NEWS, Suitable Dress

Title: Suitable Dress [Tego/Yamapi/Massu]
Rating/Warnings: R for bandmate removing of suits and smut
Summary: Massu comes to Yamapi for protection from Ryo, and Tego of course shows up wherever Massu is being stripped of his clothes.
AN: I did the hour porn challenge with swtjemz and bloodybrilliant, based on the new NewS PV, Weeeek. GOD I LOVE THAT PV.

Iso’s fic
Jemz’s fic

Suitable Dress

Yamapi was chattering away with Koyama after the PV shoot finished, both of them simultaneously trying to tell a story and flailing their arms windmill-style, when suddenly arms wrapped around Yamapi’s waist, interrupting and squeezing him tight, and a face pressed against his spine.

He looked down, but they were all wearing suits, so he couldn’t tell whose arms exactly they were. He glanced behind him, but couldn’t crane his neck far enough. Then he tried turning around, but the other person turned with him, and he ended up turning in useless little circles, like Pin did sometimes.

“You’ve got a Massu stuck to you,” Koyama finally informed him, and Yamapi reached behind him, over his shoulders to touch the head, confirming the idenity by hairscrunch.

“Massu?” he asked.

“Ryo won’t quit.” Massu’s voice was muffled against Yamapi’s jacket, butting his head up into Yamapi’s hand. “He’s mean.”

“He’s busy,” Koyama assured, glancing over his shoulder at Ryo, who had somehow trapped Shige in the corner and was now doing something to him that Yamapi couldn’t exactly make out. He could only tell it was Shige in the first place because of the hair spike visible above Ryo’s head.

The grip on Yamapi’s waist loosened just a little, and then Massu’s face popped up beside Yamapi’s shoulder, peering over it warily. “Really? He took my tie.”

“Aw,” Yamapi bumped Massu’s head with his cheek. “That’s just Ryo-chan’s tough love, isn’t it?”

“I don’t think you want that tie back either,” Koyama commented, still looking over at the corner, and then there was a muffled yelp. “I think I better go help Shige…”

He dashed off, and Yamapi wriggled around, like Massu’s arms were a hula hoop, until he could look down at Massu’s pout. He wrapped arms around Massu’s shoulders and gave him a tight squeeze. “Okay?”

“Mmph,” Massu butted Yamapi’s collarbone with his forehead, still pouting. “I think he brushburned me yanking it off. What if I have marks!”

“Hey,” Tego popped up suddenly behind Massu, putting steadying hands on Massu’s back, and examining the back of his head before looking up at Yamapi. “What’s going on?”

“Ryo-chan got a bit rough with Massu,” Yamapi explained, loosening Massu’s collar and pushing the fabric out of the way. “We’re checking for marks!”

“Hm!” Tego put on his very serious investigative face and helped Yamapi look, all exploring fingers and interested noises. Massu kept his face pressed against Yamapi’s chest, but he shivered a little as their touches roamed, and then hopped an inch when Tego leaned in close enough to press teeth to Massu’s skin.

“No marks!” Yamapi reported happily as Tego pulled back and examined his work. “Except that one.”

“He doesn’t mind that one,” Tego informed Yamapi, sliding arms around Massu’s chest and tugging him back, against his own chest, so that Massu’s head was leaning back against his shoulder. “Do you?” Massu gave Yamapi a slow blink, then nodded.

“Ah, well, now that you’re in good hands I’ll just…” Yamapi went to step away, to leave them to it, but found that Massu’s arms were still locked around his chest, and not budging even a bit when Yamapi tried stepping back again. Yamapi looked back at Massu and found him smiling so that his eyes crinkled, apparently enjoying Yamapi’s struggle.

Sometimes Yamapi forgot that Massu was the strongest of them all.

“You don’t have to go,” Massu said, nuzzling his forehead against Tego’s neck. “He doesn’t mind.”

Yamapi exchanged a glance with Tego, who shrugged the shoulder Massu wasn’t leaning on and then gave Yamapi a wink. Yamapi grinned in response, and then surged forward, getting arms around Tego and squeezing tight so that Massu was squished in between them.

“Ne, Tego-nyan,” Yamapi asked innocently over Massu’s breathless and giggling squeaks for air, “do you hear something?”

“Is it,” Tego squeezed back, thoughtfully, “sort of like a hamster on laughing gas?”

“Like a junior having a voice change,” Yamapi confirmed, and that was when Massu sank his nails hard into the small of Yamapi’s back, making him hop back with a yelp, laughing.

