JE, Unwound

Title: Unwound [Jin/Yamapi/Kame]
Rating/Warnings: NC-17 for threesome
Summary: Kame’s a little stressed out as usual. Yamapi takes matters into his own hands, and Jin’s always up for that.
AN: Written for the 2008 JE Holiday Exchange. Happy Holidays, Twirlingleaves!

“Please don’t make me do this,” Kame begged into the phone. “I mean it, Yamashita, my patience is hanging by a thread. One single, frayed, strand is all that’s keeping me from mass homicide.”

“BOUND,” Jin wailed into his hairbrush behind Kame, wearing nothing but a towel that seemed to be having trouble keeping up with his hips, “BY A RED THREAD!”

“Single homicide might be enough,” Kame continued, catching Nakamaru’s eye across the dressing room and pointing at Jin in a clear command to make him stop.

Nakamaru waved back. Junno turned and started waving too.

“Oi, Jin-chan,” Ueda finally took pity on Kame or maybe just couldn’t take anymore himself, “there’s something shiny over here.”

“Ooh!” Jin dropped his hairbrush carelessly and sauntered over to Ueda.

“Aww, don’t be like that, Kame-chan,” Yamapi’s voice brought Kame’s attention back to the phone. “We planned dinner two weeks ago, and you’re coming! You need to go out once in a while, for all values of ‘go out’ that do not end in you getting shitfaced and ending up in the tabloids.”

“I doubt going out with you will lessen the chances of that happening,” Kame retorted, turning his back putting a hand over his ear to try and muffle Jin’s whines about Ueda cruelly forcing him into pants. “I think we should just give up and challenge Arashi to a competition. They’ve got two girls and weed, we should go for four girls and some coke.”

“The only coke you know how to get your hands on is the kind that comes out of a vending machine,” Yamashita scoffed, “and the only thing you’d be high on is the thrill of going off your approved foods list. You’re coming out to dinner, and that’s the end of it.”

Yamapi hung up on Kame, and Kame uttered a little shriek of rage before throwing his phone at Jin’s stupid, big-haired head.


“Ryo suggested, rather than four girls,” Yamapi said without preamble as Kame shoved Jin ahead of him into the yakiniku place and pushed him into Yamapi’s side of the booth, “we should just get four members dressed as girls.”

“Which four?” Jin demanded suspiciously. “Not Tegoshi again, because Koyama always yells at me after.”

“Does Uchi-kun count as a member?” Yamapi asked, and Jin made a thoughtful noise. Jin thus distracted, Yamapi turned to Kame. “And how was your day?”

“Full of morons with big hair who can’t sing,” Kame grumbled.

“Don’t be too hard on yourself,” Yamapi consoled, reaching over to pat Kame’s hand, and Kame jabbed him with the corner of his menu.

“Uchi’s okay,” Jin announced with authority, “but Kusano’s out, he’d never pass.”

“Would you stop encouraging him, please?” Kame said, dropping his menu and waving to the waitress because he couldn’t put up with this insanity for one moment longer without some sort of alcohol. “You’re supposed to be defending me against him, not adding to the madness.”

“Where’d you get that idiotic idea?” Yamapi wanted to know, right before he tilted his head back to grin at the waitress and inform her that what he really wanted was a lot of meat in his mouth.

Jin agreed enthusiastically, then added, “Unless you got all of K.K.Kity to agree to it, ‘cause that would be worth going out for.”

“I’m sending him back to America,” Kame commented after their food had arrived, mood mellowed out slightly by food and beer. “They’re the ones who gave him all these ideas, and they should have to deal with the consequences.”

“Ideas?” Yamapi asked immediately, pausing with a piece of steak halfway to his mouth. He scowled when Jin leaned over and stole the steak with a curl of his tongue.

“Yes, ideas,” Kame answered, flipping over a few pieces of his own steak and deftly flicking Jin’s chopsticks away with his own. “The K.K.Kity thing just now, and yesterday he was talking about starting a Johnny’s adult film branch.”

Jin beamed proudly, and Yamapi’s grin widened. “That actually sounds like…”

“And last week,” Kame continued, heedless of Yamapi’s interest, “he had some half-baked plan about us all getting into bed together.”

