JE, Five Times Pin Try Something New

Title: Five Times Pin Try Something New [Yamapi/Jin]
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 for Jin’s alternate shopping plan.
Summary: Once in a while Jin and Pi like to shake things up.

Five Times Pin Try Something New


“So first we decide what we want to eat,” Yamapi explains, holding out a pen and a pad of paper shaped like a panda bear to Jin. “Then we make a store list. Then we go to the store, and then we cook instead of eating takeout every single night.”

Jin looks from the panda to Yamapi several times before asking, “Can’t we just have sex on the table?”

Jin and Yamapi stare at each other for about ten seconds.

“Yes,” Yamapi agrees, and the panda ends up under the fridge, never to be seen again.


“I think,” Jin says, “that this is skin-flavored.”

“It is not,” Yamapi retorts, stealing the onigiri wrapper out of Jin’s hand and peering at the kanji. “That’s not even a flavor!”

He stares, then turns the wrapper upside-down and stares some more.

“It’s okay,” Jin says through a full mouth, patting Yamapi on the back of the hand with rice-sticky fingers. “Kanji’s hard.”

Yamapi tosses the wrapper aside and pounces Jin, tickling him until he’s practically crying around gasps of “Okay, you’re a brilliant university student, leggo, LEGGO!” and then he kisses Jin until he’s got a good idea of what this particular seasonal onigiri tasted like.

Then he kisses his way down Jin’s chest until Jin’s jeans are sent on hiatus, and he is in the end forced to admit that yes, the salty-bitter-good flavor does indeed taste an awful lot like skin after all.


“Okay,” Yamapi says, “so grape jelly does not equal lube.”

Jin gives Yamapi a look so dirty that the back of his hair curls just like it did during Summary, and then Jin limps out of the kitchen and slams the bathroom door.

The shower is still running an hour later.


“It’s good,” Jin says, “I swear.”

And that’s how Yamapi finds himself eating a bowl that is half chicken-egg-soy sauce-rice, and the other half cheese. Of an unidentifiable variety. Maybe several varieties.

Yamapi tries not to think about how long any sort of cheese in Jin’s fridge has been mingling with the leftover thai and fruity bottled rum mixers.

“The thing is,” Jin explains further, “that after it sits in your fridge for like a day and a half, it gets even better.”

“Somewhere Aiba’s mother is curled up in a ball, crying, and doesn’t know why,” Yamapi says, then continues shoveling leftovers into his mouth.


“Maybe,” Yamapi says, “we ought to think before we do something crazy.”

Jin looks at Yamapi. Yamapi looks at Jin.

“Don’t be stupid,” Jin finally says, and then Yamapi grins, and it’s totally worth it when they are in Johnny’s office being threatened with further hiatuses, because Jin can see Yamapi’s barely suppressed grin out of the corner of his eye and neither one of them will ever, ever forget the look on Kame’s face when the final line of the teleprompter scrolled up.

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