoshi’s adult mien had vanished as quickly as it had appeared once Ryo gave in, and he spent the train ride to Ryo’s apartment swinging his feet over the edge of the seat until he fell into a light doze against Ryo’s shoulder. Ryo tried to pay as little attention as possible to the sweet bow of Tegoshi’s mouth, slack with sleep, or the cute whistling snores.

“I’m home,” he grumbled to himself as he kicked off his shoes in the genkan. “I’m going to bed. The couch is right there.”

“Ryo’s couch doesn’t look very comfortable,” Tegoshi said, and Ryo glared over his shoulder to see Tegoshi bending down to fiddle with his shoelaces and clearly having not taken any look at all at the couch in question. “And it’s a bit cold out here, isn’t it?”

“Fine. Whatever.” Ryo stomped down the hall to his bedroom, Tegoshi’s steps skipping along behind him.


Five minutes after Ryo turned out the lights, when Tegoshi rolled over to descend upon him, Ryo was ready for him, hands up to catch Tegoshi’s chest with his palms, Tegoshi’s dangerous mouth held away from his own. Fortunately for Ryo, the room was too dark for Tegoshi’s pout to have much effect, aside from a vague goosebumping of Ryo’s arms.

“We have an early shoot tomorrow,” he reminded. He tried not to think about the way that Tegoshi’s bare skin was warm against his palms, or that fact that he was only wearing a T-shirt and boxers.

“But Ryo’s place is much closer to the studio,” Tegoshi replied, and it turned out that it being dark really was no defense at all from how silky Tegoshi’s voice was. “For me it’ll be like sleeping in!”

“What about me?” Ryo demanded, pretending his arms were starting to shake only because he’d had a very long day.

Before Tegoshi could answer, Ryo’s arms gave out and Tegoshi flopped onto his chest, a sleek tumble of warm skin and roaming fingers. He brushed his nose against the underside of Ryo’s jaw, giggling, and Ryo hissed.

“You’re still drunk,” he grunted, thinking be strong, be strong. “You should sleep. This isn’t a good idea.”

“Ryo-tan will take care of me,” Tegoshi murmured. His kisses were moving now, one to the hinge of Ryo’s jaw, another across his cheekbone, another teasing the corner of Ryo’s mouth, and finally Ryo snapped and turned his head to seize Tegoshi’s mouth.

He rolled so that Tegoshi was pinned underneath him, still kissing him roughly, catching Tegoshi’s wrists when Tegoshi tried to slip hands under his T-shirt and groaning when he rolled his hips into Ryo’s. When Ryo finally tore his mouth away, gasping for air, his eyes had finally adjusted to the darkness enough to make out Tegoshi’s expression.

He looked even drunker than he had in the bar, licking his lips to chase the taste of Ryo, eyelids heavy, smile curling lazily.

“Ryo-tan always takes care of me,” Tegoshi repeated, catching Ryo’s eye and grinding up against Ryo purposefully. “Right?”

“If that’s the way you want it,” Ryo growled, leaving the rest of the statement unvoiced as he reached down to strip Tegoshi’s borrowed boxers off, irritated above all because that was exactly how Tegoshi wanted it, fast and rough so that Ryo would feel a little guilty about it later, because he’d driven Ryo purposely past all reason.

Tegoshi arched and moaned unashamedly when Ryo slid down to swallow his cock as deep as he could at once. Ryo twisted his body around after a minute, because if Tegoshi was going to instigate these sorts of things, he could at least do his part and help Ryo out as well.

Besides, if Ryo didn’t get something in Tegoshi’s mouth quick, the neighbors would be making snide comments about Ryo bringing home girls, and Tegoshi enjoyed that far too much to be tolerated.

It only took a nudge of Ryo’s cock against Tegoshi’s cheek for him to get the idea, however, and then Tegoshi was more than happy to reciprocate, although in a teasing and distracted manner in between long moans that wasn’t doing Ryo’s nerves any good.

“Will you stop fooling around up there and get on with it?!” Ryo finally demanded, letting Tegoshi’s cock slip out of his mouth so he could sit up on one elbow and glare.

Tegoshi blinked at him, all innocence, and darted a last flick of his tongue against the tip of Ryo’s cock, making Ryo curse. “But, Ryo-tan, that’s what I’m waiting for you to stop doing,” he said.

So Ryo wasn’t really to be blamed when Tegoshi found himself flipped over onto all fours, curling his fingers in the sheets as Ryo shoved into him after a bare minimum of lube and ‘fooling around.’ It wasn’t until Ryo was most of the way in that he managed to get a grip on himself, loosening his grip on Tegoshi’s hips so it wouldn’t leave bruises and trying to stay still long enough for Tegoshi to adjust.

Tegoshi shoved back against him, nearly toppling him backwards, and looked over his shoulder with glittering, dark eyes, bangs falling across them, to casually mention that Ryo-tan was a tease tonight, ne.

After that, Ryo made sure that the only thing that came out of Tegoshi’s mouth was gasps for air and an occasional plea for more.

By the time Ryo collapsed against his pillows, he was sweaty, his bed was a mess, and there was already a dull ache starting in the backs of his thighs that promised to be murder by the next morning.

Of course when he turned his head, he found Tegoshi already passed out, breathing even and sated smile relaxing his features.

And Counting

Several hours later, Ryo woke with a start when his ass met the floor with a crash, and spent a few disoriented seconds staring up at the ceiling before he caught on that the fact that he was shivering and also hearing an adorable, whistling snore meant that he’d just been kicked out of bed.

He stood up to find that his alarm clock only had twenty-three minutes before it was set to go off, and that Tegoshi was cocooned tightly in all his blankets.

“Jerk,” Ryo grumbled, wishing he meant it. Tegoshi stirred and opened his eyes, then yawned so that his eyes scrunched all up and his hair bunched up tighter against the pillow.

“What are you doing out of bed?” he asked, reaching up to rub at his eyes, and Ryo told himself very firmly that you couldn’t actually die of cute. “Isn’t it cold?”

“Move over.” Ryo threw himself down on the bed and shoved Tegoshi over with his hip.

Tegoshi just rolled himself and the blankets onto Ryo’s chest anyway, and was back asleep in seconds. Ryo sighed and resigned himself to being crushed and overheated for the next twenty-three minutes.

Maybe, he thought, it would be Tegoshi’s turn to lose tomorrow.

He wouldn’t find out unless he tried.

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