NEWS, Good For The Soul

Title: Good For The Soul [Koyama/Shige]
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 for drunken bandmates.
Summary: Shige’s drunk, but Koyama can wait.
AN: Just something quick I wanted to write after the HeyHeyHey interview where they talk about how Shige always cries and says “DAISUKI MINNA” when he’s drunk.

Good For The Soul


Koyama squinted at the keys in his hand while trying to keep the sack of drunken Shigeaki collapsed against his shoulder from tumbling both of them to the ground. “Uh-huh?”

“I love you~” Shige slurred, rubbing his nose against Koyama’s neck in a way that Koyama knew Shige thought was charming, but was really just making Koyama shiver from the touch of the cold skin.

“That’s nice,” Koyama replied, finally slotting the key in the door with a sigh of relief.

“No,” Shige pulled just far enough away to pout at Koyama. “I mean, I love you! A lot!”

“I know.” Koyama patted Shige’s shoulder, then coaxed him into the apartment carefully, clipping his shoulder on the doorframe when Shige stumbled over the threshold. Koyama just gritted his teeth and ignored it for the moment. “Ne, how about a shower?”

“We could share?” Shige said hopefully, clinging to Koyama more tightly as Koyama kept them moving until they were in the bathroom and standing next to the shower, for once thankful for the size of Tokyo apartments.

Koyama pushed Shige away by the shoulders to stand on his own. He opened his mouth, but Shige was giving him such a sad, hopeful look, tear-tracts still on his face from his earlier drunken crying, that Koyama couldn’t help but melt enough to at least give Shige a smile.

“I’m going to make some tea,” he said gently. “Come out when you’re done, and be careful not to slip, ne?”

He left the bathroom before Shige could respond, other than a wibbly lower lip, and shut the door firmly behind him. Slumping against it, Koyama stayed there for a moment, rubbing his shoulder, until he heard the shower start up and Shige make his way into it without slipping on the tile and cracking his skull open.

Leader would be pretty angry if Koyama’s carelessness meant NewS was down to five members. Mostly because these days it would probably be Tegoshi who would get most of the extra lines.

As if summoned by the thought, Koyama’s phone buzzed in his pocket, and he pulled it out to find a text message from Yamapi, asking if he and Shige had made it in safely. A smile tugging at his mouth, Koyama thumbed a reply as he started the water boiling.

By the time the tea was ready, Shige had shuffled out of the bathroom, looking slightly more lucid and vastly more sheepish. Koyama didn’t comment, other than to offer Shige a pair of sweatpants and assure him that he was welcome to spend the night. They drank in companionable silence, Shige spending a lot of time staring into his cup.

Koyama tried to fight off his yawns as the alcohol faded away, but it wasn’t long before they agreed with an exchanged glance that it was time for bed and crawled into Koyama’s futon. Koyama rolled onto his side close to the wall, giving Shige as much space as he could, and then Shige flipped off the light.

They laid in silence for several minutes, the only sound their steady breathing. Finally, when Koyama was just starting to drift off, he heard Shige roll over, onto his side to face Koyama.

“Kei-chan?” he asked.

“Mm-hmm?” Koyama answered sleepily, turning to face Shige and thinking distantly that he really liked the faint smell of his shampoo on Shige’s hair.

“Why don’t you ever answer?” Shige asked, voice quiet.

Koyama blinked, not that it mattered in the dark. “Eh?”

“When I…you know, when we drink and I…” Shige made a little frustrated noise. “You never say anything back.”

“Oh!” Koyama caught on suddenly, and was glad that Shige couldn’t see him smile in the dark. “But…you only say it when you’re drunk.”

Shige didn’t answer for a little bit, and Koyama thought maybe they were done talking. His eyes were starting to slip shut again when Shige shifted over suddenly, putting a hand on Koyama’s shoulder to find him in the dark, and then he leaned in and kissed Koyama.

He got Koyama’s cheek on the first try, then his nose, and finally Shige managed to get his lips against Koyama’s, clumsy and sweet. Koyama had been too surprised to react at first, but when Shige’s grip tightened on his shoulder, he gasped and pulled back, spine thumping into the wall.

“Sorry!” Shige exclaimed, voice horrified. “I thought…I’m sorry, Kei-chan, you can just forget it…”

“Why would I do that?” Koyama asked, puzzled and sleepy and not able to see a damn thing. “Could you turn on the light?”

The light clicked on, and Koyama found himself staring at a red-cheeked and thoroughly miserable-looking Shigeaki.

“I’m sorry,” he mumbled again, looking away, but Koyama reached over to pull his chin up so that Shige would have to look at him.

“Why?” Koyama asked. “I just banged my shoulder on the doorframe. And you still haven’t said it sober.”

Shige examined Koyama’s face, and finally a ray of hesitant hope broke through his expression. “Your shoulder?”

Koyama pushed down the blanket and rolled up the sleeve of his T-shirt to show the redness of the rising bruise. He gave a little “Eep!” of surprise when Shige leaned over suddenly to brush lips against it, the shock of it running up Koyama’s arm like static electricity.

“I love you,” Shige murmured against Koyama’s skin. “But I’m not all the way sober, so I don’t know if you’ll count that or not.”

Koyama waited just long enough to hear the hitch of panic in Shige’s voice before turning his head to meet Shige’s lips with his own, kissing him slow and thorough. When he pulled back, Shige just stared at him, eyes wide, hair mussed from Koyama’s hands, running his tongue over his lower lip as if to catch a stray taste of Koyama that he had missed.

“I love you too,” Koyama said. “But I’m not all the way sober either, so it definitely doesn’t count. You’ll just have to tell me again tomorrow morning. And tomorrow afternoon. And tomorrow ni—”

Shige cut off Koyama with his mouth, grumbling in between kisses that he hoped Koyama had plans to share after all.

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