JE, Even Playing Field

Title: Even Playing Field [Tamamori/Yuto]
Rating/Warnings: R
Summary: Tamamori has one major advantage, in Yuto’s opinion.
AN:Written for Shiritori. There is literally going to be two people who read this, isn’t there. OH WELL.

Even Playing Field

“Shoot,” Tamamori says when Yuto shuffles into the dressing room and asks if it’s okay if he asks a favor. Tamamori is the last Kis-My-Ft2 member left, having to come in separately to do his magazines shots because of drama filming. Jesse and Hokuto have run off somewhere, no surprise, but they dragged Yuma off with them this time, which Tamamori doesn’t want the details of. Not that it will stop Hokuto giving them to him later.

Tamamori is standing in front of the mirror, fussing with his bangs, and he startles a little when he turns around and Yuto is much closer than he’d thought.

“Can we make out?” Yuto offers Tamamori a shy, hopeful grin. “Just a little?”

“With me?” Tamamori asks. He’s not opposed, exactly, Yuto is cute enough and Tamamori doesn’t have any false ideas about Yuto’s innocence after all this time and the noises that come from his group’s dressing room. They could be mistaken for ABC-Z half the time. “Why?”

Yuto shrugs. “You’re hot?” Tamamori raises an eyebrow, because really, this guy is in a group with Yamada, after all. Aren’t eight other guys enough to keep him satisfied? “Mm, well. Maybe one other reason.”

He steps in, way into Tamamori’s personal space, their chests almost but not quite touching, and Tamamori finds himself not looking up or down, but directly into Yuto’s eyes.

“You’re the perfect height,” Yuto says, and Tamamori breathes a little oh before Yuto leans in and kisses him.

Yuto doesn’t waste any time, licking at Tamamori’s bottom lip until Tamamori opens his mouth to him. He leans in, backing Tamamori up against the makeup counter, until they’re pressed together from knee to chest, and Tamamori’s arms wrap around Yuto’s waist naturally, settling them more comfortably together.

He’s right, they are the perfect height for each other. Tamamori whimpers softly into Yuto’s mouth as Yuto rolls their hips together and their dicks are lined up like it’s all planned. Neither one of them is exactly hard yet, but a shiver works its way down Tamamori’s spine as he thinks about how good it’s going to feel when they are. Yuto gets a hand in Tamamori’s hair and tugs a little, his other hand sliding up Tamamori’s waist under his shirt, and Tamamori’s groan would echo on the linoleum if it weren’t swallowed by Yuto’s mouth.

“Loud, huh?” Yuto asks, pulling away to grin, and Tamamori shrugs. He hasn’t been embarrassed about something like that in years. “You just get better and better, Tamamori-kun.”

“That’s what they tell me,” Tamamori answers, his hips still rocking up steadily against Yuto’s. Yuto is clearly interested now, and Tamamori is thinking seriously about just shoving his jeans down to mid-thigh without any interest in moving to any other place or position. He glances down and then back up to find Yuto’s eyes dark with amusement.

“Just like this?” Yuto asks, reading him well enough, not that it’s a difficult task, as Fujigaya says. Tamamori nods. “Yeah, okay.”

Yuto reaches between them to undo both of their zippers, and Tamamori shuffles them half a meter to the left without breaking contact, so that he can press his whole back flat against the wall rather than having the counter digging into his kidneys. When Yuto can lean in and really thrust against him, it’s so much better. Tamamori spreads his legs as best he can with his pants restricting them, so that Yuto fits more snugly between them. Yuto kisses him again, messy and more desperate, and Tamamori slides hands down from Yuto’s waist to palm his ass, squeezing when Yuto murmurs encouragement.

“God, I haven’t done this in years,” Yuto turns his head to say in Tamamori’s ear. Tamamori tilts his head back against the wall and closes his eyes, focusing on the feel of Yuto’s cock sliding against his own, the way they’re both starting to sweat in the places their skin is pressed together. “Forgot how hot it can be.”

“Keep talking,” Tamamori orders. He likes Yuto’s low voice in his ear, the way Yuto’s lips keep brushing his piercings.

“You like it?” Yuto asks. He chuckles, making Tamamori shudder. “You really are as easy as they say, aren’t you? Good, because I think it would be really hot if you would come for me, just like this. Are you close? Do you need my hand, or is this enough?”

“Probably enough,” Tamamori slurs, thrusting against Yuto more purposefully if that’s the way he wants it. He can almost reach for it now, in fact, since there’s no need to hold back, and it only takes Yuto another couple sentences to talk Tamamori over the edge. He comes over their stomachs and cocks, not bothering to muffle his groan of satisfaction, aftershocks rolling over his skin as Yuto doesn’t slow his hips at all.

“Fuck yes,” Yuto praises, and Tamamori murmurs something vague. He can feel Yuto reach between them to finish himself off, shivering some more as he imagines Yuto’s cock sliding through his fist, streaked white with Tamamori’s come. Yuto curses and comes a minute later, splashing hot against Tamamori’s skin.

“Hm, messy,” Tamamori comments idly, remembering why they don’t do this anymore, in photoshoot clothes no less, but once in a while is still good, it turns out.

Yuto chuckles, and Tamamori opens his eyes in time to see Yuto sucking two of his fingers clean. “Mm. We even taste good together, Tamamori-kun.”

“You really are as perverted as they say, aren’t you?” Tamamori echoes Yuto’s early comment about him, and Yuto laughs louder. Tamamori leans forward to lick the back of Yuto’s hand, tasting for himself. “Hm, not bad, I guess. What you wanted?”

“Exactly,” Yuto agrees. He leans for another kiss, unhurried this time, and Tamamori melts into it easily, lazy from orgasm and enjoying the way his skin is still buzzing pleasantly against Yuto’s.

Tall kouhai are the best, he thinks, or maybe says out loud, it doesn’t matter. Good thing he’s doing a drama with so many of them right now.

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