JE, Can’t Say It Without The A

Title: Can’t Say It Without The A [Jin/Yamapi]
Rating/Warnings: R for perving on the juniors.
Summary: Yamapi has a complaint about this whole hiatus thing, and Jin has a bunch of fancy new foreign words.
AN: Why do i think it’s a good plan to write at 2am. Also, I am FULL OF FLAIL for the You PV, not only because of the burning hot, but because i understand about 42% of what they are saying. It’s like if Hyoutei did Sesame Street.

Can’t Say It Without The A

“Jin, you jerk,” Yamashita grumbles. “You were supposed to have some sort of epiphany on your stupid vacation and come back and seduce me away from NewS so we could start our own band!”

“It wasn’t a vacation, it was a hiatus,” Jin retorts, letting his tongue roll over one of his cool new English words. “And you’re already in a band.”

“Ryo’s in two bands!” Yamapi kicks at the sheets a little, pouting. “I’m losing to him!”

“Besides,” Jin continues, ignoring the pout as best he can, which is to say not at all, “if we were a band, then when we snuck off together we’d have to do work rather than this.” Jin runs his bare foot up over Yamapi’s calf, Pi’s leg hair tickling the sole. “You like this, right?”

“Quit sweet-talking me.” Yamapi rolls over onto his stomach and runs his fingers over the keyboard of Jin’s laptop, which is sitting in between the two pillows. “You’re the one who just got off on his own PV.”

“It’s hot!” Jin shrugs, raising himself up onto one elbow and contemplating how this might be the first time he’s used his laptop for something that isn’t porn. Although, he reflects, anything is probably porn if you get yourself and/or someone else off to it.

“Our band would so be hotter,” Yamapi argues, twiddling the slider on the movie program back and forth so Ueda’s mouth undergoes a morphology of ridiculous shapes over and over. “We’d have shiny blue and purple costumes and pyrotechnics and roller skates…”

“Our band will not have roller skates,” Jin interrupts in tones of deep scorn. “Roller skates are not a component of badass rock, Pi.”

“Roller skates are a key component of badass rock, Bakanishi.” Yamapi is dicking around with the sound speed now, making it go faster so they sound like crickets, then slower so it’s like a sumo boyband. “Just ask Kis-My-Ft.2. Speaking of that, I was watching Shounen Club the other day, and Kento-kun has grown like three inches of smoking hot s—”

“Pi, stop perving on the juniors.” Jin stops and considers for a minute. “Or at least switch over to ABC so when people walk in on you moaning ‘KAWAI’ with your dick in your hand they’ll think you’re just obsessing about the cute costumes again.”

“Hmph.” Yamapi rests his chin on his fist. “I bet you don’t tell Ueda-kun to stop perving on the juniors.”

“It works for him,” Jin pats Yamapi’s shoulder comfortingly, “just like Clint Eastwood works for Ninomiya-kun, but we shouldn’t all run out and buy sombreros.”

“Stop using your stupid foreign words,” Yamapi grumbles. “What good’s your silly hiatus if you don’t roller skate in and sweep me off my feet? You just go back to your stupid KAT-TUN.”

“Aw, Pi, they need me! You can’t say it without the A. Besides,” Jin reaches over to bat Yamapi’s hand away from the touchpad and drags the slider to the right, “you didn’t pay attention to the best part.”

He stops dragging when the video is at about three minutes and twenty seconds, then taps the space bar to play. Pi kicks his feet in the air a little, grumbling about jerk traitors distracting him, until the file reaches 3:33.

Jin,” Pi gasps, after making a nearly subsonic noise, and the way his face lights up makes Jin feel better than all the feather boas in Japan. “You remembered!”

“Of course I did!” Jin fakes a pout. “I told you, whenever I think about us going at it like bunnies in my brain, I make our secret sign!” A flicker of thoughtfulness crossed Jin’s lower lip as he was chewing on it lightly, or maybe that’s his tongue. “I keep thinking they’ll tell me to quit it or edit it out, but it always seems to make it in somehow.”

“Just like you,” Yamapi grins, then pounces Jin and tickles him until he admits that roller skates are a key component of badass rock.

“Lord help us if they every figure out what the heart in our handshake stands for,” Jin says after a little while, and Yamapi pretends to forget so that Jin will remind him.

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