JE, Just Something The Senpai Tell You

Title: Just Something The Senpai Tell You [Shoon/Jin/Yamapi]
Rating/Warnings: NC-17 for threesome and Yamapi being the voice of reason. Sort of.
Summary: Shoon gets completely lost in the recording studio, and the senpai help him out. Of his clothes.
AN: for swtjemz because she is heading the Revolushoon with me, and also for darkeyedwolf who i hope this fic wrecks utterly

Just Something The Senpai Tell You

Yamashita Shoon shuffled down the hallway of the recording studio, hands in his pockets and glancing idly over the framed pictures of debuted groups underneath the plaques with the gold discs. The ones that were like cds, but were bigger and had some crazy label right in the middle. Shoon kept meaning to ask their manager was that was all about, but getting distracted by things like his bandmates passing out in the middle of recording their solos.

He’d told Taiyo that he needed to eat more than a cup of strawberry Yan-Yan for breakfast, but Taiyo hadn’t listened as usual. Sometimes being Ya-Ya-Yah’s older brother just wasn’t what it was cracked up to be.

On the other hand, maybe he shouldn’t have been up quite so late with Taiyo on the phone last night, until Shoon’s mother had come in and reminded him rather sharply that Reon had dance practice at 7:00 am. They’d just been so excited, even if they were only recording a White Day promotional mini-album, it did seem like a good sign since they weren’t just doing the dorky group song like ABC was. They got to record their own solos!

At least they might if nobody else passed out from nerves and strawberry icing.

Taiyo had apologized about a thousand times when he’d woken up on the booth floor surrounded by bandmates and sound techs, until Yabu had shut him up by feeding him sesame rice crackers from the vending machine. Their manager had told Hikaru to go next instead, since he looked least likely to keel over next.

Shoon had already recorded first, having the most experience, and once it was clear that Hikaru wasn’t going to do a Taiyo, Shoon had decided to go for a little walk, stretch his legs and work off some of his nerves so his voice didn’t crack when they finished up with Te wo Tsunaide Yukou.

Suddenly Shoon realized that he had absolutely no idea where he was. He’d taken half a dozen T-intersections at random, gone up—or was that down?—a staircase at one point, stopped to get a can of coffee out of the vending machine, and just then noticed that every single hallway and studio door looked exactly the same.

“Oh crap,” Shoon groaned. He took a sip of his coffee, screwing up his face when the taste of hazelnut hit his tongue and burned it too while it was at it. “Double crap. Betrayed even by the vending machine.”

From the recording room behind Shoon suddenly came the muffled noise of somebody singing…was that Best Friend? Shoon shrugged and turned to knock on the door, hoping that whoever was in there could maybe give him to directions back to studio 3-B. Or was it 3-G? 5-C?

“MY MOST IMPORTANT PERSON!” Akanishi Jin was sitting on the edge of the counter, swinging his feet, and Shoon clapped his hands over his ears because the sound-proofing of the room meant that what he’d thought was a normal person singing was actually Jin-senpai howling at the top of his lungs, eyes squeezed shut.

“Akanishi-senpai!” Shoon shouted over the racket. “AKANISHI-SENPAI!”

“Finally!” Jin’s eyes flew open and he turned to grin at Shoon. “I thought you were never going to…hey,” Jin stopped suddenly, tilting his head. “You aren’t Yamapi! Wrong Yamashita.”

“S-sorry!” Shoon blushed and rubbed at the wrist of the hand still holding his coffee. “It’s just, I’m kind of…lost.”

“So’s Yamapi, apparently.” Jin slid over on the counter and patted the space beside him. “And I see you found the vending machine that only gives out hazelnut coffee, too. Do you mind, Shoon-kun?”

“Please do,” Shoon said, coming over and dropping the can of coffee into Jin’s hand as fast as he could. He grabbed the counter and pushed himself up on it, feet kicking a little the last inch because he’d need at least another growth spurt and a half before his legs were anything like the ones Jin had packed in those designer jeans.

