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Arashi, Re-Assignment Female (The Option B Remix)

After they get turned into girls by the combined forces of KAT-TUN and NEWS, Arashi does what any grown men would do in their situation. (OT5)

Arashi, Sleight of Hand

Ohno and Nino have a standing bet. (Ohno/Nino)

Arashi, Two Million Reasons

Ohno has a system, Aiba and Sho investigate it, Jun steals it, and Nino breaks it by accident. (Ohno/Nino)

Arashi, Easy Crazy Break Down

For his birthday this year, Nino wants to tell people about them. (Ohno/Nino)

26 JE Birthday Kisses, Beautiful Like a Rainbow

Even Ohno isn't sure what made him start paying attention at exactly the wrong moment. (Ohno/Nino)

Arashi, Worth Your While

Nino just gets a little jealous sometimes. Ohno helps him out with that. (Ohno/Nino)

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