A.B.C.+Shoon, If You Ask Nicely

Title: If You Ask Nicely [Kawai/Goseki/Shoon]
Rating/Warnings: NC-17 for inter-group bonding
Summary: Tottsu told Shoon about the member-ai, but Kawai and Goseki give him a practical demonstration.
AN: Apparently after getting nothing done for several days in a row, now I will get a bunch of things done at once. JOHNNY, I KNOW YOU ARE READING THIS. If you want more of the same, you will stick Shoon in there with ABC for real, yo.

If You Ask Nicely

“Okay, so,” Shoon turned to Tottsu as soon as he had a chance after starting practices with A.B.C., shooting a glance over to where Kawai was menacing Goseki to the tune of ‘Love So Sweet,’ “I’ve been wondering—“

“They’re together,” Tottsu interrupted, making Shoon laugh. Then he nudged Shoon’s shoulder with his own. “But, if you ask nicely, they don’t mind sharing.”

Shoon’s jaw dropped and his cheeks went pink as he whipped his head around to stare at Tottsu. “I wasn’t…” Tottsu just grinned, and Shoon realized maybe he had been, a little. “Well. How do you know, anyway?”

“Member-ai~,” Tottsu hummed, looking pleased with himself. Then he winked. “But you could always ask Fujigaya-kun if you don’t believe me.”

Shoon squawked at the mental image, and Tottsu poked him in the cheek and called him cute.

Shoon put the matter out of his head, but it all came back a few days later when he went into a dark practice room after hours in search of his lost sports bottle, only to find instead Kawai pressing Goseki into the wall.

Shoon’s yelp of surprise made Kawai turn his head, and his face heated up as Kawai saw who it was and grinned.

“Yo, Shoon-kun,” he said, hands still buried someplace in Goseki’s clothing.

“Sorry!” Shoon exclaimed. “I was just looking for…never mind! I’ll just, um…”

“In a hurry?” Goseki asked, peering over Kawai’s shoulder at Shoon with heavy-lidded eyes, making Shoon halt in the middle of his about-face towards the door. “You could stay, Shoon-kun.”

Tottsu’s words came back to Shoon all at once, and Shoon’s cheeks grew even hotter. “I…that is…”

“Ne, I bet Tottsu told him,” Kawai said, looking more than a little amused at Shoon’s expression. Goseki laughed and rubbed his cheek against Kawai’s shoulder.

Shoon cleared his throat. “I asked.”

Goseki and Kawai both laughed this time. Kawai shifted to one side, and Shoon caught sight of Goseki’s bare shoulder, his tank top strap pushed down and a shiny, pink mark above his collarbone. When he looked back up to Goseki’s face, Goseki winked at him and gave a little roll of his hips that made Kawai hiss.

“Tottsu said,” Shoon began to drift closer, “that you might share if I asked nicely.”

“Shoon-kun doesn’t need to ask,” Kawai answered, flicking a glance at Goseki’s face, then back at Shoon when Goseki continued to slouch amenably against the wall. “Didn’t Tottsu tell you about the member-ai?”

Shoon ducked his head to hide his pleased smile, but it was sort of futile since as soon as he approached the other two, Goseki could grin right up at him from below.

“Shoon-kun’s cute anyway,” Goseki informed him in a stage whisper. “We’d have said yes.”

Shoon didn’t get to respond to that, because Kawai leaned over and kissed him. Kawai’s mouth was warm and tasted of the mint gum Goseki favored, making Shoon’s eyes flutter shut as he shifted closer. An arm curled around Shoon’s waist to tug him flush up against Goseki’s side, and when Kawai pulled back for a breath, Shoon found Goseki grinning up at him again.

“You’re really flexible, right?” Goseki asked, and Shoon shivered as fingers stroked his side lightly, realizing that when Fujigaya called Goseki the shadow king of A.B.C., maybe he wasn’t teasing.

At Goseki’s suggestion that they find someplace more comfortable, they ended up in a tangle on some dance mats that hadn’t been put away, Shoon flat on his back with Kawai leaning over him and Goseki behind Kawai. The mat was cold against Shoon’s bare back, but the way he was shivering had more to do with the fact that Kawai had settled between his legs, rocking his hips against Shoon’s while he licked at the hollow of Shoon’s throat. Even through their sweatpants, Shoon could feel the sharp outline of Kawai’s cock against his hip, and he didn’t have any doubt that Kawai could feel exactly the same thing every time Shoon arched his back.

