Category: South Park

South Park, If Wishes Were Horses

Ever since Kenny turned into a rebel princess, nothing about his life in the Hoard has made sense to Tweek. (Tweek/Craig, Butters, gen She-Ra AU)

South Park, Tying Rockets to My Shoestrings

Craig and Tweek start navigating the difference between making up and making it all up. (Craig/Tweek)

South Park, Just Like Superman and Wonder Woman and/or Batman

Craig has a low opinion of both underwear gnomes and playing superhero, but Tweek doesn't mind it if they can be a team.(Craig/Tweek)

South Park, Valentine’s Day is Fake (But We Aren’t)

Tweek thinks Valentine's Day is a fake marketing scheme. Craig figures out that he doesn't care even if it is. (Craig/Tweek)

South Park, Semi-Urgent Care

A couple hours in the urgent care is totally worth it, in Craig's opinion. (Craig/Tweek)

South Park, Ain’t That A Kick In the Chest

It's too damn hot in South Park to do anything. Except play Truth or Dare. (Stan/Kyle)

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