JE, Katsu no wa Jin!

Title: Katsu no wa Jin! [Kame/Jin, Yamapi/Jin, Ryo/Jin]
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 because Jin is totally cheaper than Ueda’s guitar.
Summary: Jin would cheat, if he could only figure out the rules to Kame’s game in the first place.
AN: darkeyedwolf sucks and we are totally not going to talk about the Pi/Jin mpreg that doesn’t exist.

Katsu no wa Jin!

“Tag,” Kame said, just before he pressed his lips against Jin’s, “you’re it.”


“I’m it! I’m it?” Jin let his arms flop wide and peered beseechingly at Ueda. “What the hell does that mean?”

“You know, my guitar was sitting quite happily where your head is until about thirty seconds ago,” Ueda commented, “and it cost a hell of a lot more than you do.”

“Uebo-o-o,” Jin whined, rolling off of Ueda’s lap and onto his stomach. He propped his chin up on his hands.

“How am I supposed to know what that means?” Ueda asked. He tugged the guitar back across his lap and strummed a few idle chords. “Are you and Kame playing some kind of game?”

“No! Maybe?” Jin kicked his feet back and forth a little and frowned. “What if I’m losing? I won’t lose to Kame! I’ll have to cheat until I’m winning!”

Ueda rolled his eyes and shut Jin up with a pointed D#7. “You can’t cheat unless you know the rules, Bakanishi.”

“I’m never any good at those,” Jin sighed. “Maybe if I just do it back, Kame’ll get confused. Yosh!” Jin sat up suddenly on his knees and slapped his fist into his other palm. “I’ll do it!”

“You’re going to tell Kame he’s it?” Ueda inquired. “That’s your plan?”

“No good?” Jin asked. Ueda played an E minor and Jin’s shoulders slumped. “What if I just kiss him?”

“Because often life’s little problems are all worked out by making out with our best friends,” Ueda snorted.

“Tat-chan, you’re a genius!” Jin flung arms around a startled Ueda’s neck, then hopped to his feet and scampered off. Ueda shook his head and played an amused C/G split.


“TAG~!” Jin shouted, throwing himself over the back of the couch and into Yamapi’s lap, making him shriek and hurl his PS2 controller in self-defense at Jin’s head. “YOU’RE IT!”

“Mmmph?!” Yamapi demanded when Jin crushed their lips together, but after a half-second switched to “Mmmm” instead, palming the back of Jin’s head with one hand and hooking the other in Jin’s belt loops to tug him closer. When Jin broke the kiss suddenly, Yamapi gave a disgruntled, “Ung?”

“Am I winning?” Jin eyed Yamapi critically.

“Yes?” Yamapi blinked, eyes slightly glazed. “Cause I don’t mind losing if that’s what you—”

“Damn!” Jin rolled off of Yamapi’s lap to flop on the couch and kicked at Yamapi’s leg a little. “You don’t know how to play either!”

“I’m confused,” Yamapi reported plaintively. “Can we just make out more?”

“Piii!” Jin kicked harder. “This is serious! Kame kissed me and said that I was it, but I don’t know what being it means or how I win!”

“You’re it?” Yamapi asked, brow furrowed, and Jin bobbed his head. “Why do you get to be it? I want to be it too! Hey, wait!” Yamapi’s expression brightened. “You said ‘Tag, you’re it’ too, so now I must be it!”

“You aren’t it!” protested Jin. “I’m it! Kame said so!”

“You said tag!” Yamapi crossed his arms and stuck out his tongue. “I’m it!”

“I’m taking it back!” Jin yelled, flinging himself at Yamapi and locking arms around his neck when Yamapi tried to wriggle away.

Yamapi struggled harder, but Jin was well-versed in the art of pinning a reluctant colleague and a hand up under the shirt was all it took to convince Yamapi to play too. He grabbed Jin’s wrists and pinned them behind his back before snatching the it right back with a firm twist of his lips over Jin’s.

“Wait,” Yamapi panted a little while later, sweaty and hair sticking up in several different directions. Jin was curled up against his chest, twisting Yamapi’s wrinkled collar in between his fingers. “Are you it now, or am I?”

“This is too hard,” Jin complained, pressing his nose against the hollow of Yamapi’s throat. “We need somebody smarter.”

“Hmm.” Yamapi put his hand to Jin’s hair and circled fingers against his scalp, smoothing down the flyaways and making Jin purr.

“Ryo!” they finally said in unison.


“…and then he said I’m it!” Jin finished all in one breath, then sucked in a huge gasp of air. “So what does that mean?”

“Well, it depends.” Ryo crossed his legs, Indian style, and stared at Jin intently. “Did he say ‘it’ like ‘it’s you, you’re the one,’ or more like ‘that’s it, I can’t take it anymore?'”

“Neither!” Jin shouted, flailing his hands in frustration. “He said it like ‘tag, you’re it!'”

“Hmm.” Ryo hummed thoughtfully for a second, reaching down to flick some lint off his bedspread. “Maybe you should just show me.”

“Show you?” Jin blinked. “But I just—” and that’s when Ryo shoved Jin down against his pillows.

“Now,” he said, all business as he kneed Jin’s thighs apart to settle in between them, “was it like this?”

Ryo leaned in and brushed his lips against Jin’s, rubbing them together softly until Jin’s mouth was just slipping open, then pulling back to give Jin a questioning glance.

“Noooo,” Jin threaded fingers through Ryo’s hair and tugged him back down. “It was much more like this…”

“Now we’re getting somewh—” and Ryo cut off when the tip of Jin’s tongue swiped all his stupid words right off his lower lip.

Things were just starting to get good when Jin exclaimed “I understand everything now!” and shoved Ryo off of him, then snatched his shirt off the floor on the fly as he dashed out the door.


“I figured it out!” Jin announced when Kame came through the dressing room doorway, making him jump.

“God!” Kame slapped a hand to his heart. “Don’t jump out at people like that! And why aren’t your jeans buttoned?”

“Tag!” Jin chirped, grabbing Kame’s hands and tugging them around his waist, “I’m it!”

Kame spluttered against Jin’s lips before Jin cut all his air off, but he sank fingers into Jin’s waist, and that was how Jin knew he’d totally won.

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