26 JE Birthday Kisses, All the Right Words

Title: Kiss Nine: All the Right Words [Yamapi/Jin]
Rating/Warnings: R for Ryo’s advice actually working.
Summary: Yamapi kisses Jin goodnight, and Jin just can’t take it anymore.
AN: for 26 Birthday Kisses, Kiss Nine: Good Morning Kiss. Happy birthday to Yamapi! Tanjoubi omedettou~

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Kiss Nine: All the Right Words

Jin isn’t sure how it started (they were probably drunk), but at some point Yamapi started kissing him goodnight.

“Well,” he’ll say when it gets close to the last train, “it’s getting late,” and then he’ll stand up and stretch, and Jin will tear his eyes away from whatever terrible thing they’re watching on TV to watch Yamapi stretch instead.

“It’s not that late,” he’ll say, or sometimes, “You could sleep over,” and once he even managed a “Please stay,” but Yamapi always says he shouldn’t, they both have work tomorrow, and he doesn’t want to trouble Jin.

And then he’ll lean over and press his lips to Jin’s skin, sometimes his forehead, sometimes his cheek, sometimes if Jin is quick enough the corner of his mouth.

It’s sweet and it’s chaste and it’s driving Jin absolutely fucking insane.

“Why is he doing this to me?” Jin wails into the phone after the door has shut behind Yamapi, leaving Jin alone with an empty bed and an infomercial about green tea eyebrow wax.

“How should I know?!” Ryo snaps. “Why do you call me about it? Why don’t you call him!”

“I tried that,” Jin says miserably, rubbing at his cheek with the heel of his hand. The spot where Yamapi’s kiss landed is still tingling. “He thought I was quoting an anime and spent the rest of his train ride trying to guess which one.”

“Jin,” Ryo says in the tone that means he’s going to humor his best friends and their idiocy for about thirty more seconds before he leaves them cruelly to fend for themselves. “You are aware, right, that Yamashita is head-over-heels in love with you?”

Jin makes a noncommittal noise, because he thinks that might be the case, but then again there’s that whole ‘refusing to have the hot, hot sex with Jin in his bed’ thing.

“I mean, he has expressed that exact sentiment in at least one magazine interview.” Ryo pauses. “That he loves you.” Another pause. “Also on television. Several times.”

Jin still says nothing, but blows some hair out of his face.

“Okay, so, you’re useless,” Ryo says in conclusion, “and I’m going to hang up on you now, but here’s a thought: maybe you should tell him that you are also obviously and moronically in love with him.”

And then, as promised, he does hang up, but Jin sits there a while longer, blowing hair out of his face and thinking that maybe he should just tell Yamapi that he’s obviously and moronically in love with him.

So the next night, when they’re sitting on the couch watching some moronic thing, Jin is sitting on his end of the couch and blowing his hair out of his face, sneaking looks at Yamapi.

He looks serene in the glow of the television, that bastard, and when he stretches his arms over his head and says “Well…” suddenly Jin decides that he absolutely cannot take it anymore.

“Hi?” Yamapi says when Jin suddenly is in his lap, arms sliding around Yamapi’s neck, and Jin hopes that the laugh track behind him isn’t an omen. “Jin, it’s getting kind of…”

“I’m obviously and moronically in love with you,” Jin interrupts, and then he crushes his mouth over Yamapi’s and tangles hands in his hair and hopes that Yamapi can feel the way his heart is trying to steal Ohkura’s drum solo.

When he finally leans back, Yamapi is staring at him with a dangling jaw, lips puffy and slick, and Jin thinks that if Yamapi leaves now, he’s going to throw himself off his balcony even though when they find him on the sidewalk, everyone will know that he isn’t wearing any underwear.

“And I don’t want you to go home,” he says.

“Have you been talking to Ryo?” Yamapi asks, voice faint. He swallows, and Jin tracks the motion of his Adam’s apple.

“Piii,” he whines, soft and scared and wriggling impatiently.

And just like that, Yamapi smiles at Jin, tilts his face up to him like Jin is the sun, and he slides his hands into Jin’s back pockets to hold him still.

“Take me to bed?” he asks. Jin throws his arms around Yamapi’s neck, chest tight with relief, shaking. Yamapi’s chuckle brushes over his neck, just before he turns his head to kiss Jin again, comfortable like he’s got all night.

Jin doesn’t want to wait all night. Jin doesn’t even want to wait until they make it to his bed, but Yamapi talks him into it by scooping Jin up bridal-style and marching grandly towards the bedroom.

He makes it halfway down the hall before Jin’s kicking and flailing takes them both down in a heap of limbs, and Jin takes advantage of the confusion to undo every single button and zipper that he can lay his hands on.

So they are pretty well naked by the time they do collapse on Jin’s bed, except for one of Yamapi’s socks and Jin’s rings, and Jin finds an extra use for them when he grips Yamapi’s cock and slides his hand up, Yamapi hissing at the touch of the chill metal.

“Jin,” he breathes against Jin’s mouth in the spaces between their increasingly messy kisses, “Jin,” and Jin can’t get past the way his name sounds in Yamapi’s mouth, the way Yamapi’s skin feels under his hands, and even though he wants to move, to taste Yamapi everywhere he’s touching him, he wants to stay right where he is more, Yamapi’s hands in his hair and Yamapi’s body rolling against his.

“Gimme your hand,” Jin gasps, already shamefully close, but he’s been waiting so long and Yamapi feels so good, sounds so good, that Jin doesn’t feel even a little bit bad when he wraps Yamapi’s hand along with his own around both their cocks and comes with a groan of Yamapi’s name after barely three strokes.

Fortunately for his reputation, Yamapi doesn’t last any longer.

Yamapi gathers Jin against his chest, their sticky hands still pressed together, and noses at Jin’s temple in a transparent attempt to get Jin to tilt his head up for a kiss. But Jin is more than content to stay where he is, cheek pressed over top of Yamapi’s slowing heartbeat.

Jin’s had enough goodnight kisses. Today, he’s planning on kissing Yamapi good morning.

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