Hikaru no Go, On Camera

Title: On Camera [Shindou/Touya]
Rating/Warnings: PG
Summary: The bathroom at the Go Institute sees a lot of action.
AN: Written for 2006 Trick or Treat.

Remixed by hostilecrayon here.

On Camera

“Do we really have to watch this?” Shindou whined, flopping dramatically on the couch.

“Yes,” Touya replied tartly, “because one of us couldn’t stay to discuss the match properly.”

“Do you know how many Mountain Dews I drank during that match!” Shindou exclaimed. “If you’d taken any damn longer with your fucking critical point, my bladder would have exploded!”

“As if that’s what you were doing in the bathroom,” Touya said, but his kind of mumbled it and his cheeks turned a bit pink.

“Geez Touya, at the freaking Go Institute?! I wouldn’t–” Shindou sat up straight suddenly. “Wait, have YOU done that?”

“No,” Touya snapped, cheeks blazing as he sat on the couch beside Shindou and scooped up the remote.

“You HAVE!” Shindou started cackling. “Look at your FACE, you totally have!”

“YOU KEPT UNBUTTONING YOUR SHIRT DURING THE MATCH!” Touya exploded finally, and Shindou laughed so hard he started wheezing, tears gathering in his eyes. “Fuck you, anyway,” he grumbled finally and hit ‘play’ on the remote.

“And here I thought you were repressed,” Shindou said, voice hoarse, as he settled on his back with his head on Touya’s lap. “Can we at least fast-forward through the joseki?”

“No,” Touya said, then after a few minutes when his head came into view along with his hand, “Did my hair really look like that?”

“Like what?” Shindou asked, reaching over to take the remote from Touya and hitting the fast-forward button.

“Like–oh god,” Touya winced when his head came back into view again. “Do we have to watch this?”

Remixed by hostilecrayon here.

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  • By Kernezelda, 2011.05.02 @ 4:28 pm

    Aww. 🙂 I just read the remix of this, and while that was a fun story, this is a cute scene, indeed. The boys are adorable!

  • By Mousapelli, 2011.05.02 @ 4:33 pm

    Thank you! I’m glad you liked it.

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