“That one!” Yamapi exclaimed, loud enough to make Kame drop a bite of food and look up in surprise. “We’re doing that one!”

“I…” Kame looked from Yamapi, who was flagging the waitress back down with hurried waves, to Jin, who was staring at Kame with adoring eyes. “What?!”

“I take it all back, Kame-chan,” Jin said fervently. “We can be best friends again,” and then he shoved a couple more pieces of Yamapi’s food in his mouth.


“I don’t understand what’s happening at all,” Kame said loudly as he was tugged into Yamapi’s bedroom, Jin flopping carelessly across Yamapi’s bed.

“Just take off your clothes, Kame-chan,” Jin said, stretching lazily. “Honestly, and people say I’m a moron.”

“You seem a bit tense lately,” Yamapi added, sidling up behind Kame, and Kame hissed a breath as Yamapi slid arms around Kame’s waist, breath warm in his ear. “And girls just seem to get you into trouble, so…”

“This is your plan, then?” Kame snorted, although it wasn’t as condescending as it might have been, what with Yamapi’s hand skimming underneath his shirt. “Not girls?”

Jin grinned up at Kame from the bed, eyes low-lidded and legs spread casually. He twirled a piece of his hair around his finger into a fat curl. “If that’s what you want…”

“Not really,” Kame answered dismissively, making Yamapi laugh against his ear, and Kame shivered. “Let’s go, then,” he said. “If it’ll shut you two up.”

“You know the only way to shut Jin up,” Yamapi murmured, flicking open the buttons of Kame’s shirt one at a time, “is to stick something in his mouth.”

That was just the sort of idiotic commentary that Kame usually railed against from his colleagues, but somehow it didn’t seem quite so idiotic when he was kneeling on Yamapi’s bed, shirt missing and jeans undone, Jin’s mouth wrapped around his cock and Yamapi sucking wet kisses along the curve of his shoulder. Even Jin’s big, stupid hair wasn’t half so stupid when Kame could wrap his fingers in it and tug Jin’s mouth in the direction he wanted it.

“You’re such a cockwhore,” Kame said, even a blowjob not stifling all of his sarcastic tendencies, but Jin just looked up through his lashes and let the corners of his mouth curl into a smirk. Then he used the edge of his teeth, making Kame gasp and roll his hips.

“But he’s so good at it, isn’t he?” Yamapi hummed as Kame’s motion slid his ass tight against Yamapi’s cock, still trapped in his jeans. The rub of the rough material over his skin made Kame give another moan. “Ne, who do you want?”

Jin let Kame slip free of his mouth with a wet pop and pouted up at both of them. “Why does he get to pick?”

“Because he’s the one getting relaxed, idiot.” Yamapi let go of Kame long enough to cuff the back of Jin’s head lightly, but Jin just pushed up into Yamapi’s touch, seeking more. “You don’t care anyway.”

“I want to fuck him,” Kame interrupted them, but before Yamapi could do more than make an approving noise, added, “and I want him to fuck you.”

“Hey,” Yamapi tried to protest, but Jin was already in motion, reminding Yamapi sweetly that this was all for Kame after all as he tugged Yamapi out from behind Kame and pushed him down on his own back on the bed. He threw a leg over Yamapi’s waist and leaned down for a messy kiss.

Kame watched them kiss and tug at each other as he slid off the bed to strip off the rest of his clothes, appreciating Jin’s reckless and enthusiastic approach to making out with Yamapi more than he did Jin’s similar attempts at performing on-stage. Yamapi wasn’t having much success undressing either one of them, occupied as he was with Jin’s mouth, one hand fisted in Jin’s hair and the other tugging futilely at the back of his shirt.

Finally, just as Kame finished rifling Yamapi’s bedside table for the necessities, Jin sat up to do the job himself, carelessly flinging his own shirt aside before reaching down to yank Yamapi’s roughly over his head. He was diving back in for Yamapi’s mouth when Kame reached down to grab Jin’s waistband and haul him backwards.