He’d barely gotten comfortable when Jin nudged him with a shoulder and said, “Soooo, who’s your favorite senpai?”

“Um,” Shoon said, staring at his lap. His palm was sweaty from the coffee and he rubbed it against his jeans.

“Don’t tell me it’s still Matsumoto-kun.” Jin took a noisy slurp of coffee. “That guy’s all eyebrow and no action, take it from me.”

“Akanishi-senpai!” Shoon protested, looking up, but then he froze because Jin was draining the coffee with his head thrown back and his throat bared. Shoon swallowed and stared at the ripple of Jin’s throat muscles, framed perfectly by his hair which was doing that fluttery thing that Shoon’s hair refused to do no matter what speed the hairdryer was on.

“Ne, it’s Jin-senpai,” Jin said when he was finished, licking the last bit of the coffee off the corner of his mouth, and Shoon nodded dumbly. “Are you sure that wasn’t just a typo? Jin and Jun are only one syllabary apart, you know.”

Shoon blushed even more furiously and tore his gaze away. He scrubbed his palms against his jeans some more.

“Aw, you’re shy!” Jin-senpai laughed, and slid his shoulder against Shoon’s again, this time a slow, sustained touch. “Cute! You should practice that face in the mirror, it’s a great way to get what you want out of unsuspecting senpai.”

“I’m not trying to get anything out of you,” Shoon protested. It wasn’t like he didn’t know exactly what Jin-senpai was talking about, and the knowledge certainly wasn’t cooling his cheeks.

“Good, because I’m not unsuspecting,” Jin-senpai said, his voice very close to Shoon’s ear, and his thigh was all the sudden pressed up against Shoon’s thigh, and that was all the warning Shoon got before Jin-senpai leaned in and kissed him.

Shoon froze, hands clutching more tightly at the edge of the counter. Jin-senpai’s lips were soft and smooth and warm, sliding against his own coaxingly. When Shoon didn’t respond after a second, Jin-senpai slid both hands into Shoon’s hair—he had a moment of reflexive panic before remembering which kind of recording they were doing today—and tilted his head for a better angle. Shoon shivered when one of Jin-senpai’s thumbs stroked the ridge of his cheekbone, but still didn’t move.

Jin-senpai slid one eye open, rich brown underneath his arched eyebrow, and made a disapproving sound when he found Shoon’s eyes still open and staring. Without letting go of Shoon, Jin-senpai slid off the counter and pressed closer, forcing Shoon’s knees to part to accommodate him. Jin-senpai broke the kiss to slide their bodies together more firmly, one hand leaving Shoon’s hair to splay against the small of Shoon’s back. His hand felt huge and warm through the thin cotton of Shoon’s T-shirt, making him shiver.

“Aka…” Shoon corrected himself when Jin-senpai cleared his throat, “Jin-senpai?”

“Hmm?” Jin-senpai hummed in his throat, using the hand in Shoon’s hair to tilt his head back, and then brushed lips over Shoon’s pulse. “Your heart is beating like crazy, Shoon-kun.”

“I…ah!” Shoon shivered when Jin-senpai gave his skin a little suck, grabbing at Jin-senpai’s shoulders. His eyes finally fluttered shut when he felt the sharp edge of Jin-senpai’s teeth there, not biting, just grazing. Maybe Hikaru was right after all about the rumor that the senpai got extra pretty and tall by becoming vampires!

“Much better,” Jin-senpai was murmuring, lips sliding up from Shoon’s throat to his jaw and back to his lips, and this time Shoon let his lips open obediently when Jin-senpai pressed against the hinge of Shoon’s jaw with his thumb.

He whimpered when Jin-senpai’s tongue slid over his lower lip and touched his own. Jin-senpai tasted like hazelnut, but Shoon had kind of forgotten by then what his objection to hazelnut was in the first place. Then Jin-senpai’s tongue curled around his own, and his hand slid under Shoon’s T-shirt and Shoon pretty much forgot everything.

