JE, Five Senpai Who Wished Fujigaya Happy Birthday

Title: Five Senpai Who Wished Fujigaya Happy Birthday (And One Kouhai) [Fujigaya/Senpai]
Rating/Warnings: R for…well, most of the senpai.
Summary: Sho, Koki, Tackey, Tsubasa, Kitayama, and Taiga all congratulate Fujigaya on his 21st birthday.
AN: tanjoubi omedettou, Taipi! See you in a couple weeks~ ♥

Five Senpai Who Wished Fujigaya Happy Birthday (And One Kouhai)


Fujigaya always loved his birthday, because birthdays meant sweets and being treated and, best of all, lots of attention just for him.

Especially from senpai, which was something else that Fujigaya liked quite a bit.

So it was that this morning, the morning of Fujigaya’s twenty-first birthday, Fujigaya didn’t feel any shame at all at trotting up to Sakurai Sho in the lobby of the Jimusho and giving him his widest smile.

“Good morning, Sho-senpai!” he chirped.

“Good morning,” Sho answered, giving Fujigaya a friendly smile despite the fact that he was juggling five precariously-balanced coffees in a holder meant only for four.

“Ne, Sho-senpai,” Fujigaya rocked a little on his heels, “do you know what today is?”

“Hmm, let’s see.” Sho tilted his head and clicked his tongue thoughtfully. “If I’m not mistaken…today is Fujigaya-kun’s birthday, isn’t it?”

“Eh?!” Fujigaya’s jaw dropped, and a little blush of pleasure spread over his nose. “No way! Sho-senpai remembered!”

“Aha, well,” Sho chuckled, “after Fujigaya-kun’s coming of age drinking party last year…”

“Never mind about that!” Fujigaya said loudly, flushing even harder, because maybe last year had got just a bit out of control, and maybe he’d told more than one senpai exactly what he wouldn’t mind them doing with him… “I don’t usually drink that much…after that…”

“That’s a bit too bad,” Sho said, making Fujigaya look up in surprise, “since it was a lot of fun and I was looking forward to doing it again this year.”

Fujigaya stared at Sho for a second before a hopeful grin broke over his face. “R-really?!”

“Want to go out tonight, to celebrate your birthday?” Sho invited formally, laughing as Fujigaya began nodding furiously before he’d even finished his sentence. “Senpai’s treat.”

“Sho-chan!” Aiba called across the lobby, dashing up and taking two of the coffee’s from Sho’s overloaded hands. “There you are! Ne, we have to hurry, Captain’s talking about making announcements again.”

“We’re going out tonight,” Sho informed Aiba, rolling a shoulder in Fujigaya’s direction. “It’s Fujigaya-kun’s birthday.”

“Ah, cool!” Aiba exclaimed immediately, then leaned over and pecked Fujigaya on the cheek impulsively. “Congratulations, Fujigaya-kun~!”

Fujigaya’s cheeks heated happily as Sho-senpai leaned in to brush his lips over the other one, and Fujigaya went off to his own practice grinning so hard it hurt and thinking that birthdays were definitely the best.


Of course it wasn’t like Sho was the only senpai worth targeting, and since Kis-My-Ft2 was on KAT-TUN’s summer tour like usual, practice was the perfect place for Fujigaya to find another of his favorite senpai.

“Koki-senpai!” Fujigaya called as soon as he got into the practice room, making a beeline for the rapper and nearly mowing down a dawdling Senga and a daydreaming Tamamori. Miyata and Nikaido yanked them out of the way at the last second and shared a disgusted look. Fujigaya ignored them all.

“Yo, Taisuke,” Koki greeted, and Fujigaya smiled happily at the familiarity with which Koki used his given name. “I’ve told you, you don’t have to call me senpai.”

“Oh, give it up.” Kame rolled his eyes. “He obviously gets off on it.”

Fujigaya pursed his lips up in a cute pout at Koki’s bark of laughter and gave Kame the Eye, before turning back to Koki. “Sho-senpai and Aiba-senpai said they’d take me out drinking for my birthday tonight,” Fujigaya gave ‘birthday’ an extra little lilt, “and you should definitely come too! You want to, right?”

“Drinking? Hell, yeah!” Koki grinned when Fujigaya giggled at his English cursing. Koki elbowed Kame. “Let’s go out! If we go, Junno and Nakamaru will, and if we talk Ueda into it, then I bet you-know-who will too…”

“And if Jin goes,” Kame continued casually, although he was obviously watching Fujigaya out of the corner of his eye, “then Yamashita’ll show up in the end too, that lush…”

By the time they were done teasing and the rest of Kisumai came over to ask if Fujigaya actually intended to practice, Fujigaya’s eyes practically had stars twinkling in them, and his head definitely was not in anything like roller-skating in formation.

“Sorry~,” he called cheerfully the third time he slammed into Yokoo, and Yokoo just gave an indulgent sigh and remarked that it would be much safer if they just made Fujigaya’s birthday a holiday.