“Dressing room?” Tego murmured in Massu’s ear, just loud enough for Yamapi to hear, and Yamapi felt his breath catch when Massu agreed immediately, then leaned up to whisper something in Tego’s ear.

The door was barely slammed shut behind them before Massu’s arms found their way back around Yamapi’s waist, tugging his shirt loose from his pants while pressing Yamapi up against the door. Yamapi was more than happy to press his lips against the frown of concentration Massu gave to his belt, and Massu tilted his face up into the kiss, humming happily at the skim of Yamapi’s hands down his back, tugging the jacket down off his shoulders.

“Hey,” he said after a second, lifting his head. “Where’s…”

Tego was sitting on the couch, jacket gone, tie loosened, and already working on the buttons of his shirt. He gave Yamapi a little wave with his fingers, and then when Massu peeked over his shoulder with a grin, beckoned them over.

Using the movement as a distraction, Yamapi stripped off Massu’s jacket as they moved over towards the couch and undid a few of his buttons as well. Tego helped, getting hands around Massu’s waist as soon as they got within reach to undo Massu’s belt while Massu finished doing the same to Yamapi.

“You guys spend too much time together,” Yamapi commented when Tego and Massu pushed both pairs of pants down out of the way at the same time, making Massu laugh. The sound cut out a moment later as Massu gasped and buried his face against Yamapi’s chest, and Yamapi glanced down along the line of Massu’s back to find Tego holding Massu’s hips steady as he drew a slow line along the curve of Massu’s ass with his tongue. “Oh, wow.”

“You should try being on this end of it,” Massu commented, voice a half-octave lower than normal, and then he leaned up to capture Yampi’s mouth again. This time he also snuck a hand down to curl around Yamapi’s cock, stroking slowly. Yamapi couldn’t stop touching Massu, smoothing hands down his back, the warmth of his skin seeping through the thin cotton of his shirt, and up into the silky strands of his hair. Massu shivered against Yamapi and made soft noises against his mouth, and Yamapi drank them in greedily, hands growing more possessive and once in a while smoothing down far enough to run through Tego’s hair as well.

“You’re ready, right?” Tego asked suddenly, making Yamapi break the kiss to look down at him, and when Massu moaned a yes and rocked backwards, Yamapi finally caught on that Tego had been doing more than a little kissing back there.

Tego, still sitting on the couch, shoved his pants and boxers just far enough out of the way to draw out his cock, hard and damp at the tip, and then looked up to meet Yamapi’s gaze with a grin.

Yamapi was more than happy to help Tego out, both pairs of their hands easing Massu down into Tego’s lap, sinking down on Tego’s cock with a spill of soft noises and hands tight on Yamapi’s skin.

“Wow,” Yamapi said again, feeling breathless at the sight of Massu’s head thrown back, cheeks pink and breath quick, Tego’s chin tucked into his shoulder and one hand coming around to coax Massu’s cock back into full hardness.

“You should try being on this end of it,” Tego said, getting a breathless laugh out of Massu, and then Massu opened his eyes and fixed a dark gaze on Yamapi, making him shiver.

He let himself be drawn in willingly by Massu’s hands, burying his own hands in Massu’s hair as Massu wrapped his mouth around Yamapi’s cock, just the tip at first, teasing the slit with his tongue. He waited until Tego started a rhythm from underneath Massu before following up in counterpoint, having to fight to keep his thrusts gentle and to keep his eyes open to watch the flicker of lust across Massu’s face, the words Tego mouthed against Massu’s skin.

It was an embarrassingly short amount of time later when he murmured a tight, “Massu, I’m going to come,” and Massu just hummed his okay with that without opening his eyes, kept humming as Yamapi tightened his grip on Massu’s hair and spilled over his tongue.

His eyes finally did pop open when Yamapi pulled out of his grip and dropped to his own knees, getting his own mouth around Massu’s cock and letting Tego’s rhythm push Massu up until Yamapi’s lips bumped Tego’s fist.

It was two pairs of hands that tightened on Yamapi a few minutes later, one in his hair and one on his shoulders, and Yamapi moaned along with them as Massu and Tego both finished with disgusting synchronicity.

Afterwards, they all slumped on the couch for the precious few minutes before the others came to torment them or maybe demand things from them, Massu cuddled happily in the middle, cheek pillowed sleepily on Tego’s chest and rear snuggled up against Yamapi’s crotch.

“I really like you in a suit,” Yamapi commented at random, Tego agreeing sleepily.

“Too bad Ryo didn’t leave my tie,” Massu yawned, and Tego and Yamapi grinned at each other over Massu’s head before Yamapi reached around to yank off Tego’s tie, and they pinned a startled Massu down between them.

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