And then Jin-senpai was pulling back, lips puffy and smug, and Shoon hadn’t managed to string a sentence together yet before Jin-senpai was stripping off Shoon’s T-shirt and tossing it aside, running his eyes down Shoon’s chest in a way that made Shoon flush all over and cross his arms in front of himself.

“Cute!” Jin-senpai said again, wrapping his long fingers around Shoon’s wrists and tugging them down, then pushing them behind Shoon’s back and transferring one wrist over so that he could hold them both with one hand. The other hand he brought back around front to run down Shoon’s ribs as if counting them. “I was wondering if it went the whole way down.”

“Jin-senpai!” Shoon protested, wriggling, but Jin-senpai just tightened his grip on Shoon’s wrists, and slid his free hand up to brush against one of Shoon’s nipples.

“Ah, it’s sticking up!” Jin-senpai exclaimed, sounding delighted, ignoring Shoon’s breathless protests as his hand traveled south to brush against the zipper of Shoon’s jeans. “And it’s not the only thing either.”

“Senpai!” Shoon couldn’t help but rock into Jin-senpai’s hand, whining in the back of his throat.

“Mm,” Jin-senpai licked his lower lip and Shoon shuddered hard, “do you know what happens to the nail that sticks up, Shoon-kun?”

Shoon, who probably couldn’t have answered the question “What’s your name?” at that moment, shook his head.

Jin-senpai’s laugh was rich and sweet and sent a shiver down Shoon’s spine. “It gets pounded.”

Moving his hand out of the way, Jin-senpai rolled his crotch against Shoon’s, making the moan that had been building in his throat finally spill free. The low sound surprised him, making him jerk back a little, but Jin-senpai just laughed again.

“Sound-proofing, Shoon-kun,” he purred, rolling his hips again. “Go ahead and make all the noise you like. I’ll make sure your voice is good and warmed up for your recording.”

Shoon moaned again—he couldn’t help it!—and then even louder when Jin-senpai ducked his head and licked at Shoon’s nipple, the hot tip of his tongue flicking over the hard point. Jin-senpai released his wrists, and Shoon grabbed at Jin-senpai’s shoulders for support, fingers scrabbling against the slick material of his shirt.

“Jin-senpai,” Shoon panted, fisting up the material, “I want…”

“Go ahead then,” Jin-senpai encouraged, his teeth light and sharp against Shoon’s collarbone, and Shoon didn’t need any more permission than that to gather Jin-senpai’s shirt up against his palms and pull. Jin-senpai lifted his arms willingly, letting Shoon pull the shirt off.

Shoon looked down at the shirt bunched up in his hands and felt suddenly shy. Jin-senpai chuckled and tugged the shirt out from between Shoon’s clenched fingers and tossed it aside, then gathered him close again, lips against Shoon’s cheek and hands sliding over his shoulders and back.

After a second of hesitation, Shoon mirrored the movement, breath hitching at how smooth and hot Jin-senpai’s skin was. He ran his palms over everything he could reach, learning the bumps of his spine and the lean curves of his muscles.

“Don’t stop,” Jin-senpai said when Shoon’s hands reached the small of his back and hesitated there, fingers just barely brushing the waist of Jin-senpai’s low-slung jeans. “Feels good, doesn’t it?”

“Yeah,” Shoon had to clear his throat to make his voice come out louder than a thready whisper, “senpai…”

“Shoon-kun’s voice is very cute,” Jin-senpai purred, rubbing closer, and Shoon whimpered at the heated tug of Jin-senpai’s skin against his own. He shifted even closer, wanting more, and ended up wrapping his legs around Jin-senpai’s, so that his heels were digging into the back of Jin-senpai’s knees.

Jin-senpai stumbled a little against Shoon at the sudden pressure on his joints, giving his first real moan, and Shoon froze at the sound, except for the shiver running down his skin.

“Jin-senpai,” Shoon murmured after a second, hiding his face against Jin’s neck, “Jin-senpai’s too.”