Shoon couldn’t see exactly what Goseki was doing, but Kawai was moaning soft and continual against Shoon’s throat, so he had a few hazily-formulated theories. They were all confirmed when Goseki came back into view to announce that Kawai liked being in the middle, and then tugged off everyone’s sweatpants.

“Hey,” Shoon protested weakly when Kawai slid down the line of his body, feeling like he wasn’t contributing anything useful. “Wait, I should…”

“It’s fine,” Kawai assured, punctuating his words with a nip to Shoon’s belly and a wide grin. “Being in the middle isn’t the only thing I like.”

Kawai’s mouth felt as good around Shoon’s cock as it had tasted, slick and curious, searching out all the places that could make Shoon shake. When Goseki slid up to cuddle along Shoon’s side and sneak a kiss from him, Shoon clutched at Goseki for support.

“Just wait,” Goseki chuckled, twirling some of the hair hanging in Shoon’s face around his finger. Shoon didn’t have any breath to ask what that meant, and he wasn’t prepared when Kawai’s mouth slid down from his cock to brush over his balls, making Shoon’s groans rise a half-octave.

Kawai didn’t stop there, and Shoon’s eyes went wide when he realized how far down Kawai intended to lick.

“Don’t!” Shoon gasped, the flush spreading the whole way down to his shoulders this time. There were two pairs of hands holding Shoon down though, so his struggles had barely any effect, other than Goseki humming as he pushed his own cock against the outside of Shoon’s thigh.

“Let him,” Goseki murmured in Shoon’s ear, “you won’t regret it.”

Shoon buried his face in Goseki’s shoulder and let his legs fall into a wider spread at Kawai’s questioning touch. At the first swipe of Kawai’s tongue, Shoon gave an embarrassingly loud moan, and Goseki laughed in delight, pulling Shoon’s head back with a tight grip on his hair to keep him from muffling his noises.

“Shoon-kun is really cute,” he commented, his free hand skating down Shoon’s chest. Goseki tweaked one of Shoon’s nipples, scratched his nails lightly down the soft skin of Shoon’s belly, and then wrapped his hand around Shoon’s cock, still slick from Kawai’s mouth. Still held in place by both members of A.B.C., Shoon couldn’t do anything but fist his hands and make a lot of embarrassing noises.

“Wait, wait,” he protested when it was all nearly too much, giving Goseki a pleading look. “I’ll…”

“Mm,” Goseki examined Shoon’s face with obvious satisfaction, then stretched out a foot to casually kick at Kawai. “Fumi-chan, who do you want?”

“Eh?” Kawai lifted his head and blinked at them, looking for all the world as if everything that was going on were totally normal, and Shoon had to stifle a snicker, his amusement taking the edge off his arousal for a moment. Only a moment, though, because although Kawai’s mouth was no longer on him, Kawai was still kneading the curve of Shoon’s ass gently as he thought. “We should ask Shoon-kun, shouldn’t we? It’s only polite.”

“You just can’t make up your mind,” Goseki rolled his eyes, then turned his attention back to Shoon. Shoon whimpered as Goseki gave his cock a squeeze. “Do you want Fumi-chan to fuck you while I fuck him from behind? Or would you rather have me, and Fumi-chan can ride your cock instead?”

Shoon groaned loudly at Goseki’s matter-of-fact question and sharp grin, and thought that it was no wonder Kawai had a hard time making choices. But Goseki had said Kawai liked being in the middle, so…

“I want Kawai-kun,” Shoon finally answered, and even though there was probably no wrong answer possible, Shoon still felt that he’d made the better choice when both Kawai and Goseki’s faces lit up at the answer.

Kawai was gentle and steady as he slid inside Shoon, holding Shoon’s hips steady while Goseki reached around from behind Kawai to keep his cock steady, only pulling his hand away when Kawai pressed right up against Shoon’s hips. Even once he got his eyes back open, Shoon couldn’t see much of Goseki behind Kawai, but he felt every inch of it when Goseki did the same thing to Kawai, Kawai jerking inside Shoon and pleasure narrowing his eyes to slits.

They all caught their breath for a moment, and then Kawai shifted positions, leaning forward more on his hands to give Goseki more room. While he was close, he leaned in for another kiss from Shoon, and Shoon hitched himself up on his elbows to meet him halfway, moaning softly into Kawai’s mouth when Kawai’s cock shifted inside of him.

