JE, Part of the Show

Title: Part of the Show [Koki/Fujigaya]
Rating/Warnings: R for senpai and costume racks.
Summary: Koki isn’t thrilled about Kame’s solo and Fujigaya’s involvement in it.
AN: For crystallekil, who wanted Koki/Fujigaya in return for the 2×1000 fic. I’ve been kind of thinking of this ever since I watch the Queen of Pirates DVD, because LOL KAME. molesting your backdancers, yo.

Part of the Show

Humming “Our Story” to himself, Fujigaya was occupied hanging up his coat on the costume rack after KAT-TUN’s second show of the day, smoothing the fur down so that it all would lay in the same direction. He was so involved in what he was doing that when someone grabbed his elbow, he squeaked in surprise, just before he was pushed back against the closest wall, back hitting it with a thump.

When Fujigaya looked up, he found himself nose-to-nose with Koki, who was looking none too pleased.

“So,” Koki said casually, as if he weren’t pinning Fujigaya to the wall with a hand against the wall on either side of his head. “Had fun today?”

“Sure,” Fujigaya answered, trying not to shiver obviously at the nudge of Koki’s knee in between his own. Fujigaya tilted his head and gave Koki an innocent blink. “Koki-kun?”

Koki narrowed his eyes and leaned in closer. “Kame your favorite senpai now?”

“N-no!” Fujigaya protested, making his eyes wide, but the blush that spread over his cheeks at the thought of Kame’s solo wasn’t part of Fujigaya’s act. “It wasn’t like that! It was just…”

“Part of the show?” Koki asked, breath hot against Fujigaya’s ear, and Fujigaya’s breath hitched. “Is that all it was, a show? Kame’s body up against yours, his arms around you, his mouth right about…” Koki flicked his tongue against the edge of Fujigaya’s jaw, “here?”

Fujigaya’s eyes fluttered shut as Koki started talking and he tuned out the sounds of the crew and other members bustling about backstage. They were only half-hidden by the rack of costumes, but in the rush to get out of makeup and costume, nobody was likely to pay them any mind even if they did notice, in Fujigaya’s experience.

“…any senpai’s fine by you, huh?” Koki was saying.

“Mean!” Fujigaya protested, putting his hands up to push Koki far enough back to pout at him, but leaving his fingers curled in Koki’s tour T-shirt. “You know I’m not like that!”

“Oh, really?” Koki arched an eyebrow, then dropped one hand from the wall to cup the front of Fujigaya’s pants. “What’s this then? Left your mic in your pocket?”

“Koki-kun’s different,” Fujigaya said. His eyes fluttered again as he pushed into Koki’s touch, and he pulled Koki’s shirt tighter. “Kame-kun just wanted to play, but he never follows through. You know you’re my favorite senpai.”

Fujigaya pulled Koki closer for a coy kiss, barely more than a teasing brush of his lips, and Koki chuckled.

“It’s a good thing somebody taught you to talk sweet,” Koki said, and Fujigaya only had a second to pout harder before Koki kissed him hard enough to push him back up against the wall.

“Ah!” Fujigaya pulled his mouth free to gasp as Koki got his hands up under Fujigaya’s T-shirt and dragged blunt nails over Fujigaya’s ribs.

“I wonder who did teach you that?” Koki mused, digging his fingers in a little harder until Fujigaya whined. “Some of your other favorite senpai?”

“Maa, don’t be like that.” Fujigaya rolled his hips against Koki’s, making both of them hiss. Fujigaya lowered his voice to a purr. “They taught me other stuff too.”

“Show me,” Koki ordered, and Fujigaya leaned up to kiss Koki again, a different sort of tease as he rocked his body against Koki’s and licked his way inside Koki’s mouth.

Then he pulled away and gave Koki a wink before dropping to his knees.

“I guess there are worse habits you could have picked up,” Koki growled, but his voice was pleased as Fujigaya pushed Koki’s T-shirt out of the way and tugged his cock free.

Fujigaya didn’t go right for the kill, but instead wrapped his hand around Koki’s cock and stroked him firmly while he leaned in to lick the sharp jut of Koki’s hip. Koki’s skin was still hot and damp from the stage, salt stinging Fujigaya’s tongue, and Fujigaya hummed when Koki worked hands into his hair, fingers working against Fujigaya’s scalp as Koki tugged him over to where he wanted him.

Letting himself be pulled, Fujigaya opened his mouth obediently when Koki’s cock bumped his lips, but once he had several inches of Koki inside his mouth, Fujigaya paused there.

“What are you waiting for?” Koki demanded after a few seconds, and Fujigaya only blinked up at Koki innocently through his bangs, the stretch of his mouth around Koki’s cock hiding his smirk.

When Koki still didn’t get it right away, Fujigaya pushed against Koki’s hands, which were still tangled in his hair.

“You brat,” Koki rolled his eyes, but then tightened his grip and started pushing and pulling Fujigaya up and down the length of his cock. Fujigaya hummed his approval, putting his hands on Koki’s hips for support, and Koki got bolder with the length of his thrusts.

Fujigaya was getting more than a little turned on himself, his humming turning into full-throated moaning, which definitely did not escape Koki’s notice even thought the sound was mostly muffled. It was the feel of it, more than the sound, that went right to Koki’s balls, and he tried to tug Fujigaya back as a warning. Fujigaya growled his refusal and tightened his grip on Koki’s hips. Giving up on the warning, Koki gave another low groan, his fingers twisting in Fujigaya’s hair as he came.

Giving Koki a few last licks, Fujigaya pushed himself back to his feet using the wall for support, hoping that it looked sexy rather than like he was so turned on that he could barely move. Fortunately, Koki didn’t seem to care as he yanked Fujigaya forward for another deep kiss.

“That’s some trick,” Koki finally admitted when they broke for air. Fujigaya was rubbing against Koki shamelessly, heady with want, arms around Koki’s neck for balance.

“Take me home?” Fujigaya asked, stealing another kiss. “I’ll show you some of the other things I’ve learned, senpai.”

“Yeah, all right,” Koki answered, smoothing hands over Fujigaya’s back possessively. He leaned in to nip Fujigaya’s earlobe. “But Kame can’t come.”

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