Jin-senpai’s laugh was almost as sexy as his moan, low and rich and making his chest buzz against Shoon’s. He reached back and hooked his hands under Shoon’s thighs, then gave them a sudden tug, hefting them up around his waist instead, and making Shoon’s grip around Jin-senpai’s neck tighten.

“Ne, don’t you think the angle is better?” Jin-senpai asked, rolling his hips against Shoon’s, and this time they were lined up perfectly for Shoon to feel Jin-senpai’s cock through his jeans, pressed tight and hard against his own.

Just then the door opened with a thud, and Shoon’s heart pounded in his ears as he looked over Jin-senpai’s shoulder and locked gazes with Yamashita-senpai.

Yamashita-senpai was making a face that Shoon had seen before, like when Hikaru thought that Yabu was spending more time with somebody other than him, or when Shoon took the last bag of Tiramisu pocky from the box and refused to share with Taiyo.

Only this time, Jin-senpai was the Tiramisu pocky.

“Um,” said Shoon, trying to untangle himself from Jin-senpai while still hiding his shirtlessness, but Jin-senpai refused to let go of his legs, holding him tight in place.

“Hmm, Shoon-kun?” Jin-senpai asked, lips brushing Shoon’s ear, and Shoon had to swallow a moan.

“It’s…it’s Yamashita,” he panted instead, shoving at Jin-senpai’s shoulders.

“Why so formal all the sudden?” Jin-senpai asked, and Shoon groaned in frustration as Jin-senpai gave his earlobe a little nibble. “I thought we were getting along just…” Shoon finally grabbed Jin-senpai’s face, hands pressed flat against Jin-senpai’s cheeks, and forcibly turned his head to see Yamashita-senpai glowering at them. “Oh! Wrong Yamashita again.”

“Bakanishi,” Yamashita-senpai growled, and Shoon and Jin-senpai both shivered.

“You were late!” Jin-senpai accused, turning his head away again, and Shoon’s jaw dropped when Jin-senpai gave him a wink. “I found someone new to play with.”

“Jin-senpai!” Shoon protested, too shocked to even keep trying to wriggle away. “I was lost, Yamashita-senpai, and I came in to ask directions, and…”

“Is he drawing a map on your chest with his tongue?” Yamashita-senpai asked, voice tart, and Shoon shrank against Jin-senpai a little more.

“Ne, Shoon-kun, I have an idea,” Jin-senpai whispered in Shoon’s ear. “Maybe if we ask nicely, and are super cute, Yamapi-kun will play with us too!”

Shoon just stared, jaw still dangling and cock still pressed up against Jin-senpai’s, cheeks turning pink again as Yamashita-senpai made a disgusted noise behind them.

“Perfect!” Jin beamed. “You keep being cute just like that, and I will ask nicely! Yo, Piiiiii~!”

Jin-senpai finally did let go of Shoon’s legs and slid out from between them, turning to face Yamashita-senpai but still pressing close to Shoon’s side, wrapping an arm around Shoon’s bare shoulders.

Yamashita-senpai was glaring at them, arms crossed. His arms were blocking some of the letters, but Shoon was reasonably sure his T-shirt read “Fucking MY WAY.”

“Shoon-kun was just telling me,” Jin-senpai was saying, laying his chin on Shoon’s collarbone so that his voice made Shoon’s chest buzz, “how we’re his most admired senpai.”

“Oh?” Yamashita-senpai raised an eyebrow just as Shoon spluttered a protest.

“Don’t be shy, Shoon-kun,” Jin-senpai smiled so that his eyes crinkled up and slapped a hand over Shoon’s mouth. “Mostly me, but he did mention your name in passing. So I was thinking, as good senpai, maybe we could indulge the kouhai just a little, hnnnn?”

While he was talking, one of Jin-senpai’s hands had crept down to Shoon’s nipple, and Shoon squeaked as Jin-senpai tweaked it hard.

And that was how Shoon ended up sandwiched between the two of them, Yamashita-senpai sitting on the counter, and Jin pressed up against Shoon’s back as he reached around him to undo Yamashita-senpai’s zipper.