Shoon’s moan turned sharp when Goseki thrust the first time, then adjusted the angle of Kawai’s hips and thrust again. Kawai gave Shoon’s lips a last lick and pulled away, and Shoon collapsed thankfully onto his back, glad that all he had to do was keep his hips held up, hold on, and moan.

It was certainly all he would have been capable of anyway, the sight of Kawai arching against both of them beautiful enough to steal his breath. Shoon caught glimpses of Goseki as well, face intent and eyes dark, and Shoon didn’t blame Kawai at all when Kawai gave a long wail and came suddenly.

“Sorry,” he apologized with a sheepish grin, panting for air, and Shoon yanked him down low enough for another messy kiss, not caring a bit.

“Sorry, Fumi-chan,” Goseki said, interrupting, and his voice was sweet but had a low current that made Shoon’s arms goosebump, “but you’ll have to get out of the way.”

Kawai chuckled, apparently used to this treatment, but Shoon was a little startled when Kawai pulled out of him, but then only shifted up far enough to slide down on Shoon’s cock instead, already stretched from Goseki’s fingers and cock, giving a throaty hum as he sank down.

“What…” Shoon tried to ask, then cut himself off with a moan as Goseki pushed inside of him. Shoon scrabbled at the mat, wondering if he was going to have any better luck lasting than Kawai had as Goseki picked up exactly where he’d left off.

“Feels really good, huh?” Kawai asked as he rolled his hips lazily, giving Shoon a knowing smile. “Gocchi’s the best.”

“Stop trying to rush me,” Goseki snapped, face hidden behind Kawai. “Just because you have the stamina of a KAT-TUN member.”

Shoon really wished he could see Goseki, knowing how intense Goseki looked when dancing and betting this was far hotter, but he certainly wasn’t going to encourage Kawai to move anyplace but up and down, possibly a bit faster. So he settled for imagining it and sinking fingers into Kawai’s thighs.

When Goseki’s hand slid around Kawai’s waist to tug at Kawai’s cock again, Shoon gave in with a groan and spilled inside of Kawai, Kawai crying out as well, like he could feel it. Kawai slipped off Shoon and curled up along his side, both of them shaking, and Shoon wrapped an arm around his shoulders and turned his face for a lazy kiss.

It took a few seconds, but when Shoon finally got his eyes open and turned his head back from Kawai to Goseki, his whole chest seized with the sight. Goseki moved like a smooth ripple, hair curling against his cheeks with sweat, eyes dark and mouth pink, and the shock of meeting his gaze jolted through Shoon like an extra aftershock.

“Way better than I thought,” Shoon murmured dumbly, and Kawai chuckled and pushed his face against Shoon’s shoulder to watch too.

“Told you,” he said lazily. “Gocchi’s the best.”

“Oh, fuck both of you,” Goseki gasped, rhythm stuttering, and neither one of them got the chance to make the obvious joke because Goseki was already coming, hard and long and beautiful.

Kawai and Shoon reached together to tug Goseki down in between them, Kawai curling along Goseki’s back and stroking away his shivers while Shoon kissed him, brushing his tongue gently along Goseki’s lips until Goseki had the presence of mind to get his fingers in Shoon’s hair and kiss back.

Eventually Kawai got impatient and demanded kisses as well, crawling over Goseki to work his way into the middle, and Goseki called him a spoiled brat in between indulging him, Shoon laughing as they fought over whose turn it was to kiss him next.

“Leggo!” Shoon finally protested, trying to roll away. “You’re getting me hard again!”

Two arms caught Shoon around the waist and hauled him back, and he found himself in the middle this time, once again on his back, Kawai and Goseki exchanging troubling grins over top of him.

“That’s fine, Shoon-kun,” Kawai finally said, turning his grin back towards Shoon, and the slide of his fingers against Shoon’s stomach made Shoon’s breath hitch.

“That’s just member-ai,” Goseki agreed, then he leaned over Shoon to kiss Kawai, and Shoon grabbed at both of their upper arms for support, unable to tear his eyes away from the slide of their tongues against each other, and wondered how long he would survive working with A.B.C. at this rate.


“Why’s Shoon-kun got the biggest cube?” Shintarou wanted to know, inspecting the cubes with interest.

“Hm, I wonder.” Tottsu rolled his eyes.

“Well, you see…” Kawai started, and Shoon whacked him over the back of the head.

Tottsu, Tsuka, and Goseki all beamed at Shoon in approval while Kawai pouted at him. Shoon-kun was fitting in just fine.

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