JE, Stuck In a Moment You Can’t Get Out Of

Title: Stuck In a Moment You Can’t Get Out Of [Jin/Yamapi]
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 for Jin’s hips.
Summary: Or, why Jin doesn’t wear his navel piercing any more.
AN: Thank you fic for acchikocchi, for helping me out with my w-inds. pages. ♥♥♥

Stuck In a Moment You Can’t Get Out Of

“Mmm, Pi,” Jin purrs as Yamapi pushes him back against the wall of their apartment, running sharp kisses up his jaw. Jin’s hip bumps the table and sends a cascade of magazines to the floor, the ones that he’s yelled at Yamapi a million times for stacking so haphazardly there.

Right now he doesn’t care at all, he just lets his eyes flutter shut and pushes into Yamapi’s hands as Yamapi works a hand up under Jin’s shirt. Yamapi’s mouth finally covers Jin’s as his warm palm slides over Jin’s stomach, swallowing Jin’s moan as he tweaks the barbell at Jin’s navel.

“God,” Yamapi pulls away just far enough to whisper against Jin’s mouth, “I love that thing.”

“Me too,” Jin groans, arching into Yamapi as Yamapi tweaks the piercing harder, then licks Yamapi’s lower lip teasingly until Yamapi is kissing him the right away again, hard and rough and tugging at the barbell until Jin is dizzy and clutching at his back.

Jin shoves Yamapi back suddenly, grinning at Yamapi’s wide eyes and bruised lips before grabbing his hand and running down the hall to their bedroom, dragging Yamapi’s behind him, Yamapi’s laughter as he stumbles over the magazines speeding Jin’s steps so they can get to the bed and the good parts sooner.

“Know what I love even more than my piercing?” Jin asks as he shoves Yamapi down on the bed, yanking off his shirt.

Yamapi grins up at him, already shoving his jeans down his hips. “What?”

“Yours,” Jin answers, throwing himself down onto the bed and Yamapi as soon as Yamapi bares exactly what he’s talking about. He wraps arms around Yamapi’s waist, ignoring the jab of Yamapi’s knee in his stomach as Yamapi finishes kicking off his jeans in favor of wrapping lips around the crescent of metal. It’s warm from the heat of Yamapi’s skin, the skin around it tasting of salt, and the strangled noise Yamapi makes as he arches his back sends goosebumps chasing over Jin’s skin.

“Jin,” Yamapi gasps, scrabbling at Jin’s shoulders. “Jin, please…”

Giving Yamapi’s stomach a last kiss, Jin lets himself be tugged up Yamapi’s body to meet his mouth, sliding over him until they are pressed together from cheek to thigh. Yamapi’s kisses are messy and deep as he wraps arms around Jin’s shoulders and tightens fingers in Jin’s hair, and Jin moans his appreciation as he grinds his hips into Yamapi’s.

“Tease,” Yamapi grumbles, tilting his head back to let Jin suck on his pulse point. “You’d better hurry up if you want me, Bakanishi.”

“Okay!” Jin agrees readily, but when he tries to roll off to reach for the bedside table, he gives a sudden, “OW!”

Yamapi jerks too, cursing. “What are you…”

“Ow ow ow, fuck,” Jin gasps for breath, arousal dimming as what feels like a white-hot shock zips through his belly every time he tries to move, almost exactly where… “Oh, no.”

“What?” Yamapi asks, then stifles a shriek when Jin tries to roll off again. “Stop moving, idiot! Can’t you control your hips for three seconds!”

“It’s not my hips! It’s the…” Jin hisses, then gives up and drops his forehead to Yamapi’s shoulder, and this time his harsh breathing isn’t because of all the skin against his own. “I think our piercings are caught.”

“Our…” Yamapi starts to laugh, then both of them cry out again. “That’s ridiculous.”

“I don’t think that it is,” Jin answers, voice muffled. He shifts as if he’s going to move again. “But if you don’t believe me…”

“No no!” Yamapi grabs Jin’s hips and holds him still. “Can you reach them?”

“Hmm.” Jin slides a hand carefully in between their stomachs, and Yamapi makes a shivery little noise which Jin would very much like to investigate, as soon as he can move his hips again.

Unfortunately, Jin realizes quickly that while it takes him roughly three seconds to establish that they are indeed hooked together, he can’t quite figure out how to undo it. His fingers feel thick and clumsy, and the third time he tries, Yamapi heaves a frustrated sigh and calls him an idiot.

“It’s not my fault!” Jin snaps back, giving another tug that makes them both wince. “I can’t see anything!”

“They’re rings! Not Chinese puzzle boxes! How hard can it be!”

Jin goes back to fiddling blindly in between their bellies and Yamapi sighs again.

“You know what this means, don’t you?” he says.

Jin stops fiddling and tries to lift his head high enough to look at Yamapi. He manages it by doing one of those yoga poses Ueda is always trying to soothe his dark poetic soul with, and figures he has about forty-five seconds before his back muscles all punish him forever.

“One of us is going to have to take their piercing out,” Yamapi says seriously.

“Oh!” Jin flops down, relieved. Why hadn’t he thought of that? “That’s a great idea! You’re a genius, Pi!”

He sets about groping for the little ball that screws onto the end of his piercing and begins twirling it. It’s awkward, but once he gets going, it’s slowly but surely…

“No,” Yamapi says, “I mean, take theirs out. For good.”

Jin freezes, mid-finger-twirl, letting that sink in, and when it finally does, he tries to scramble away, and both of them shriek.


“It was horrible,” Yamapi moans in the dressing room the next day, and then he pauses to let Ryo finish laughing himself silly so that he can continue his story.

“You got your piercings caught!” Ryo howls, head down on the table and already pulling his phone out to call Uchi and tell him about this.

“It isn’t funny!” Yamapi says, glad that at least the others haven’t come in yet, even though Ryo will be sure to demand that he repeat the story all day. “I told him one of us would have to get rid of it and he threw a tantrum, except we were stuck together!”

“Oh god, stop,” Ryo gasps. “Stop, I can’t breathe.”

“We had to jankenpon for it,” Yamapi finishes miserably. “Jin lost. Then he kicked me out of the bedroom. He says it’s forever. Ne, what should I do, Ryo-chan?”

Ryo, completely insensible with laughter, had no sound advice.

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