“Don’t be scared, Shoon-kun,” Jin-senpai encouraged as he drew out Yamashita-senpai’s cock and gave it a few familiar strokes. “Pi-senpai is totally easy, even if it is your first blowjob.”

“Or your eight millionth,” Yamashita-senpai rolled his eyes at Jin-senpai, and Shoon felt Jin-senpai’s grin curl against the back of his neck. He didn’t bother to argue with Jin-senpai.

He glanced down at Yamashita-senpai’s cock, peeking out from the circle of Jin-senpai’s fingers and swallowed hard. This was a lot different than shared hotel room handjobs with Taiyo, or that time Yabu had been kind of a little drunk at his birthday party.

Suddenly long fingers were in his hair, tilting his head up, and Shoon had a second to blink at Yamashita-senpai before he was being kissed, unhurried and thorough. Jin-senpai was still pressed against his back, stroking Shoon’s sides and murmuring stupid things against his neck, and Shoon hadn’t realized that he’d been shaking until it finally stopped.

And then Yamashita’s lips were gone, but his hands were still in Shoon’s hair, urging him downwards until he was only an inch or so away from Yamashita-senpai’s cock. Shoon took a deep breath, then tentatively stuck out his tongue and touched Yamashita-senpai lightly.

Yamashita-senpai made a soft noise and rocked towards the contact, and Shoon licked his lips and leaned forward just a little more, then slid his mouth over Yamashita-senpai’s cock, until his lips bumped Jin-senpai’s fist a couple inches down.

Yamashita-senpai tasted just a little salty, and warm like bright stage lights on bare shoulders, and when Jin-senpai pulled his hand away, Shoon slid his lips down farther, chasing more of that, until he had to pull back with a cough.

“Careful!” Jin-senpai said, voice sweet with laughter. “You have to record still yet.”

“Hmm,” said Shoon, eyes widening when Yamashita-senpai’s grip on his hair tightened and he pushed up into Shoon’s mouth, and Jin-senpai laughed again, fingers running over Shoon’s ribs.

Too distracted to notice properly, Shoon startled when Jin-senpai slid Shoon’s jeans back down over his hips. He hadn’t even felt Jin-senpai undo the zipper! But he sure felt Jin-senpai baring his skin to the air conditioning of the studio. Jin-senpai teased the base of Shoon’s cock and his balls with feather-light touches, making Shoon wriggle so that his jeans fell farther down his hips and he could spread his legs enough to give Jin-senpai more room to maneuver.

Shoon let out an undignified caterwaul when something hot and wet slid over his tailbone. He jerked his head off Yamashita-senpai’s cock to look over his shoulder, and found Jin-senpai kneeling down behind Shoon’s ass, grinning.

“You’ll like it, I promise!” Jin-senpai said brightly, flashing Shoon a V, and then he bent his head and slid his tongue down the crack of Shoon’s ass.

Shoon nearly toppled over, grabbing Yamashita-senpai’s thighs for support, and looked up to find Yamashita-senpai grinning at him too, flicking glances from Shoon’s face down to what was happening at the other end of his body.

“It’s okay, right?” Yamashita-senpai asked, raising one eyebrow. His fingers were rubbing little circles against Shoon’s scalp, soothing and slow. “If it’s not, you better stop Bakanishi before he really gets invested.”

“It’s…” Shoon swallowed hard when Jin’s tongue brushed deliberately over his entrance. “It’s okay.” And then there was the hiss of denim as Shoon’s jeans slid the rest of the way off, and the clink of his belt buckle hitting the floor. Shoon took a deep breath and slid his lips back over Yamashita-senpai’s cock, sinking fingers into Yamashita-senpai’s thighs when he felt Jin-senpai’s long fingers spreading him open.

“Easy, easy,” Yamashita-senpai was saying, but he was rocking into Shoon’s touch anyway. Shoon tried to focus on the weight of Yamashita-senpai on his tongue as Jin-senpai slid a finger into him, still pressing lazy, open-mouthed kisses to Shoon’s tailbone and the small of his back. Jin-senpai’s fingers were unhurried and confident, like the roll of his hips during Real Face, easing in and out of Shoon in steady strokes while he brushed his free hand over Shoon’s belly, occasionally giving his cock a tug just to keep it interested in the proceedings.