At that particular moment, Fujigaya was busy watching Koki saunter out of the room after loudly announcing that he was off to the bathroom, and so he didn’t notice that it was Kame helping him to his feet until he found himself blinking at Kame’s cool, brown eyes.

“If you want to blow something other than birthday candles,” Kame remarked with a one-shouldered shrug, “you might want to follow him.”

“Thanks, senpai!” Fujigaya grinned, then was out of his skates and trotting after Koki before Kame could even blink.

“Who gets off on that?” Nakamaru asked casually, and Kame told him to shut his face.

Five minutes later, Fujigaya was on his knees with Koki’s hands tight in his hair, mouth full and humming to himself that absolutely nothing was better than his birthday.

Three and Four

“Early birthday dinner~!” Takizawa sang as he burst into the Kis-My-Ft2 dressing room, ignoring Nikaido and Kawai’s shouts about privacy, and began dragging Fujigaya out before Fujigaya even got over his surprise enough to greet one of his very favorite senpai.

He would have been a lot more surprised in a second if Tsubasa hadn’t stepped in at that moment, calmly remarking that Tackey might want to wait until Fujigaya at least had pants on.

“Honestly, you two,” Tsubasa scolded affectionately when they were in the booth at the yakiniku restaurant, Fujigaya scrunched tightly against his side and doing his best to out-chatter Tackey, across the table. It was an impossible task, and all that really happened was that both of them got distracted and burned their meat until Tsubasa took over and started cooking for them.

“Delicious, Tsubasa-nii!” Fujigaya announced when Tsubasa fed him a properly-cooked piece of steak, and then laughed at Tackey’s renewed efforts for some of Tsubasa’s attention.

Let him try, Fujigaya thought smugly as he poached another bite off Tsubasa’s chopsticks and Tackey gave a little cry of outrage. It wasn’t Tackey’s birthday after all. Besides, if the foot that was rubbing against Fujigaya’s under the table was any indication, Tackey didn’t really mind.

They were already in the cab, Tsubasa having given the driver the address of his apartment, before Fujigaya thought to speak up about meeting up with the others.

“Don’t worry,” Tsubasa assured, stretching his arm over the back of the seat so that it lay over Fujigaya’s shoulders and his fingertips brushed Tackey’s, “we’ll get to you the bar right on time.”

“All warmed up,” Tackey added, breath warm over Fujigaya’s ear, and Fujigaya shivered happily.

Stretched in between Tsubasa and Tackey on Tsubasa’s bed, wearing nothing but his usual hair-scrunchy, Fujigaya whined impatiently when Tackey lifted his head from Fujigaya’s cock to remark that they hadn’t congratulated him properly on his birthday yet.

“Congratulations,” Tsubasa murmured in Fujigaya’s ear, curled along Fujigaya’s back and idly stroking Fujigaya’s collarbone. “Twenty-one, na?”

“Hmm, just wait until next year,” Tackey grinned, flicking his tongue against Fujigaya’s head and making Fujigaya gasp. “2wenty-2wo will be really special.”

“We’ve already got plans,” Tsubasa chuckled as Tackey wrapped his mouth back around Fujigaya’s cock, and Fujigaya thought dizzily that if twenty-one were any more special than twenty-two, he might not survive it.


Sho-senpai’s parties were definitely the best, Fujigaya thought as he checked his phone and realized that it was already almost midnight. After being escorted in by Tackey and Tsubasa, redressed in one of Tsubasa’s black silk shirts and a bright red scarf of Tackey’s tied through his jeans’ belt loops, Fujigaya had danced with Arashi, done body-shots with KAT-TUN, and even been bought a special round of drinks by Yamapi-senpai and Tackey-senpai.

He was still holding the other half of that drink in his hand, giggling every time he went to take another sip and poked himself in the face with the little pink umbrella. Just then, Goseki appeared behind Fujigaya, wrapping arms around his waist and setting his chin on Fujigaya’s shoulder.

“Gocchi!” Fujigaya exclaimed happily, hugging him back as best he could with one hand while not spilling his drink.

“Ne, Taipi,” Goseki turned them until they were facing a little table where Kitayama and Kawai were having a deep and meaningful conversation about something that involved Kawai’s impression of Hard Gay. “Has Hiro wished you happy birthday yet?”

“Kisumai had cake at lunch,” Fujigaya nodded happily, remembering the sweet icing and the tortured look on Nikaido’s face as Fujigaya had talked him into handing over the candied strawberries on top of his piece.

“No,” Goseki shook his head. “I mean, has he done it properly?”

“Eh?” Fujigaya blinked, then caught on when Goseki gave a little roll of his hips. “Oh! No, not yet!”

“We’d better hurry!” Goseki started pushing Fujigaya towards the table. “It’s almost midnight!”

“FUUU…jigaya?” Kawai was saying as they approached, and Fujigaya frowned as Kitayama scowled at the tabletop.