“Lose the pants too, or you’ll never get anywhere,” Kame ordered, and when Jin looked up with a scowl, Kame twiddled the tube of lubricant between his fingers until Jin got moving again. Yamapi took a second longer to obey, still a bit dazed.

Kame stroked himself unhurriedly as he watched Jin prepare Yamapi, Jin’s fingers deep and restless inside him, Jin’s mouth on Yamapi’s cock. Yamapi was trying to watch through slit eyelids, but clearly not managing much as he pushed into Jin’s touch, head tilting back against his pillows.

“Do it,” Kame said when he was getting a bit restless himself, anxious to watch the flush that spread over Yamapi’s neck and shoulders as Jin pushed into him, anxious for Jin to get up on his knees so that Kame could get his own fingers inside of Jin.

Jin braced his hands on the bed on either side of Yamapi’s head and pushed back against Kame’s touch, moaning shamelessly. Yamapi’s soft pants added to the noise as Jin thrust between them, forward into Yamapi and back against Kame, squeezing down hot and slick around Kame’s fingers.

It didn’t take long for Kame’s patience to reach it’s limits, and even though he could have prepared Jin more thoroughly, Kame knew from experience that Jin preferred it a little rough anyway. He pulled his fingers free from Jin, ignoring Jin’s whine, then held Jin’s hips still with fingers tight on his hips as he pushed steadily inside until he couldn’t sink any deeper.

“Don’t stop,” Yamapi’s voice came from underneath Jin.

“Shut up, give me a second,” Jin growled, dropping his forehead to Yamapi’s chest and letting Kame get a good look at Yamapi’s face. His cheeks were flushed and his lips wet and puffy, and when his eyes met with Kame’s, they shared a perfect moment of understanding.

Kame drew back his hips and slammed back into Jin just as Yamapi shoved down against him, making Jin yelp and scramble for a hold on the sheets.

“Fuck, you sons of bitches,” Jin cursed, which only made Kame laugh and thrust again, hard and fast. Yamapi dug a heel into the back of Kame’s thigh, Jin continued spilling a stream of curses, half in Japanese and half in English, and Kame just tightened his grip on Jin’s hips and let his body take over.

He heard Jin come, first as always, back going taut and groaning his pleasure before slumping on top of Yamapi.

“Get out of the way,” Yamapi commanded, voice muffled in Jin’s hair some place, and Kame grunted in annoyance as Jin pulled away to comply, rolling lazily onto his back heedless Yamapi’s sheets, eyes already closed.

Kame looked back to find Yamapi grinning at him, holding out a hand.

“Come on, Kame-chan,” he urged, getting his other heel around Kame’s legs as well and kicking at him. “You don’t look relaxed yet.”

Yamapi wasn’t rough like Jin, and got a hand in between them to help line Kame up and ease him inside. He slide in easily, but Yamapi kept tugging until Kame was practically sprawled against his chest, close enough for Yamapi to lean up and kiss him lazily.

Bracing himself on his elbows, Kame worked his hands into Yamapi’s hair, tugging on the leftover wave of his perm and letting Yamapi do all the work of moving their hips, comfortable and sweet. Eventually he felt something warm brush against his stomach, and glanced over to see Jin smirking at them, his hand worked between Kame and Yamapi to wrap around Yamapi’s cock.

Kame let his eyes slip shut again and concentrated on the feel of Yamapi tight around his cock and Yamapi’s soft groans in his ear, and then Kame pressed his forehead against Yamapi’s collar bone and came with a long groan of his own.

When Kame eventually felt like peeling his eyes open again, he found himself tucked in between Yamapi and Jin, Yamapi stretched out on his stomach and Jin casually licking his fingers clean.

“See?” Yamapi asked, and Kame turned his head to see Yamapi’s head pillowed on his arms, all but the corners of his grin hidden against his elbow. He reached up to flick Kame lightly between the eyes. “More relaxed, right? And no tabloids.”

“Nng,” Kame replied, voice noncommittal, letting his eyes slip shut again.

“Okay,” Jin announced from Kame’s other side, “so it’s down to either K.K.Kity, or A.B.C., the legal ones. Half of them are practically passing already. We just have to figure out how to distract Yara-kun.”

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