And then Jin-senpai apparently decided that he was finished fooling around, because he brushed a spot inside Shoon that made Shoon moan and sink his nails into Yamashita-senpai’s skin. Yamashita-senpai cursed and yanked hard on Shoon’s hair, and the whole thing shot as just pleasure through Shoon’s overloaded nerves.

“Bakanishi!” Yamashita-senpai growled, making both Shoon and Jin-senpai shudder. “Quit teasing!”

“Yes, yes,” Jin-senpai answered, chuckling. Shoon squeezed his eyes shut when Jin-senpai drew his fingers out, and then there was the sound of Jin-senpai hopping to his feet, ankle boots clomping against the floor, and the sound of his zipper being undone. He stroked his palm down Shoon’s spine and asked, “Ready?”

Shoon pulled his mouth away from Yamashita-senpai’s cock and answered, “Uh-huh,” trying to steady his nerves. Jin-senpai gripped Shoon’s hips tightly, and suddenly something blunt and hot was pressing against his ass, Jin-senpai pushing forward slow and steady, and Shoon took several open-mouthed breaths, eyes squeezed tightly shut.

“So good, Shoon-kun,” Jin-senpai purred, his voice rubbing silkily against Shoon’s skin. “You feel really good, and you look amazing like that, all spread out between us…”

“You’re just sweet-talking me,” Shoon murmured, face hot, then went back to sucking off Yamashita-senpai in case anything more embarrassing happened to spill out of his mouth.

“Damn, that’s really hot,” Yamashita-senpai said, voice rough, and Shoon didn’t look up to see which of them he was looking at. Yamashita-senpai’s fingers soon found their way back into Shoon’s hair, and Shoon let them guide his rhythm, too distracted by the thrust of Jin-senpai into him to sustain one of his own.

“Ah, sorry, Shoon-kun,” Jin-senpai groaned after not very long (although Shoon was in no state to really be judging the passage of time), “but you’re just too cute.” And that was all the warning Shoon had before Jin-senpai’s fingers sank into his hips bruise-deep, and Jin-senpai shuddered against his back, last several thrusts sharp and erratic.

All three of them were still for a few moments, breathing hard, and then it was like Jin-senpai and Yamashita-senpai had made a plan without speaking somehow, because all at once Jin-senpai was pulling out, and Yamashita-senpai was tugging Shoon’s head up, and then four hands were hooking under Shoon’s thighs and urging him up onto Yamashita-senpai’s lap.

“Yamashita-senpai?” Shoon asked, grabbing his shoulders for support, knees braced on the counter on either side of Yamashita-senpai’s lap.

“You should call me Yamapi,” Yamashita-senpai said, then framed Shoon’s slim hips with his warm hands, and pushed Shoon down onto his cock.

Senpai,” Shoon hissed, sliding down easily, still slick and stretched from Jin-senpai’s cock.

“That’s good too,” Yamashita-senpai said in the middle of a low groan, then leaned back to brace his palms on the counter and thrust up.

Shoon had always thought that it was a myth that you could come just from this, something that the senpai told the juniors to make them scurry off to their hotel rooms and give the senpai some peace and quiet. It seemed much more plausible now that Yamash—now that Yamapi-senpai’s cock was stroking hot and thick inside him, making Shoon fist his hands against Yamapi-senpai’s chest and arch his back.

He wasn’t about to find out, though, because Jin-senpai was pressing close along Shoon’s back again, one hand dragging against Shoon’s nipples and the other wrapping tight around Shoon’s cock. He helped support Shoon’s weight, rocking him up and down on Yamapi-senpai’s cock, and Yamapi-senpai gave a low, drawn-out moan that shivered against Shoon’s ribs.