“Fumi-chan, dance with me!” Goseki ordered, voice a lot more slurred than it had been a second ago, and Kawai almost tripped over himself scrambling over Kitayama to comply.

Kitayama was still glaring at the table, and Fujigaya set his drink down on it before plopping himself firmly down in Kitayama’s lap.

“What’s the matter?” Kitayama growled, refusing to look up. “Run out of senpai to wish you happy birthday?”

“Nope!” Fujigaya said, wrapping his arms around Kitayama’s neck for balance. “I haven’t got my favorite one yet.”

Kitayama snorted. “And who’s that?”

Fujigaya wrapped a hand in Kitayama’s hair to force his head back, then gave him a sweet smile and lowered his head until their lips were almost brushing. “It’s you, of course, Kitamitsu-senpai~.”

The tightness of Kitayama’s body thawed out under Fujigaya’s hands, and he let Fujigaya kiss him for a second before pushing his face back far enough to talk.

“Idiot,” he murmured. “I’m not your senpai at all. And you taste like tequila.”

“You’re older than me,” Fujigaya shrugged a shoulder, then kissed Kitayama again, a slick, tequila-flavored tease. “And you taste like meet me in the bathroom in two minutes.”

“That doesn’t even make any sense!” Kitayama protested, but Fujigaya was already sliding off his lap and picking up his drink to drain the rest of it, and he nearly choked himself giggling when Kitayama’s next sentence came out garbled as he stared at the bob of Fujigaya’s throat.

He certainly wasn’t complaining when Kitayama stood up, grabbed his wrist, and dragged him to the men’s room.

“Congratulations,” Kitayama growled against Fujigaya’s throat, pushing aside Tsubasa’s shirt with rough hands, and then added, “This year I think you ought to work on your completely unreasonable kink for senpai.”

Fujigaya didn’t dignify that with a response, but he did moan a lot, and didn’t protest very hard when Kitayama pointed out that it was after midnight and Fujigaya would have to return the favor now that it wasn’t his birthday any longer.

And One Kouhai

The next day, Fujigaya woke up feeling sore, head pounding, wearing somebody else’s clothes, and with his arm asleep from Kitayama sprawled on it, drooling.

So he knew it had been a good birthday.

Even so, Fujigaya was sort of hoping that nobody could see him as he crept into the Jimusho with a stiff gait and flat hair, wearing the largest sunglasses he could find. So he couldn’t exactly see when he bumped into somebody in the hallway just in front of the elevators.

“Sorry, I…” Fujigaya lifted his sunglasses and blinked at one of the tinier members of JE. “Taiga-kun?”

“Hi, Fujigaya-senpai!” Taiga said, sounding a little breathless, and Fujigaya couldn’t help but notice that his cheeks were pink. He bowed quickly, then held out a little red cellophane-wrapped package with curly purple and gold ribbons dangling off of it. “It’s for you!”

“For…me?” Fujigaya pushed his glasses the whole way up onto his head and took the carefully wrapped package. Holding it up, he realized that inside the cellophane were a pile of cookies. “Cookies!”

“Congratulations on your birthday!” Taiga exclaimed. “I was home sick yesterday, so I couldn’t tell you on the right day, but I made you these instead. They’re okay, right?”

Fujigaya looked down at Taiga’s big, hopeful eyes, and thought that it was just about the cutest thing he’d ever seen, cuter than Sho bringing his unit coffee, cuter than Koki announcing his bathroom breaks, cuter even than Tsubasa feeding Tackey yakiniku.

It was certainly cuter than Kitayama drooling on his arm.

“They’re great, Taiga-kun,” Fujigaya assured. “Thank you. Tell you what, next year…want to celebrate my birthday together?”

The adoring grin that spread across Taiga’s face made Fujigaya’s stomach flip over. Or maybe that was the tequila hangover.

“What on earth was that about?” Yokoo asked as he came up the hallway and stepped to the side to let a starry-eyed Taiga dash past. They began walking towards the Kis-My-Ft2 dressing room further down the hall.

“Wataru!” Fujigaya grinned, eyes just as starry as Taiga’s, and Yokoo sighed. “You know, I’ve been thinking. Maybe I get a little carried away about the senpai sometimes.”

“Maybe,” Yokoo agreed indulgently.

“But, I’ve realized that even better than having senpai,” Fujigaya’s eyes sparkled, “is being a senpai! This year, I’m going to start paying more attention to my kouhai, and maybe I can help them out, just like my senpai help me.”

“That’s very admirable, Taipi.” Yokoo smiled, pushing the dressing room door open and holding it open for Fujigaya. “It seems like you’ve really grown up this year.”

Grinning, Fujigaya flashed Yokoo a V and a cute smile, then sauntered through the doorway.

Yokoo thought about that for a second.

Then he leaned in the doorway and yelled, “SENGA! NIKAIDO! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!”

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