“Come on, Shoon-kun,” Jin-senpai urged, breath hot against Shoon’s ear. His fingers tightened on Shoon’s cock, tugging and squeezing in rhythm with Yamapi-senpai’s thrusts. “It’s good, ne? You should show Pi-senpai just how good he feels…”

Shoon let his head tip back against Jin-senpai’s shoulder, Jin-senpai and Yamapi-senpai’s hands moving his body, and groaned while Jin-senpai coaxed him over the edge with his hands and his voice. When he came, he was shaking all over and his hands were fisted tightly in Yamapi-senpai’s T-shirt where it pulled tight over his shoulders.

He was still dizzy from the shock of his orgasm when Yamapi-senpai followed him, slamming up into Shoon in a way that Shoon was sure he would be feeling later, when he wasn’t a puddle of pleasure-soaked goo being held together only by lip gloss and hair product.

“Looks like you had fun, Shoon-kun,” Jin-senpai commented, his chuckle stroking along Shoon’s spine, and Shoon looked down to see that he had come more than a little, spattered up Yamapi-senpai’s stomach and T-shirt. “You got Pi’s favorite T-shirt pretty good.”

“Your favorite?” Shoon exclaimed, eyes widening in panic, and he tried to scramble off of Yamapi’s lap, wincing in between apologies. “Yamashita-senpai, I’m SO sorry, sorry…”

“Shh,” Jin caught at Shoon’s waist, soothing him with warm hands and sliding him off Yamapi’s cock slowly. “Don’t worry about it, Shoon-kun. After all, why do you think it’s his favorite?”

Shoon’s mouth worked wordlessly for a few seconds as he glanced back and forth between Jin-senpai’s grin and Yamapi-senpai’s lazy smirk, and then Jin-senpai leaned over Shoon’s shoulder and pressed his lips to Yamapi-senpai’s.

Humming with pleasure, Yamapi-senpai reached up to bury his hand in Jin-senpai’s hair and kissed back hungrily, both of them pressing closer until Shoon was having a hard time drawing a full breath, caught between them.

“Ne, Shoon-kun,” Jin-senpai murmured after a few long moments, pulling back just far enough from Yamapi-senpai to speak but eyes half-lidded and still glued to Yamapi-senpai’s mouth. “Don’t you have a recording to get back to?”

After a hurried clean-up that involved far fewer tissues and much more of Jin-senpai’s tongue than Shoon had expected, Shoon found himself hastily dressed and out in the hallway.

And still completely lost.

He debated going back into the room and asking for directions, but then he heard a heavy thump and a rough “Tomohisa!” through the door, and decided he was better off working it out on his own.

“Finally!” Yabu exclaimed when Shoon finally made it back to their studio, out of breath from the stairs and T-shirt sticking to his sweaty chest. At least it looked like he had an excuse to be disheveled, Shoon thought to himself.

“I got lost,” he admitted, running a hand through his hair, “and I ran into Akanishi-senpai and Yamashita-senpai…”

“Jin-senpai?” Taiyo demanded, apparently having made a full recovery and bouncing out of his chair despite Hikaru’s disapproving click of the tongue. “Did you tell him we were here?! Is he coming to visit?!”

“I think,” Shoon cleared his throat and stared at a point on the wall over Taiyo’s shoulder, “that they’re kind of busy right now…”

“Awww…” Taiyo pouted, and then Yabu shoved them all into the recording booth, shouting things about how they were never going to get debuted at this rate.

“Did you go away to practice?” Hikaru asked in between takes a little while later, and Shoon tilted his head in confusion. “Ah, your voice just sounds more…like you warmed up really well. Did the senpai help you?”

“Ah…” Shoon drank a gulp of water from his water bottle and tried not to blush furiously. It was a complete failure. “That is…”

“Stop slacking!” Yabu bellowed behind them, making Shoon spill his water all over his T-shirt. “We have a recording to finish!”

“Your shirt!” Hikaru exclaimed, stepping back to avoid being splashed.

“Seems to be going around,” Shoon grumbled, wiping a hand over the dark splotches, and then he yelped as Taiyo slapped his ass on the way by.

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